Digital Multimeter, Auto Ranging 6000 Counts Multi Tester Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter

About this item

  • 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL USAGE 】 ULTRICS digital multimeter works as a voltmeter, ammeter, ohmmeter, car battery tester testing OHM, AC/ DC voltage, current, continuity, diodes, Resistance, capacitance
  • 【DURABLE EXTERIOR】 This voltage tester is wrapped with a sturdy silicone protective cover which makes it durable and easier to grip. Accidental drops will not affect the effectiveness of the device
  • 【EASE OF USE】 The multimeter tester with LCD backlit screen and the minimalist button design allows anybody to easily switch all the functions with one hand. Measuring is easier than ever before
  • 【MAXIMUM SAFETY】 Electrical tester is designed to ensure maximum safety of the user. Features non-contact live function and voltage testing with sound and light alarm working for sockets, outlets
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】 This volt meter is designed to perform swiftly for the professionals working in laboratory, education, workshop, household electrical, automotive and industrial electrical fields


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Features & Compatibility

Digital Multimeter
voltage tester
Auto Ranging Digital multimeter


Is this item easy to use?

      Yes, easy to use

Can I use this to test if my PC power supply is working?

      Yes, simple test of power output AC setting.

Can I test 12v sockets with this?

      Yes,one can test up to 12 volt 10 ampsDC Martin haylock.

Is it for both dc and ac connection?


Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 14.2 × 7.4 × 4.3 cm

Customer Reviews

176 reviews for Digital Multimeter, Auto Ranging 6000 Counts Multi Tester Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter

  1. Oscar

    I needed a multimeter for some electrical work around the house and hobby electronics, and this one is perfect for both, the cables are nice, it’s easy to use and read, the magnets on the strap are a feature I didn’t know I needed but they’re very nice to have, overall 10/10 product 🙂

  2. David L.

    I have used this mustimeters for a while now and it performs very will, i have compared it to another meter and the results which are not worth mentioning, very happy with this meter, but would prefer the back light to come on when you set the selector that’s the only draw back.

  3. Bart

    Good look, nice and durable seal. I’m just received this, but already tested and I am impressed – such a good instrument for very good money :)Also delivery quick and on time.

  4. Amazon Customer

    This multimeter is a must have for every homeowner, the simplicity of use, multiple applications combined with the auto range facility makes this device as technically capable as far more expensively branded items.

  5. CoinneachM

    Good multimeter fot the price and good accuracy. Would have 5 stars but meter does not come with with a proper cover only thin flimsy one.

  6. darren halford

    Best multimeter out there for the price loads of functions would have benefited from a more comprehensive instruction booklet is the only negative I can think of.👍🏻👍🏻

  7. TracyL

    I bought this for my husband to replace his 30+ year old cheap one. He is well impressed with it, and has been going round the house testing all sorts of gadgets. He said it automatically recognises what he’s testing, that’s girly talk (on my behalf) that I didn’t have a clue about what he was talking about and that it had RMS??? I glazed over after the first sentence and smiled like I knew what he was rambling on about. Safe to say I’m the best wifey ever! So ladies if you want to impress your hubby, get one of these…whatever they are. LOL

  8. Jeff

    Got this for a better resolution/accuracy then my old meter. Tried measuring the battery drain on my car battery and found 10a fuse was dead measured this however using mA function.The fuses are accessed at the back and on removing the 2 screws found 2 fuses one 10a & one 400mA. Their positions are not identified so if you were to take both out at same time you would not know which one goes where. Instructions don’t help.I like the auto ranging, the display and all the functions but would have liked the mA fuse to have been a little higher.Overall its a good meter

  9. clive

    Nice pice of kit use it all the time

  10. A. V. B .

    Having used many types of meter in my job, i took a punt with this one for my home use. Glad i did, it works just great and is accurate enough for any normal use. Very happy with it.

  11. john s

    Does the job .at the fraction of the price of more well known names.I am retired engineer and use for some of my projects

  12. Amazon Customer

    I’m a keen DIYer that needed a new multi meter for around the house and also from an auto perspective. The meter is a good size with a useful strap and stand, plus it is simple to set up and use with a very clear display. Quite handy having a basic instruction guide to get you started and if you register the meter with AstroAI you get an additional year on your 3 year warranty.Really pleased with the meter and confident I wont ever outgrow its capabilities.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Instructions are very basic, but if your ordering a product like this, you should have a general understanding of using equipment like this. Great product, definitely worth paying a bit more money for

  14. Alan Smyth

    Great product and fast delivery thanks.

