10.2”Dimmable LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder

About this item

  • 【VARIOUS COLOUR MODES AND BRIGHTNESS】 Our LED ring light is designed with 3 lighting modes: white, warm white and warm yellow. For each mode, there are 10 brightness levels for a variety of events
  • 【USB POWERED】LED Ring light with tripod stand & phone holder has USB cable for easy power supply. 12w power can also be accessed from devices such as computer, laptop, power bank, USB wall charger
  • 【ROTATABLE DESIGN】 Angle controller of the USB ring light is rotatable up to 360° with the multi-angle ball head. The phone holder is suitable for all standard devices of 2.2 – 3.4 inches in width
  • 【MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USE】 The selfie ring light with stand creates no UV or glare. A purposeful tool for photography, YouTube, vlog, TikTok, live-streaming, desk makeup, online teaching and video call
  • 【ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT】 Extendable tripod stand of the circle light can be adjusted from 13″ to 63″. Equipped with Bluetooth remote shutter for android and iOS to click pictures or shoot video smartly


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Features & Compatibility

Ring Light
Selfie Light
Ring Light with Tripod Stand
Ring Light with Tripod Stand
Ring Light with phone holder


  • Comes with 3 colour temperature settings
  • Each setting contains 10 levels of brightness
  • Remains stable even if it is stretched to the highest point
  • Bluetooth remote for easy controlling
  • Easy to install/uninstall or carry around
  • A great option if you need overhead lighting


Easily control your phone camera while shooting your photos or recording the videos from distance with proper timing. The remote is compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones.


ULTRICS ring light supports almost all iOS and Android phones such as iPhone 12 Pro Max/ 12 Pro/ 12/ SE(2020)/ 11 Pro Max/ 11 Pro/ 11/ XS Max/ XR/ X; Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G/ S21/ S20 Ultra 5G / S20+/ S10/ S9+/ S8+, Note 20/10/ 9; OnePlus 9 Pro/ 9/ 9R/ 8T/ Nord/ N10/ N100/ 8 Pro/ 8/ 7T Pro/ 7T/ 7 Pro; LG Wing 5G/ Velvet 5G/ V60 ThinQ 5G/ W41 Pro/ V50 ThinQ 5G/ G8 ThinQ/ G7 ThinQ and so on.


  • Colour: Black
  • Colour temp: 3000 K – 6500 K
  • Power Supply: USB interface
  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Power: 12W
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Size: Diameter 10.2 inch
  • 3 Light Modes: White, warm white and warm yellow
  • Brightness Level: 10 levels for each mode
  • Phone Holder Adjustment: 2.2” to 3.4”


10.2 inch LED Ring Light, Tripod Stand, Bluetooth Remote Control, Angle Controller, Adjusting Knob, Switching Regulator, Pan-tilt, Phone Holder, USB Cable


How many color mode ULTRICS Ring light has?

      It has 3 modes with 10 brightness level.

Is the tripod height adjustable?

      Yes, It is.

Is the phone holder compatible with evey phone?

      ULTRICS Ring light has a universal phone holder which is compatiable with most of the modern phones.

Additional information

Weight 1.17 kg
Dimensions 38.9 × 29.4 × 10.9 cm

Customer Reviews

199 reviews for 10.2”Dimmable LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder

  1. Radmila Bartule

    Great communication

  2. Katie McNeice

    Got this product a month ago and the light just went off while using and won’t turn on again.Edit* got incontect with seller and they offered replacement- quick replies and excellent customer service

  3. Ingrida

    Not very steady, but it’s alright, does it job

  4. Laurencia A Lemon

    Used it to provide light for seedlings. Liked the ability to control the warmth/coolness of the light.

  5. Syed Thafrid Chowdhury Mahir

    It was exactly same as the picture!

  6. Amazons Customer

    I wasn’t expecting much from this ring light but after I set it up, I was extremely impressed! Very good quality at a great price. Local stores sell this for more than £35 or even more. The dimming feature won my heart as it’s helpful to adjust the tone and brightness on my face during use for online meetings. The stand is tall enough for standing shoot and it holds the phone very well. Comes with pretty much all required accessories so I would say all in one! Highly recommended.

  7. Mr Haroon Hanif

    It’s good for a basic one

  8. Lyndsey Rowzee

    The only reason why I’m giving this a 2 star is because I love the small stand it comes with. The big stand however, I HATE! The head of the stand has a ball that swivels to get different angles and no matter how tight I make the latch, it can NOT stay upright with my phone. I have a iPhone 12 plus and as soon as I set the phone In the holder, it falls to the side and can not stay upright. On top of that…. The pole has different heights you can adjust. One of the levels was broken and I can’t lift it past the second level because of this….. it sounds like the holding piece that’s inside is broken and can’t hold the level up to extend…extremely frustrating. The big stand has just been sitting in my closet and I’ve just been using the small stand! Which again…. I love.