  15. Jay Taylor

    Couldn’t live without it for car diagnostics use. Been able to handle any task I’ve needed it for. Could do with some clips instead of just the prongs but I can probably buy some

  16. Rich Pearson

    Very accurate and easy to use

  17. kenneth jenkins

    the metter is a good size a good magnatic strap ,and good settings ect..

  18. dextrous woodworker

    I recommend you buy separate cabling as that supplied has really cheap alligator clips

  19. Candid man

    I purchased this meter as it was described with a backlight but it doesn’t stay on very long, shuts off after 2 mins which is a bit annoying

  20. john chivers

    As an auto electrician the meter is in use daily and have had no problems thus far.The only thing that would please me more is a Robust over case to protect the device from damage etc.

  21. DonLabs

    So far from the use I have got out of this unit it has been very good. Very accurate and nice and quick range changing in the auto ranging feature. All the other advertised features have worked correctly so far. Nice addition to have the temp probe and also the transistor tester. Instructions are easy to follow to find where all the functions are located. Back light is slightly annoying as it seems to only turn on on a timer and not have the option to stay on. Test leads that come with it are adequate although the exposed metal tips are very short so can make it tricky with tightly packed pcb. Magnet on back is very strong and kick stand is a good angle. Overall for a cheap meter this is a very good example. I have yet to test the current clamp feature as I do not have an external clamp but this is also an option.

  22. Jim, Chester

    I am not an experienced user of multimeters, so I can’t comment on the more technical aspects. I use it to test circuits and battery strength and to monitor my car batteries. Took me a little while to get anywhere using the instructions, which are not written for beginners in my view. In fact I found it easier to look at Youtube videos to find out how to use it.The unit is quite large and chunky. There is a fold-out stand on the back, pretty flimsy to be honest but useful, and a magnetic strap which frankly does not seem strong enough to be relied upon.I’m glad I bought it but I probably could have got away with a cheaper meter for my limited purposes

  23. S. Squires

    I needed a good solid reliable auto-ranging multi-function test meter at a cost-effective price, and this meter meets all those requirements perfectly.As a hobbyist in electronics this meter does all the functions I need it to do including capacitance testing, transistor hfe measurement and frequency analysis, albeit at a basic level. The Duty Cycle function is especially helpful when playing with PWM controllers.The Class 3 category ensures that it is safe to measure mains voltages using the _CORRECT_ leads which are provided without the worry of transients leaking through to the user.The auto-range function can be easily switched to lock on to a user-selected range but can just as easily be returned to auto at the press of a button.Included is a temperature sensor and a very useful multi-function adaptor which is used for transistor hfe (gain) and capacitance measurement functions. Please note that the capacitance test will only test for the correct capacitance and not ESR which is a different thing entirely. However it is still very useful for measuring out-of-tolerance capacitors in critical circuits.Accuracy is surprisingly good despite the low price of the meter and it will easily stay within the 1% range for metal film resistors. The millivolt range is within spec and microamps are tolerably accurate.Overall I would recommend this as a good basic meter at an affordable price and it even comes with a battery so all good there.

  24. Steve

    A surprisingly excellent meter for the money. Seems accurate enough for trade use so far. Only slight niggle is the visibility of the screen without the backlight on is pretty poor.

  25. Ian B

    Seems very good, only niggle is I can’t find an appropriate ‘clamp on” probe to allow measurement of current without breaking into the circuit. The meter has the facility but there isn’t one supplied with the meter and the meter maker doesn’t appear to list one as an accessory. I can find a “clamp on” probe but would not be confident about accuracy and, for not much more money, can buy a separate stand-alone “clamp on” meter.

  26. Andy

    Arrived quickly , as described

  27. DJ-Jav

    Performed well on all the tests I carried out including capacitor and diode tests. The capacitor and diode test feature is a bonus including the temperature test (which was the main reason I bought it). It also has quick access to the fuses unlike most multi-meters. Absolutely no complaints on this one. I had a technical issue and I contacted AstroAI. Laurence sorted it out and the customer service was great 10/10, thanks Laurence.

  28. Matt

    Bought as a gift for a friend. He only wanted something basic, I picked this one as it is much better than the really cheap ones. As an industrial engineer I’ve borrowed this on a couple of occasions (usually a fluke man myself) however this was not bad for a tenth of the price. If you can’t justify £200 for a meter this is certainly the next best thing at a much lower price point

  29. Mhturi

    A very good budget multimeter. Never had any problem with it. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is the backlight doesn’t stay on for long enough. Apart from this everything has worked perfectly and didn’t give me any problem.It is packed with a lot of features and I don’t think I will ever use them. Screen is big enough to read from and very easy to use. It’s a good device to have for day to day house or car works. I am happy with it and I recommend it.