  9. Trish

    The clamp that holds your phone in place sags. If you on a plus size phone it will sag and it is hard to keep it in one spot

  10. Avid Analytics

    ULTRICS Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder, 10.2”Ive been using the ULTRICS ring light tripod for a couple of weeks now the tripod itself is very good if you use indoors if your outside on the other hand you might want to invest in a more sturdier tripod.ive used this tripod for a fair few things, while Ive been reviewing the new apple 13 pro camera features ive been taking photos in landscape, portrait, and macro aswell as some cinematic mode.the tripod once you start adjusting the length of the stand needs to be twisted in order to lock in place and this was fine the weight of the phone didn’t effect the balance at all.the ring light has 3 colour tones Warm, Cool, White each colour can be adjusted regarding brightness to suit your needs. the ring needs to be powered this can be done via a variety of ways (USB plug, laptop, power bank, etc) the ring light produces very good light.the Bluetooth remote shutter worked as intended it paired easily with the phone its a basic device but it does do what its intended for.overall if your starting out doing photography, streaming or doing some videos this is fairly good its not the best but at under £20 is very good. if your going to use this outside then i would probably invest in something little more sturdy however if on a budget your be pleased with this.

  11. Bright I.

    This product matches exactly what I was looking for and it certainly didn’t disappoint as it’s of great quality

  12. Marnie

    Love this ring light, great height adjustment, plenty of different colour options and sequences, easy to set up too. If you’re considering buying it, do it! Genuinely don’t have anything negative to say it’s fab.

  13. sheila

    it’s small so it will only light up a small room all the way. the brightness is great and i’ve had it for a year with no issues! 💕

  14. liitlefeet

    I don’t usually post reviews, but I’ll make an exception for this. I teach a lot online and make short videos. I couldn’t get the light on my Zoom pictures right until now. I’ve found I needed to position the light so it doesn’t reflect in my glasses, but that was easy due to the height of the tripod and the swivel ball joint supplied. Because the light is diffused, it doesn’t dazzle, and casts no harsh shadows. The tripod wouldn’t be sturdy enough for other purposes, but it’s perfectly adequate for what I need. The light output is quite adequate for podcasts and video conferencing.Highly recommended.

  15. Silly old fool from Tewkesbury

    It is still in it’s box so hasn’t yet been put together, nor has it been used. If it all works as it should then it will be very useful.

  16. Jasmine Kostopoulou

    Bought it for an online interview and worked wonders

  17. Shirlitsme

    So the box was completely open still dot know if all things was inside no instructions no nothing just the ring light stand and desk stand !

  18. Magpie

    Excellent ring light with phone holder.Pros:- 3 lighting modes: white, warm white and warm yellow with 10 different levels of brightness for each light colour-works with my iPhone 12 Pro Max-usb powered so works in my laptop-Bluetooth remote shutter works great!-value for money!! £19.49 bargain!!-sturdy tripod!!- carry bagCons:-the ring light itself is slightly cheaply made but this is reflected in the price.Verdict: yes, I would recommend this product for the current price.

  19. SumMe

    Ring light with Tripod and phone holderThe products are well packaged. The ring light itself has its own box inside the bigger box which has the stand.contents of the package:Ring lightTripod stand with a carrying bagflat nut adjusting knobangle controllerPan-tiltphone clipBluetooth remote controlClear A4 instructions with images of the stepsall the small parts are packed and sealed individually.The ring light has 3 light modes (warm, white, and mixed) with 128 LED lamps It’s not a continuous LED so you can see gaps on the light but it doesn’t affect the brightness of the light being reflected.You can also adjust the brightness from levels 1-10.The stand is multi-function. It can serve as a tripod, live stand, selfie stick, or table lamp.The support rod can be extended from 33cm to 160cm, not including the ring light.A handy ring light and stand for beginners or vloggers.

  20. Amazon Kunde

    It is great and works just fine.. a little bit wobbly on the legs and also not quite as tall as I needed but.. I can just try to put it ontop of something. the mini tripod is really unstable and the legs just collapse.. so thats disappointing. its not gonna last forever, but it will sure work fine for a few months, maybe a year (depending how many videos I make of course)

  21. Aisha

    The colours and functions are amazing. I love this piece of equipment so much. And I am having fun using it too.The width of how far the light spreads is amazing!!!! Great price too. 💫💫💫💫💫

  22. abigail kankam

    I love this.

  23. aaron

    Got fornmy niece she’s loves it good little gift for all them bloody tiktok people ha

  24. Steve M.

    Absolutely fantastic, highly recommended

  25. Lea Mosely

    For a basic ring light it’s good. It’s bright enough. My main problem is that the stand is flimsy other than that it’s not bad

  26. Amazon Customer

    Brought for eye lashes and gives plenty of light coverage. Easy to use and plenty of setting to.

  27. Heydy T.

    The stand part broke really quick. My ring lightIs leaning

  28. S.A.Johnson

    Can’t beat it. A very inexpensive way to upgrade your recording sessions. Thanks!

  29. JD

    This is a great light / tripod kit!The light has great brightness, the tripod has good height.The remote works as you would expect to one/off the light as well as change brightness levels.Very pleased with this!

  30. TwentyZeroOne

    The tripod and light are perfect. They work exactly as intended, and seem to have a good build quality. The ring light has multiple brightness and colour temperature settings. The weak link is the remote, which regularly loses connection or just plain doesn’t work, so I tend to just use the phone’s self-timer.