  30. mikeillumination

    I use a multimeter for home and hobby applications as years ago I used an Avometer and more recently a Maplin multimeter that lasted me thirty years. This Astro has to take over the work and it seems to be well up to the task. I find it easy to use and will one day get used to the digital output rather than the far more satisfactory scale meter I am used to using. However I expect a good instrument to be supplied with a good manual and the Astro has a very poor effort of a “manual” on a single sheet of paper. I also expect a good instrument to be quiet and this is far too noisy as the settings are made. Apart from that I am pleased with its operation,it does the job well.

  31. Andrew Grainger

    Great tester, clear display and works as it should 5*

  32. Amazon Customer

    One of the things I instantly loved about this meter is the large back lit screen, that is view-able from nearly any angle. The magnet hanger is an absoloute joy. But silly as it sounds the cream in the cake for me is the continuity test, the beeper is fast. Really fast. I purchased this as my old multi-meter (A Fluke 87) got full of water (at work) whilst I was on holiday and as I’m leaving my current career soon didn’t want to spend the godless price of a new fluke. This meter is a twentieth of the price, and true the build quality isn’t as good as the Fluke, but it seems to do everything else just as good.Don’t think about it get one!!!

  33. DRW

    Excellent Multimeter that is highly recommended. Has more features than many of the cheaper options & is well made / has a solid feel. Very pleased with the purchase

  34. Paul

    Liked large display / backlight / magnetic holder

  35. David Ford

    Great for the price

  36. Phil

    Really could do with a short guide as to how to use the three input options with the various functions.

  37. electronicsteve

    I have tested the tester and it passed the test,I tried various settings and all is well, checking electronic components, dc voltages all good

  38. Lee Edwards

    Cables packed up on my fluke and this was cheaper. Great tester and although not quite as rugged as a fluke, it’s far better, great display and much much cheaper. A great purchase.

  39. Sigh says

    The leads are not my favourite part but otherwise it good enough for work

  40. Geoff Cook

    A fully-packed product which covers a very wide range of electrical measurements. Clear instructions and good set of additional components.


    I like the easy and durable device,use to check fuse,containes of some device

  42. DC

    Love this bit of kit and soooo many functions. Great stuff.

  43. shamsa long

    should come with a pouch.

  44. Barry Bowler

    I uae this multimeter for testing electric guitar components, it is an excellent unit. In the past I have used simpler units, but thi was really a mistake, very basic units although easy to use aren’t really accurate enough. This unit allows you to test all your components very quickly, which cuts down an awful lot.Testing new parts before installation can also be a real time saver, just because something is new it doesn’t always mean that it is perfect, using this meter means that everything in your project is working perfectly. … VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  45. MarkyW

    Bought this as I am starting out in troubleshooting electrical issues at a board level on PCs, etc. Bit of a hobby. This was recommended on a couple of websites, so I ordered. Looks reasonably well made, very well featured and

  46. Mike P

    Good price for what you need use it for, to put it in context I have a £600 fluke , so unless you need a super duper calibrated piece of kit that most people don’t, this is brilliant,

  47. I M.

    Good quality test meter ideal for checking electrical circuits.

  48. RICKY

    Its robust and light weight .The thermocouple is very useful for measuring temperature of components before checking resistance. The auto power off is an excellent feature for saving the battery. The magnetic strip is perfect for sticking it to a consumer unit leaving both hands free to test voltage.

  49. crizz

    The separate component tester was faulty, you couldn’t insert a wire into the tester.The sellers wouldn’t respond to my messages so Amazon had to intervene to replace it.Cheers

  50. Daicheese

    This multimeter was bought for my phone and computer repair business and it is spot on. Easy to read and easy to use and very accurate. I looked at many that costs hundreds of pounds it the specs on this one matched those and the price just can’t be beaten. You will not be disappointed in buying this, don’t go for a named meter, get this one. Perfect.

  51. Amazon Customer

    handy magnet to attach to metal surfaces, also display can light up.very useful.

  52. Paratrooper

    Very easy to use and as far as I can tell pretty accurate. It’s a shame it does not have NCV but that’s a minor detail. All round decent multimeter

  53. Haseeb

    Still have not used the tool, need abit of study on this multimeter, looks great

  54. Mike Wells of Friars Cliff

    I have checked this multimeter on the internet and it is one of the best for the price.There is loads of good revues. That’s good enough for me,I just have to learn how and when to use it.

  55. Tanitazar

    This was my third attempt at finding a good multimeter, the first two i sent back, but this one does everything you could want, and the digital display is large enough to read easily, so this one stays. Scores of multimeters on Amazon but when you look into the details they are inferior. Only real complaint is you only get a pair of leads with spikes on the end, you really need to get in addition a set with a variety of ends for convenience. Otherwise, good on yer,Al!

  56. Mimi Lawal

    I’d just completed my 12v electrics (under guidance of an electrician friend who is shielding and had to rely on images and videos) and as a first-timer to electrics, I was so proud of myself however when I flicked switches, nothing worked. I was stumped and my friend kept telling me to get a voltmeter and test test test. I initially blamed the problem on the isolator, the blade fuse block, the wires, leisure battery, starter battery, my piggyback terminals however as I went through each one with the voltmeter I realised that I had done everything right. Then I realised the bus bar terminal was not giving a 12V reading. Disconnected it and placed all my -Ve terminals to the ground of the vehicle and voila everything worked. Although this volt meter was more expensive and I will probably never use it to its full capability it was an amazing gadget to have, the magnet and the stand were also excellent additions when I didn’t want it falling or was at an awkward angle.

  57. Simon

    Perfect and just as described

  58. Paul Frost

    Works well so far, shame the manual too small to read….need better glasses!

  59. Simon C.

    As a general all round workshop meter it is very good.So far it is not easy to see how to change the battery

  60. kbc

    Have used this on a few jobs and does all that you expect. In terms of accuracy I cannot comment too much as I have not had it calibrated. In saying that UK domestic is 240VAC and that is what you see. Some nice features in terms of covers for the leads etc but just a shame it did not come with a case.

  61. Badminton


  62. Me R. T. Geraghty

    I am that annoying person that takes things apart when they don’t work, tries to fix things that are broken but electronics was just a little bit over my head. I have a dash cam that was playing up and needed to know that the hard wire job was done properly (I did it so you just never know) and this was the bit of kit for the job. Only problem is I had no clue how to use one. This however was solved by its automatically solving the relevent setting in AUTO mode. I have had good YouTube training but figured taking some of the skill out of it definitely will help. Anyway I was easily able to do all the tests required, identified the problem is a fault with the dashcam and not my wiring. Happy.Now what to ‘fix’ next.

  63. Rmgriffin10

    Very happy with this product. It arrived packaged well and brand new.

  64. Bernard J Sancto

    Disliked constantly fluctuating display when not testing. Liked accurate readings when testing mains and 12V.

  65. Alasdair MacLeod

    I have been using this for DIY and hobby use and find it’s exactly what I was looking for. I haven’t calibrated it against references but I tried it against a wide selection of resistors and the measurements all tallied. I was slightly surprised that the display illumination switches off after about 10 seconds – in actual use I haven’t found it an issue and I guess it’s doing its’ job of saving battery. In any case, the display is large and clear and I find I don’t use the illumination much in any case.The thing that has impressed my most is the customer service. When the meter arrived one of the leads had a defect, AstroAI customer service were quick and efficient – I had a replacement lead in my hands two days later. Very good service.

  66. Callum

    Big backlit screen is really easy to read, leads are a little too big for a lot of automotive uses. But I purchased an Astro AI lead kit that solves this. The magnetic strap on the back is very useful. It means the meter can be hung close to the item being tested. Haven’t had an issue with accuracy, and I wasn’t expecting a lot when I bought it. Bought to get through a few months until I could afford a fluke meter. I don’t think I need to now, and the few people who have borrowed this off me since, have told me they’ll buy one too. Well impressed.

  67. Harry Eaton

    I bought this meter to help me locate a fault in my downstairs lighting circuit and it worked very well in that capacity. I particularly like the large bright display. I’m not sure of the value of the irritating magnetic velcro strap on the back of the meter, it just gets in the way. All in all though, I’m pleased with the meter’s performance and I can recommend it as a good value buy.

  68. Gaetano

    Easy to use with a big screen. A must have for diy projects.

  69. G

    A good value item with a great range of features. Very easy to use, clear to read and good value.

  70. Ian Holden

    The only bug bear I have is that the backlight LED is a push and hold affair which only stays on for a few seconds and then switches off? Pretty bizarre as I would’ve expected it to stay on indefinitely or at least till the auto-off switches off the unit. Other than that, it’s a nice enough unit for the price. It’s nicely finished off and it does everything it’s supposed to do.