  31. Amazon Customer


  32. AgiG

    I do like the idea, it gives some light, but it’s not as bright as I was expecting it to be. But saying that I’m not a professional photographer so I wouldn’t know, I can’t compare to anything better. I also like the versatile options, the short stand and the tall one and how you can mount either your phone or an actual dslr on it. Overall not bad for an amateur 🙂

  33. Ana M. Hernandez

    A mi hija le nknto!😍

  34. Taylor W.

    Light isn’t bright enough to work as a normal ring light would.

  35. Ana Tana

    The media could not be loaded.

     I just unboxed the 12″ ring light tripod and I’m so happy with this product. It is everything I expected it to be.So multi-functional and so easy to use. Watch the video provided by the seller and it will be much easier to set it up, it takes only few seconds, instead of trying to figure it out and do it on your own. I strongly recommend this product – absolutely great quality and so stable and light-weight. The ring light is so bright and 12″ size is just perfect – it works with both usb adapter plugged in directly into the outlet, and what makes it even greater is that it also works with just portable usb adapter/battery, so you can take it anywhere. After days of researching online, I was so happy to finally find everything I was looking for – all in one.Thank you for making such a great product!

  36. Alica

    It was easy to put together. The ring is not too big which is a good thing. Very bright and changes colours too. The phone fits well in it and connecting with the phone is very convenient. Very stable and sturdy

  37. Kate Derrick

    Light brighter than I thought and adjustable

  38. Liliane Kouassi

    I use this to take selfies, it is easy to have the right lighting and see the full body when standing up.

  39. cameron c.

    The product is good, however the phone holder bits are not, one of them has padding on which makes it better, but the one on the bendable stick is terrible, my phone can very easily fall backwards and/or forwards, I think if they both had grips or were better made to actually hold the phone it would be a lot better.

  40. mick hawkes

    It was a gift.I assume all okay

  41. Les Burbridge

    Our son happy with this ,the light settings good and it does a good job

  42. Iqra raiz

    It’s easy to use , like the brightness, good quality 👌

  43. Neysha

    Love this perfect lighting, great control, and super easy set up. This works just like the one I bought for $200 just save your money & buy this one..

  44. PrettygirlD

    Product is good, worth the price. Not to fancy or cheap feeling. Light is good . Decent item if you don’t want to spend a lot of money

  45. Dawn H. Wood

    Arrived very quickly, very easy to assemble and works very well

  46. stefanita petre

    Highly recommended

  47. Hershy

    The ring light is great ! Very nice and bright. The tripod is sturdy. Worth the money.

  48. Amazon Customer

    Really happy as needed a slighty above basic light for meetings. Easy to set up, works like a charm and good value for money.

  49. Teresa C.

    Good product , works well and various light tones are helpful.

  50. Jules

    Nive sturdy stand, good lighting with adjustment of colour tone, and brightness. I am really pleased with it.

  51. sarah

    Folding legs stopped supporting themselves after a while and folded flat to the floor eventually after only supporting the included ring light and a phone. The locks for the telescoping height are made of plastic and after a short while, did not support themselves up well and will fall through occasionally. The light is just OK and you cannot remove or replace the smartphone holder. Decent but I would not buy again.

  52. Lynne

    The brightness controls work! Hold the brighness control buttons to change the brightness. Don’t tap.

  53. ToniRayy

    I like that it stands good, it can go very tall to extremely short, very easy to transition, the brightness is great. The only thing I hate about it is that you have to plug it in the wall and the piece is short. You have to get your own plug piece it comes with a Bluetooth cord.

  54. Pam Jessop

    I didn’t notice when I ordered it that it doesn’t have a remote

  55. Amazon Customer

    So it seems like they started including a manual as I received one with my light, but it didn’t have the best explanation. I was able to assemble after some tinkering. The case around the button panel also fell apart, so it seems to be a you get what you paid for situation. The light itself is great with a wide range of levels of brightness and the hues are nice. The phone holder clip barely fits my iphone 8 with a slim case on it, but at least I know it’ll stay put. The height ranges are also nice.

  56. David Abbiw

    The media could not be loaded.

     Like everything

  57. Rhiannon Elphick

    Pretty easy to use, although I do struggle to put up the big base as it seems to jam, almost like I need 3 arms. However ordered last minute and came the next day. Perfect for getting ready, doing make up, taking pictures and videos.

  58. Safina leigh

    I wanted a ring light as i’ve recently moved into the attic and am re doing the room, this is the best ring light ive used ! I’m roughly 5’4 and the stand it a lot taller than me ( it reaches my ceiling when at its maximum height ) but do keep in mind it is an attic bedroom.. it has 3 light settings and the brightness is great in all of them! This stand seems really sturdy; just make sure you tighten it correctly!! I didn’t receive a instruction manual with my product but i put it together in the end. 

  59. KEV

    Was much larger than I thought. Also thought there would have been a travel component. I should have read the specs more carefully. On its own though it’s a great purchase

  60. Strphanie

    It worked really great when i first used it, loved it. then after using it five or so times, i noticed it was starting to not work. First, the part that holds your phone, light itself is now not staying even with having it tight, it moves and slowly starts to fall.the light itself was nice and bright and now is very dim and you can’t even tell the lights on. not worth it after using more then 5x, returned and got another brand.