  71. I. Preston

    Nice big clear display for reading with both a backlight and hold feature. The icons around the main rotary function switch that represent the various functions are easy to read. The unit powers off automatically to save power when not in use. The case comes with a handy magnetic strap with enough strength to enable the unit to be hung from a raised car bonnet. The case also has an inbuilt stand which is useful for bench work, though the stand can be awkward to put in place until you discover the knack and then its easy. All things considered this AstroAI Digital Multimeter is good value for its modest price and given the exterior build quality has the expectation of many years of service as demonstrated by its 2 year warranty.

  72. stefan szuszkiewicz

    Like all of it. No dislikes

  73. willsworthy

    Bought this for my husband, good display with nice big numerals, big unit so nice and sturdy, integrated stand is very useful, all in all, he is a very pleased person, especially when he emailed to ask for a downloadable version of the instructions so that he was able to read them, and the firm replied almost immediately with the request.

  74. Ignacio

    Highly versatile multi-meter. I have not used all the features but I am happy with the results so far. I measured LEDs, Diodes, Capacitors, Resistors, and transistors . For the latter I’ve got some concerns since the measuring does not match my own tests but I am new to working with transistors and I am sure it is me….

  75. Kevster

    A great meter for the price and the main display in terms of the measurements are great but some of the other indicators/symbols around the screen are quite small requiring me to use my specs.

  76. Amazon Customer

    I find the magnets useful and a pain too. If they could be removed really easy when you don’t need them would improve it. Also it’s a pain having to scroll through the range etc why not remember the last settings.

  77. Richard

    Easy to use for DIY. Doesn’t come with bag or carry case which is disappointing.

  78. Mr. Gordon Palmer

    Better meter than I’ve had before. However, I noticed, as you move the leads the readout changes. Something I don’t remember seeing on my cheapo meter. As for the temperature sensor. It doesn’t appear to be working at all. Tried it in my fridge. Left it for several minutes. When I went back there was no change at all. Same when tried it with a kettle of boiling water. Think that part is just a gimmick.

  79. Kindle Customer

    Things I like about this meter is the styling is chunky, the capacitance feature is one I’ve wanted for ages, the leads you get with it are excellent plus additional leads are available. Also I like the case although I couldn’t get the extra leads in it, not much of a inconvenience. I have had meters since the early seventies and this is the best electronic meter I’ve had!

  80. Nigel

    Good product. Would buy again.

  81. Peter Cooper

    I haven’t actually used yet. Bought as it had 30% off and so only £1-ish above a couple of their other well-reviewed model in a couple of multimeter tests/awards I digested on-line. I have old hifi units (repair and upgrading jobs) and a fairly new tv to diagnose, before repairing, and car jobs I want to be able to do myself with this. And new skills are always a good thing in my book.

  82. Alan Al Haj Hussein

    Good quality product for the price.

  83. Steve Ward

    Very accurate readings, ease of use, very useful indeed.

  84. K.

    Very good quality item at great price.

  85. David Pearson

    Product was fine, bought for testing my alternater.

  86. R Walker

    Used as and in my electronics hobby, and I did not want t spend a lot of money on a meter & theAstro A1 suits my needs

  87. m

    Thank you Amazon and thank you AstroAI.I went to help do a smarthome conversion and forgot my Multimeter. So I did quite a lot of googling and youtubing and came up with the AstroAI. Ordered and a day later it arrived and it’s really a decent product.measuring Voltagem, Current , Resistance, DC/AC accurately.At the price it’s a no brainer.Only annoyance is annoying beep when you press buttons which apparently cannot be disabled (except perhaps my opening up device and cutting the beep wires!)Thanks mostly to Amazon prime amazing delivery and to Astro for a product that works well at a ludicrously low price.

  88. Paul

    Excellent came very quickly many thanks

  89. captain gadget

    Good enough for electricians needs to be a tad less twtchy on lower voltages ,ie millivolts I love the magnetic hanging strap so useful on cabinet wiring

  90. Patrick

    The one I have had for a few years wasn’t adequate for my new job.So after some scouring I came across this and it’s not let me down.Easy to useEasy to readAnd the magnet, makes life easier

  91. Nick H

    Overall really happy with the product. It was delivered quickly and has all the kit inside for what I needed to use it for (test probes, another set for temperature and also the battery is included). The magnet and stand make it easy to position to read as well as the big display and back light if required. I’ve bought this mostly for my car and works fine for the job. The meter can do many more tasks too!

  92. Nilz

    The product is described, it feels premium quality, the truth is I purchased this to test some electrical items that wouldn’t work and also a socket. All insulation around provided kit is good so gives you confidence. Pleased with the purchase, will be using for all sorts. Accuracy is got to measure batteries, test fuses etc.

  93. mr jason mcfarlane

    Best multimeter i have ever had. Brilliant tool.

  94. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use

  95. Magy357

    using this for some time, no single issue. very happy with it.

  96. H.M.

    Don’t really know how accurate it is as I would have to test alongside another meter Although I have used to test car battery and got the numbers I was expecting . I like it the only thing missing was a carrying case however I had a small toilet bag that fits a treat 👍🏽

  97. Trevor.P

    The meter works as expected. The accuracy is unknown but it gives very similar DC voltage readings to another meter which I use. The kickstand is difficult to open because there is no notch to get a fingernail in to open it. It would be nice if the test leads had optional crocodile clips. Good value for the price.

  98. Jake Barbery

    i bought this because i don’t really need anything with all the bells and whistles of a fluke meter, just something to check electrical systems on cars or checking for charge has plenty of features for the price point and a nice large easy to read backlit screen, which you have to turn on by holding the backlight button down.i does the beep for continuity and all the usual other features, the temperature sensor is handy although im not sure how useful it actually will turn out to be.overall i’m happy with it for garage tinkering.

  99. Nick McClure

    Needed a replacement for my 25 year old multimeter that has been a stalwart workhorse.Looked through many options and reviews online and this AstroAI model came out high. So far I agree with the high praise I’ve seen. I would recommend this multimeter as a great all round multimeter that’s easy to use. And quick registration gets you an extra year warranty too.Very glad I chose this one.

  100. K. Sabine

    Well at £22.09 this meter was bought as a spare, and it’s surprisingly good. With a max 6000 count reading unlike many cheap meters that are only up to 2000, it was also surprisingly accurate when tested against my lab HP34401A.The test leads are not great but they do work, hey a better pair will set you back as much or more as this meter, so what do you expect? The thermocouple for temperature measurement was a nice addition (I actually used it to check the temperature of the oven!).The most annoying thing about it is the beep whenever you change range. But as it usually stays on volts of ohms (and autoranges, so you don’t need to change range manually anyhow), I don’t see that as a problem. Nor the fact that the backlight only stays on for 30s or so – the display is large and clear and can be easily read in low light.

  101. Liz

    Best value for money, good quality, sturdy


    I’ve had a couple of cheap 10 quid multimeters and they are OK but in terms of robustness and the level of trust I had in them both were on the low side. I had narrowed my new selection down to two and the other even had a clamp facility. I choose this one after looking at a few reviews and tear downs compared to Fluke instruments costing 5-10 times more for professional use. I am an occassional user and this feels solid. I have used in in my electronics projects for component testing and it is more than sufficient for my needs. So far so good.

  103. Customer

    I really like this multimeter.Had got so used to a real cheapo one that coming from that and going to this feals like luxury as this is so quick at updating the reading, rather than waiting half to a full second, large digits, has a bleeper for testing shorts and this can also test capacitors.The lighting display is a very handy feature too.Note:I don’t use the included leads as i had already brought a lead set with different swapperable probes.So if you ever need to replace the leads, you can very easily.Also, i opened the unit just enough to put a little bit of tape on the bleeper as this is super loud to quieten it a little.Really highly recommend this multimeter.

  104. Chris

    Very good

  105. Cinameen

    If you are looking for a full function budget multimeter, this one is certainly worth looking at.My only small gripe with this unit, and it may not be a problem for you, is the illumination function, or backlight. Whilst it works and certainly improves clarity of the display in lower light conditions, it de-illuminates far to quickly. You press the button to use it, obviously you are looking at the unit, then you apply your probes to what ever it is you are measuring, but then the backlight turns off in about 15 secs, which may or may not be enough time to get your reading depending on how easy it is to apply the probes. I would prefer the illumination stayed on for longer, or better yet, an option to have the backlight remain on permanently.The unit is solid and feels sturdy in hand. The probes fit snuggly into the ports and are comfortable to hold. The magnet is strong enough to hang the unit if you can find something to stick it to, but if you use the magnet on back of the unit making a loop, it doesn’t hold it very securely, but I do not think it is designed to be used like that. The magnet is easily removable with a Velcro strap should you wish to. The stand that extends from the back, has a small amount of give, making it slightly less rigid. I like this because should you put the unit down too hard the stand will give a little, rather than being too rigid and breaking. It is more likely to survive an accidental drop. The red silicone outer sleeve actually seems very accurately made, mine came off with a small amount of encouragement (it didn’t fall off easily) and when re-fitted went back on perfectly. I do not know why you would really want to use the unit without, as it offers drop and insulating protection.The pictures are accurate and not mis leading, you get what is pictured and it looks the same as shown.I had a small issue, after contacting the seller, I received a prompt and polite reply that was eager to offer help and assistance, the Issue was resolved very swiftly. Sometimes things go wrong and how we are dealt with, can really change the whole experience.Despite my gripe, this is unit is perfect for my needs. Remembering this is a budget unit, I feel that you are getting a good product for the price point, some people have mentioned cheap construction, but lets be fair, for the price it is well made. Functionality is all there and this unit measures what is states. On top though, my interaction with this seller was friendly and helpful. I am confident that should I purchase something else from this seller and I have and issue, it will be genuinely looked into and I will be offered polite, friendly and helpful assistance (because that already happened).Friends, you can buy with confidence, in my opinion, from this seller.