  61. Kindle Customer

    Arrived on time,well packaged. Very easy to assemble, lightweight without being flimsy. On/off switch also allows for brightness adjustment. Would definitely recommend.

  62. Zakariyah Arshad

    The media could not be loaded.

     Products amazing, can adjust the height which is perfect if your taller, only issue is the legs aren’t stable but I think if I get the right equipment I can just tighten the bolt and it should be fine.

  63. Diamonz

    Arrived the next day, packaged well and very easy to assemble. It works well and the remote is great.

  64. imc

    Great price. No assembly instructions in the box, so a bit confusing to assemble. Once assembled it does a good job

  65. Lilian

    I love the tripod. The ring light is bright enough for my videos.

  66. Shaz Shaz

    The ring light with stand, phone holder, remote control does everything it’s supposed to do..With ease!It’s easy to assemble. The controls are self explanatory and the results are instant!It instantly adds quality to your shots and videos taking them to the next level.The quality of my headshots improved a hundredfold. Check out the two images and the improvement and quality is obvious.Definitely a smart purchase. 

  67. LzHamid

    It’s a very good product when it comes to brightness, features and value for money. My only complaint would be the sturdiness of the tripod, it does not seem to stand still all the time. It’s annoying when you’re trying to move it around.

  68. Go12t

    The good: Very bright, nice colours and shades of white, a wide bottom stand so it wont fall over, good value.The Bad: Cheap plastic (I managed to crack the bracket that holds the light while trying to rotate it flat wit barely any force). Cracking the plastic holders that makes the stand higher by over tightening wouldn’t be too hard to do. There is no back button on colour changer, there are about 30 settings that you have to go through (again if you go to fast and miss the one you were looking for). There are a lot of useless (disgusting 1925 deckchair patterns) or too similar patterns for my liking.Overall, if you’re not heavy handed and patient, it’s a good buy.

  69. Marcelo

    Wonderful wat to hold your camera and make videos. Sturdy eno to hold your phone. Different settings for the light. I like it.

  70. carlosnightman

    Like all youngsters, a career as an influencer, Youtuber, vlogger, social media thing, is perfectly viable today. When you spend twenty years getting a top notch education only to realise that the people who dropped out of school with no qualifications only to build their way up the chain with a head-start and are now your boss, it seems reasonable to just ignore the rat race and get paid 10 million a year to react to cat videos.To make sure your videos and face are as presentable as possible, you need some nice clean light. Enter the ring light, a light which spreads light evenly and unobtrusively. This one comes with tripod stand to set it at different levels, and a three ‘colour’ gauge to suit your particular needs. My girls have already been tinkering with this and making plans to start their media franchise. I sincerely hope this helps them on their way to their first million.

  71. SR

    This is a good size (10.2″) ring light, adjustable for colour temperature and brightness in the usual way. Quite powerful for its size.The stand is fairly basic – each section locks into place with a twist – but perfectly usable and stable with reasonable care. It comes in a carrying bag, which is a bonus.The stand extends enough to give you a top light which is unusual at this price I think. Fitting the light to the adjustable ball head is a bit of a faff but no real drawback; just attach it before plugging in the USB cable so you don’t get in a tangle.Recommended.

  72. Zanmato

    The brightness and light produced by this product is amazing. It cannot be faulted! It definitely has helped in things like interviews and pictures. It just improves the quality and looks so professional. My room is usually quite dark even with the lights on, so this just gives it that extra little lighting when needed for photos. The stability is amazing as well as its material and quality. It can be dimmed to meet your needs at that time. Overall, very happy and satisfied with this product.

  73. OldGamer

    Forgive me here, but I probably haven’t used this item way it was intended for.. basically I have been decorating my home all week and needed some decent lighting around me, so I have been using this ring light most of the day and evenings to help me look for patches.This gets very bright and impressively tall. Its built well and the tripod stand is plenty stable enough, even when I was bumping into it with a roller brush. I had mine on for around 8 hours straight at times, it barely get warm at all and didn’t switch off or have any issues what so ever.Great quality item and I’m sure it would be equally as good for taking photos and doing makeup with!

  74. Momma

    Light weight, sturdy, works well.

  75. Hawaii

    Works well for selfies and video presenters.

  76. Sharon Jay Gilman

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     I think this is a really great value for the price point! Totally gets the job done, has a huge range of height adjustments, brightness is amazing, phone clip is perfect; the only problem I have is the ring light wobbles at the top.

  77. Brooke Hafling

    When I originally ordered it was missing the 74 inch tripod stand after contacting the sellers they were able to correct this for me by sending me another package. It’s a great ring light and stand.

  78. DEE ESS

    Great for my videos and photos when you have a blue tooth for the camera. It’s great

  79. Lynlin687


  80. Iniminiminemoe

    I use it to video meal preparations.

  81. Michelle Ferreira

    Not very bright light but does the job

  82. Courtney

    Would love it if it held my phone! It is tall and nice lighting but the iphone max pro 13 will not fit in the holder and is also too heavy for it

  83. Luke page

    Great little steal for the price nice and tall and worked great so far

  84. Richard Dobbing

    Good product.