  106. Amazon Customer

    Great little meter, I use it daily and its holding up well. I dont give it an easy life but the only issue is the tip snapped off one of the probes but that is probably due to my misuse!Does all I need without having to pay brand name prices.

  107. trev frampton

    Shocking, very good.

  108. Elliot Ness

    Good equipment tottally recommended

  109. E.Z.M

    I got really impressed by the features and the quality of the product considering its price. It’s really sturdy. I should mention that I’m using it as a DIYer not a professional electrician.

  110. ricard56

    Bought this to replace an analogue multimeter I have had for approx. 40 years. I use multimeters for minor household repairs and also for checking car electrics. I’m an amateur NOT a professional. So I had been looking at a slightly smaller less extensive version of this meter as I didn’t feel I could justify this one. Then amazon dropped the price, so I was very happy to go ahead with this one. Pleased I did. Arrived very promptly. Appears well built. Nice padding around edges for work use. Nice large clear easy to read screen. Auto raging makes use quite easy, but if you are not familiar with multimeters read instructions or look at youtube videos 1st. Kick stand and magnet useful. Test leads good length and appear reasonably robust. I mainly use voltage check for dc and ac. Continuity check (which has audible beep). It has a min/max function which is useful for testing car batteries under load. I love it, but to be honest probably won’t use half the settings on it.

  111. Timborelli

    Feels and looks like very good quality. I can’t say I’ve used it in anger yet, but I have great hope for it as there’s not a lot it can’t do. I am very pleased that I purchased the recommended semi rigid case to go with it. It fits snugly and there is also room for all the leads and other bits.

  112. Colin


  113. John

    I like this product and use it regularly, if I am picky then 2 features I would have liked are ability to measure dwell and RPM.

  114. Bruno

    Overall it’s a good multimeter, plenty of functionalities and with a big readable display. The readings seem also to be very accurate when compared to my Fluke.The only disappointment is due to the silly buzzer beeping every time you press a button or rotate the dial. I wouldn’t recommend it if you plan to use it for your hobby at home, maybe late at night like I do.I am considering returning it for this reason, which is really a pity considering the great price and the good functionality!

  115. Mike

    Would be great if not for couple of things:- flimsy leads (the thermocouple probe broke on the first use)- can’t turn off an obnoxious buzzing sound any time you do anything with the meter- it takes few second of holding a button to turn the backlight on and it will only stay on for less than 30 seconds no matter what you doOther than that it seems fine, more than sturdy and accurate enoigh for that price. However there are alternatives out there for about the same price without all those cons.Fortunately the seller is very friendly and acommodating so returns shouldn’t be a problem if you want to try it out.

  116. David McQuillan

    I like that it does capacitance as well which my old multimeter didn’t. And I especially like that it has auto shut-off as I sometimes left my old one on by mistake which wasn’t a good idea for the battery when one wanted to use it again. The body looks like it will stand up to a bit of abuse as I may well drop it sometimes – but I haven’t tried testing that out yet!

  117. Paud C.

    Great piece of kit lots of functions. Only problem was the plastic housing around the magnets came apart after a few uses. Not a major issue just needs to be glued but should have held together better

  118. Rob J

    Very pleased with this unit. Multimeters have come a log way since I bought my first one over half a century ago!Although it feels reasonably well made I can’t comment too much on the accuracy as I don’t currently have access to a calibrated unit, but I will say that everything I have measured with it looked sane and sensible.I would say it is a good buy for a keen hobbyist.

  119. Andy Orkney

    Love the extra solid state features. Only negative would be back light could be better if stayed on longer. Surprised at how often I’ve made use of temp sensor /heat probe. At this price range I cannot believe that there’s anything better.