  85. Katt

    It does not tilt in any direction which is a function unfortunately that I needed due to being an artist I wanted to use the light to illuminate my painting space. It only stays upright. Be aware if thats what you are buying it for also

  86. Amazon Customer

    It was super easy to put together. Love the different light settings and brightness. Also, the phone holder bends so if you want it straight you can or want different angles you can do that as well. The only thing that can be an issue for some is the remote is connected via USB cord and requires to be plugged in. Other than that it’s worth it.

  87. Jennifer Stradford

    I love the Ring Light my Mom got it for me for Christmas but the cord does get hot after a few minutes plugged in. So make sure not to touch the silver part of the cord because you will burn yourself ( BUT NOT AS BAD)

  88. Georgina

    I’m very happy with this ring light! Very easy to assemble, nice lighting, good value for money. I wanted a new ring light as the old one is “old” 😅 and my soft box takes up too much space in the room. I attached two photos I made. First one is without ring light and the second one is with that on. Perfect for my makeup channel! Highly recommended!!

  89. JVE

    The equipment was delivered as promised. At this moment I have not had the opportunity to use it, so I am unable to comment on its usefulness. It looks good though.

  90. Amazon Customer

    Really like the item. Very bright, the stand is tall enough, quality is really good as well. Wish it came with a travel bag but overall, great product!

  91. Guillermo arceo

    The Ring light I got had the threads shaved off so I was not able to screw the tripod into the ring light. I was very bummed when I figured out why it wasn’t screwing on. Which made me question the packaging as I received it, it was taped up and the box was damaged. Makes me think someone els returned it for the same reason I’m returning it. The tripod it’s self is very good and looks durable tho.

  92. A Gill

    The media could not be loaded.

  93. Allen B

    Really liked the different lights and brightness levels. Would highly recommend

  94. michelle garcia

    this is very awesome but wish it had a remote controller to access the functions of lights. and wish that it was able to record on my phone like a controller i just push to record. but other than that its a good light, can have a small to large setting assembly. im 5’6 and the light can go taller than me. true to size for sure. also came with a light that you can put your phone in a smaller version of the tripod. does have 3 light settings and i am satisfied with what i am able to do with this.

  95. Alysia

    This is a great product! The light is super bright and it has 3 different light settings as well as a brightness adjuster. I use it mostly for taking product photos and videos. It also seems pretty durable as I’ve knocked it over a few times with nothing breaking.

  96. KJB.

    Easy to assemble and liked the fact it had a remote control. Good product for price.

  97. Paul Owen

    Pretty good, light could be a bit brighter.

  98. Don Liyaa

    It’s was so easy to assemble took me couple seconds I recently had one but my friend stole it but I love this one better it taller sturdy and the light is bright enough for me I can’t wait to take pics of myself because I don’t be having anyone to take my photos but it’s a good investment and the price you can’t beat!

  99. Emma Podosek

    It’s great! However it will overheat if you leave on for over 5-10 minutes.

  100. Breezi

    Soo far I think it’s good I haven’t used it yet for my business but I plugged it up n everything looks good

  101. Rutendo M.

    Good lighting for photos. Easy to assemble

  102. Erica Wilde

    If you have to wear glasses continuously don’t bother. All I can see is the ring light reflected in my lenses annoyingly unless I place my head carefully. It is good though and along as I have them off it works great. I’ll get lots if use out it. Great for the price!

  103. T

    I bought this for use in the salon for makeup, lash & brow work. It was easy to assemble but I just wish it was brighter.

  104. Rendijs Barkevics

    For the price, couldn’t ask for anything better.

  105. Mr Jones

    This product is relatively easy to assemble. So far it works well…. and looks really cool. Plus it gives you 2 phone/camera Mount options plus a desktop mount which adds versatility to the product

  106. Amazon Customer

    bought for our child to make tiktoks! they are very happy with it and i was impressed with the quality and everything it came with for the price

  107. CF

    Works for my Zoom meetings ,very pleased with this product.

  108. Sarah Roden

    Was worried this was too cheap(!) but it’s great!

  109. Kwells

    The media could not be loaded.

     The full size is sturdy and well made and the desktop tripod was really sturdy and easy to position. I do have a gripe with the phone holders it comes with. The one that comes attached to the ring light doesn’t have enough grip to hold a phone when the angle is at90 degrees. There is a workaround but I wish the two phone grips were interchangeable. The one with better grip doesn’t work with the ringlight.

  110. Pegi Sue

    My daughter uses this to film auditions and it works great

  111. AAB

    This is really good for the price; it is not that bright but definitely much better than many others around — in the same price range; no missing items and has an extra battery for the remote control ( 2 batteries in total), exactly as versatile as the pictures; Not the sturdiest, but again, for the price, this is perfect for home use or a project as long as you will not have to move it a lot, I think this does an amazing job.

  112. Steven allen-Purnell

    Great value

  113. Dalilah

    Good quality

  114. Robert Cretu

    It’s so steady, easy to put together but it’s not as light as I thought it would be, however it does its job amazingly.

  115. Jaycee

    I can’t fault the build quality on this ring light, the adapters are solid metal not cheap crappy plastic like in cheap version. The remote is great as I’ve actually hung mine from the ceiling and the remote is need as the remote on the cord is out of reach. The light this kicks out is amazing and my photo shoots are going to be so much better!The only thing is, I’m sure this was on Amazon special price for that one day price £19.99 was £30.99 I got charged the full amount..? WTF 😳 this has never happened before so I’m confused. As I said though I can’t fault build quality, and great lighting, I will talk to Amazon about the price, might be my fault, but not like me to make that mistake 🤔


    It’s bright but could be brighter but definitely a good buy

  117. George

    Good. Brightness is good, 3 colour settings, height is amazing. Tripod is ok but would be nicer if more sturdy and if it had set tripod extension points so all three legs can be out the same amount making the tripod even.

  118. Charandeep

    Don’t know how to use the little stuff but the ring light is good. Pretty bright but could be brighter for price.

  119. amilah chaudhary

    Love this product. So useful and love how it’s got three different lightings. Was a little difficult YLY to assemble as it was only picture instructions but once it was assembled I was happy. It’s sturdy and the height is good.

  120. Sahana Begum

    This is a very good product, the description of the tripod height is accurate and can stand completely still on ground floor. The ring light itself produces a great white light and can switch between other yellow washes as well. All necessary items included in the package. Overall a great product and a very happy customer – highly recommend.

  121. lmschf1263

    I have about 4 different ring lights for lives. This was less expensive than 3 of them and works just as good!

  122. Alex C

    The ring light itself and tripod are fine. The phone holder doesn’t hold the phone securely and my phone flings itself out of the holder literally every time I use it. There are no pads within the holder to create a cushion and friction between your phone so the phone eventually slides out because of gravity. The bendy arm is also not flexible enough for my needs. I have an iphone 12 pro max. If your phone is on the larger side it will not hold well.

  123. Sofia munoz

    It’s a decent ring light but it’s not very bright compared to other ones.

  124. Betty

    This ringlight on a stand does the job, but it is all lightweight and flimsey plastic (compared to a proper photography lightstand).

  125. anna higgins

    Fast delivery, very easy to assemble, very straightforward task you don’t even need the instructions. The light is really good too it’s light the whole room. Anything that I wanted for.

  126. Rooster E

    For a starter set you can’t go wrong for the price. So far it’s done well, it’s a little flimsy but it’s a fraction of the price of other kits. For now this is perfect for our use.

  127. benhazir k.

    Very easy to assemble ringlight. Love the remote control that comes with it . Perfect to make my YouTube videos

  128. samantha

    Good quality for what I need

  129. JC


  130. Anne Cover

    I love this item’s intended purpose, however, it is such a pain in the tush to set up, that I don’t even want to use it most of the time anymore. The ring holder where it secures to the base is super flimsy and doesn’t hold the ring piece in place well at all. If I didn’t have it as long as I have, I’d spend it back immediately. Disappointed, especially because of its cost.

  131. CM

    I disliked that the bulb to hold it together disappeared and doesn’t work.

  132. Mary Miral

    Highly recommended

  133. Fortune Stylez

    I don’t know why I thought that it would be bigger, oh it’s very bright and a good investment. I am definitely ordering a bigger one also. Very easy to use and assemble.

  134. FairfaxAikman

    Just be aware that if you are planning on using this ring light for TikTok and the like, the remote only works with the phone’s own camera software and not the social media apps themselves.Apart from that its a great bit of kit.

  135. Gemma Carragher

    Bought this as really needed good lighting for various projects. I am really satisfied with the quality and delivery. It is a great size, stand is extendable which is just amazing for all kinds of heights and works with whatever setting you require. Bonus that you get another stand to use for desktops/smaller areas, which is great for working at a table or if needing low light frames. It is compatible with your phone and also has a digital camera stand (smaller stand) which is good use for more professional quality. Only issue I would say is that my particular brand of phone (Huawei) doesn’t fit on the stand holder AND within the actual ring light. (That is if it’s meant to go in the middle as I’ve seen on photos) It’s too large. I have to slightly make it lean towards me so unsure if it affects it all that much or defers the light because it works none the less but it’s not problem. Easily worked around. I’m still getting used to these things so maybe it’s just me not setting it up correctly lol all in all highly recommend this if you want a good quality light but at a budget price. Doesn’t provide a plug but the brightness is good and is able to be dimmed/increased which is really handy for all uses. 9/10.

  136. maureen.timmins


  137. Ria Marsh

    Good but the USB section is already starting to break, may need to reconsider this item

  138. star_512

    Very excited to use this. It definitely simplifies setting up for class or recording my homework. I wish i had a carry bag. But otherwise i love it!

  139. CP

    My expectations were not high as I have very simple needs for this light/assembly. I was VERY careful putting it together and it is going to stay out and assembled for the ONE use. Perhaps more if it lasts. I wanted a tall assembly that would shoot at an adult height and this is perfect.

  140. Tiger

    Had an issue with the ring light not holding the phone up enough-but the seller was very helpful & sent another component & now it works well. Great lighting & tall enough for me at 1.79m

  141. nev storey

    this was a Christmas present for the wife and is was very happy with it.

  142. Mandy

    Best quality ring light I’ve found so far. Like the option of desk tripod and larger tripod – much stabler than previous ones I’ve tried. Only downside is the clicker didn’t work on IG / TikTok only on the iOS camera

  143. Heather O’Mahony

    Being a bit thick and new to all this, the instructions could do with being a bit more laid out but other than that it’s great once you figure it out

  144. Will R.

    After minimal use I’ve notice the cable has begun to fall apart at the connection point. I’m expecting this to get worse pretty quickly and will try to figure out a diy fix. Other than that the product works as advertised

  145. Veronica

    I am a beginner blogger so this is perfect for me. One light ring included. Easy to assemble and easy to use. I love it!

  146. Satisfied customer

    Good value for money. Works fine

  147. Rose

    I bought in reduced and quality is good and strong

  148. Viktorija

    Great product, I didn’t expected most of it being metal, which I trust should last long. Unfortunately I could figure out with remote control. Nothing is working with him nor even instruction if there is something I need to do. But apart that I love it, and I love it is light in case I need to carry.

  149. Jack Crawford

    Only complaint is that there is no way of moving back or forwards through RGB cycle, you have to go through the whole cycle again to return to a previous colour.

  150. Lindsay

    As a photographer I have a few of these and it’s to quality the tripod stand is sturdy and ring light is great

  151. forza_125

    As a pure “selfie” type ring light I don’t think I can fault this – not that I use if for selfies, but I’ve found it adds useful (i.e. flattering) light to my home office when I’m on a video call.Has three whites (incandescent, daylight and a nasty blue-white that I doubt anyone would use) and loads of colours including some bizarre sequences that might be useful for a kids party.The two tripods are sturdy enough for the job, and the larger one has a good range of height adjustment.The phone and camera mounts are useful to have (a lot of lights don’t include them), but adding the weight of the phone exposes the limitations.Basically, the ball mount on the light is not very effective, so if you have the light at anything other than a vertical position, it won’t be able to hold itself in position.I’ve tried using this for filming down onto a desk with a smartphone mounted but you need a lot of patience and a strong twist of the thumb to find a position that it will stay in for more than 30 seconds. A “real” camera is a stretch. Even without a camera it can be hard to get it to stay in every possible position.

  152. Crystal S.

    Really good ring light much brighter than I expected and gets the job done for my filming. I love the different modes as it helps with the tones. The tripod is awesome as it can go very high which helps to get different angles, also it’s very sturdy. The delivery was very quick which was a bonus.

  153. Harriet

    I’m not sure how to work the remote. Just figured out how to attach the ring light to the tripod.

  154. Renata Almeida

    Didn’t have remote control

  155. Sabrina Anderson

    So far so good. Not bad for the price.

  156. Wayne W.

    I bought this to improve the image for videoconference calls. The options for the brightness of the light is a great feature. Very sturdy. The phone holder may come in useful one day.

  157. Matt R.

    This ring light is great, a nice size to get light around the product to eliminate shadows, nice and bright and with a choice of 3 white tones, cool, warm and daylight.The is a usb cable that has an inline control module that turns on and off, changes the colour tone and brightness.The tripod is small leg long support type which aren’t the most stable to start with and although it does work its not as sturdy as I would like. Even putting it up was a bit awkward as I initially couldn’t pull the legs out, but then when I did and pulled the central support up you have to kind of half twist each section to lock it in place but it is not the strongest of lock, a flip lock on each part would be preferable.If you are purchasing this for use in a bedroom or kids streaming setup then its fine, the light is great but if you intent to use outside you may have an issue with the tripod.

  158. Xxx

    Amazing. I’m really happy with this. Especially the little hands free button you get to take pictures.

  159. Christine Tilling

    Really love this just what I wanted . Nice and sturdy, love the fact you get a mini one too a few accessories that you can use .

  160. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic value, arrived a lot quicker than expected. Very happy with purchase, I just hope it lasts and stays like this. The only issue is the extender is fixed and doesn’t bend like advertised however I don’t need that piece anyway. Sturdy tripod too. Next time I get a ring light I will get one that goes slightly brighter but for the price and the function, very pleased!

  161. Me

    Box was squashed, something been on top. Needs fragile label. As contained breakable items. Luckily items ok.

  162. Treavor

    Got this for my son and his Youtube channel. Haven’t had time to use this package yet but have had a light like it and worked great so don’t see why this won’t

  163. Jennifer Armijo

    it was super great i love it so much

  164. Mónica Casillas Brizuela

    I like that the stand is tall enough to be at face level. Super easy to use.

  165. Hollie Weaver

    Really easy to put together and use, loved the remote as it takes both pictures and videos. Only thing I would say is could be a touch brighter or have brighter settings but overall very impressed 😁

  166. kevmac

    This was bought as a present So can’t comment much . But they said it was great and exactly what they wanted

  167. Doris Esienna

    Very good

  168. Erika

    Works perfectly

  169. MJ Brickey | Journalist & Author

    It is not only a quality product but a great price. It was actually better than I expected.

  170. Carmelita

    Great lighting and easy to assemble.

  171. Kahaka Clemens

    I like it

  172. gazzapat

    We use it to help my wife read. Placed by her chair on the tall tripod it looks, from where I sit, like she has a halo above her head. Easy to set up for group photos and remote works readily after easily Bluetoothed to our phones.

  173. Michelle Power

    Super bright with different modes of lighting. Handy attachment to use on a table top as well as the tripod. Excellent value for money considering some other ones I’ve seen are in excess of €120

  174. Sussex simon

    Bought this so I could do video conferencing calls at home with greater clarity as I was hosting interviews. The kit gave me the option to table mount as well as floor mount and it was really easy to use and set up.The light itself really makes a difference when you compare against an unlit scene. Good price too.

  175. Vicuña

    This is an inexpensive backlight. Ideal for zoom, YouTube, selfies etc and it’s very easy to set up and use. The tripod is good quality. Simple to adjyand it doesn’t feel flimsy or insecure. Incorporates a phone holder, so ideal for simple set up.The ring light can be easily adjusted to whatever level of brightness suits the surroundings nd angle tilted in one simple move. The joints lock on rotation and there’s even a remote shutter for the phone which makes it very versatile. Great package with multiple uses at budget price.

  176. Patricia Keogh

    The entire set up was simple. Sturdy materials. Lovely range of brightness. Highly recommended and great price

  177. Madhukeke

    Useful loving it

  178. Mrs Sarah Pritchard

    Gift for my granddaughter. She loves it for making videos.

  179. Amazon Customer

    Good light holds iPhone 12 Pro Max in Center & can be put up tall.

  180. Carmen

    The media could not be loaded.

     Maybe it’s only on mine but the right won’t stay up right, with or without phone on it. Super inconvenient

  181. Suhel

    Honestly the most amazing product considering it’s price as well!! Love it so much! It’s brightness changes everything!!

  182. Melinda Crowley

    It is a great light, but once assembled the lower legs do not stay in place. You must get a rope or bungee or something to hold them up or it automatically goes right back down.

  183. Lexi carter

    Not as bright. When I put my phone in the tripod thing it won’t stay up it just falls

  184. Ilia konyak


  185. P

    For the money, i cannot complain too much. The brightness is okay for indoor as a fill light or even a main light for vlogging, but the design and the built quality combined makes the stability weak . Once you spread the three legs and tighten the screw, there’s no locking position, and the screw is not that tight, and the head is quite heavy, so it is very easy to wobble and tilt. It is okay if you leave it still, but anytime you try to adjust the light, you will be likely to tilt it somewhat. If that bothers you, go for something more premium, otherwise it is great value for money.

  186. Dave W.

    I had been looking into getting a ring light set and eventually decided to take the plunge. One of the things I really liked about this kit was the height of the tripod. I’m 6’1″ and do most of my presentations standing so I needed to be able to look directly at the camera and not have to look down on it.Really pleased

  187. Anonymous AI

    This ring light is so great! Exactly what I wanted but the only thing I would say is that the phone holder is slightly flimsy but other than that i love it!

  188. Sunny Redd

    I love the height adjustments and the desktop stand that comes with it

  189. Steve Putnicki

    only issue was attaching webcam to included mount.

  190. Bailey

    The media could not be loaded.

     When I try to put it to the brightest setting it blinks and turns down as if the brightest setting is too strong for the bulb? Idk how to describe it but it won’t let me turn it up to brightest setting and you have to push button a bunch of times before it starts to change . It’s very light weight , one of the nobs that sighted the rod broke but that might have been my fault too cause I was twisting it super tight but it was obviously cheap plastic as well . You get what you pay for! Lol over all didn’t come broken , it woks , it’s easy to put together very little pieces but it’s not perfect!

  191. Amy Bales

    Seriously the best ring light I’ve ever used, so many features and really big/sturdy. Won’t fall over. Unfortunately the light is partially burnt out on the yellow setting. Not a huge deal but for almost $50 it’s not what I expected. I tried to get product support through Amazon and they said I could take it apart and box it back up to return it for a refund, but it feels silly when everything else works so well on it. Kind of a bummer but oh well.

  192. STEVEtheP1R4TE

    It’s easy to setup and quite bright.After you take the product out of the well constructed packaging you see you get quite a lot for your money.A decent stand, ring light, bluetooth remote and USB connector with controls. Not bad at all for the price.I was shocked at how high it could actually go too which has added a new angle to my live streams.The brightness of the ring light is great for close ups but not so much for when I’m live streaming and moving around on screen so it is mainly used as a side light which is perfect.The stand however is brilliant for holding my phone when used as a webcam.Honestly, its perfect to get you started before you splash out on well known brands if your creativity takes off.

  193. Thomas Chojnacki

    Good value

  194. Maryam Jalali

    It is good if you are are going to take selfies. However, the rigidity of the stand doesn’t allow too much manoeuvre and when having it full length can’t stand the weight of a larger size phone

  195. Mrs K.

    I bought this ring light for my work video calls. It took me less than 10 minutes to set up and I really like that it comes with not only a desktop stand, but also a floor stand, which means that I can use it any where in my house and for any angle I like. The phone&camera holder included in the package are great for taking photos with friends! I really recommend this product! 🙂

  196. Amazon Customer

    Tripod tightening screw a bit loose.

  197. Eleanor

    Easy to assemble and does what I wanted. It says that it comes with a desktop stand aswell but it doesn’t which is a shame as I wanted to be able to use it standing or at my desk. Hence the 4 stars.

  198. Jarrot Haffner-Henriques

    Not as bright as I expected but still does the trick!

  199. Miriam Correa

    To film my paintings.

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