  120. senrab

    It may not be as fancy and chunky like the more expensive ones, current and other are ckecks ok on it.For the money I think it’s good value.

  121. stevengw

    Very impressed with the overall build quality and leads. It appears to be a significant upgrade in all aspects over the cheaper budget models whilst still being affordable to the amature user.Also pleased to note the enhanced safety and protection features.Will be using extensively while modifying my campervan electrics and adding solar.

  122. Terry in UK

    Bought to replace a failed IsoTech multimeter that easily surpasses my older meter in every way. The display is superb and the available options (hold, range, etc.) are exactly what was wanted. Accuracy tests so far have been great and the capacitor/diode checks work very well. Meter comes well packed and is complete. The user manual is also well written and helpful (not always the case). The meter looks robust and should give a long working life. Delivery was ultra-fast. A solid 5-star recommendation!

  123. Dafydd Beynon

    Awesome product. Thanks

  124. Anthony Ashmore

    A robust piece of equipment. Auto-ranging feature works a treat. Temperature sensor seems very accurate. Clear display and positive action on the dial. The back light function would be better if it stayed on longer, but it’s not needed at all in most cases (for me).

  125. Robert

    Great product for a great price. I definitely recommend even for professional use.

  126. Cody

    Great to use. Good to have. Easy to find a fault. Helped find a fault in my car

  127. C. Tisdall

    An auto ranging meter with manual option too. Big display, backlight and more features than my old manual ranging meter from 1990. User manual is comprehensive yet concise.

  128. Craig Laws

    My long-serving multimeter died last year, not that I mourned its loss. I never really trusted it, and I was never a fan of the traditional method of having to set the gauge to the correct voltage to get the right reading. It’s almost daft that we still consider that an acceptable way of doing something that could lead to dangerous consequences if mis-interpreted. We’re not all qualified sparkies. My dad is, but I’m not.Which is why in the year that I’ve had this AstroAI Auto-ranging Digital multimeter I have been thoroughly satisfied with its performance. It’s so quick and easy to use that any electrical query is answered in a moment. I’ve benchmarked it against my dad’s overwhelming array of trade gadgets, and used it continuously throughout a number of home renovation projects. I consider it not just a valuable addition to my tool box, but a vital one.

  129. Jem

    Looking around for a new multimeter and this caught my eye.Ordered on Saturday, arrived the next day.Mt first reaction is that it is a great bit of kit. Well made, sturdy.Wonderful little extra’s like the kick stand and the magnet strap on the rear are just brilliant and I don’t know why more don’t have them.The ambient temp measure is another extra that is going to be good.The rest of the meter does exactly what you want it to do.Plus the fact that if you register the warranty of their web site, you get an extra years warranty on it. So, you’re covered for four years…yep, that’s right, 4 YEARS! They must be pretty confident this is a good unit.Buy it. 5 stars.Great price too…save yourself hours of on-line research and reading…this is the one you were looking for

  130. PlaZmaRay

    The Multimeter is of good quality, the stand is a bit hard to take out but is sturdy and so are the magnets, I’ve used it a bit and its auto mode is quite good and the temperature sensor is also quite good with accuracy and resolution and for everything else, the duty cycle also works well, I only tested it once on a boost converter.Is powered by a 9v battery which I’m never a fan of though

  131. George Ballingall

    Good simple to use meter

  132. C. Sewell

    This device has many more functions than the really cheap meters from the supermarket sale bins and it feels so much more substantial. It’s a really useful tool.

  133. Amazon Customer

    Simple to useThe notes on how to use etc are very small and rather hard to read

  134. Janet m

    Would have been better if it came with a protective storage case

  135. hodgheg

    Very simple to use this meter as there’s no need to select a particular range of readings, it finds the correct range for itself.

  136. stewart leighton

    everyday testing as an electronics engineer A very good meter

  137. Stephen Hudson

    Very pleased with this multimeter. It was excellent value and feels well made and solid. It does far more than I am qualified to use but I couldn’t get the functions I need for less. I use the temperature sensor, the voltmeter and the continuity. I’m getting on in years and can hear the continuity tone easily, which was not the case with my previous meter. The leads clip into place very securely – again, unlike my previous meter, where loose connections could make readings unreliable. I do have two mild criticisms: the voltage leads and the temperature sensor leads use the same sockets, which could lead to extra wear; and the temperature sensor itself appears somewhat insubstantial, although I have no evidence that it might break.

  138. Janet Wong

    Easy to use

  139. Steven

    Bought this for a basic job in a bit of a rush, was surprised how many functions it had and to be honest a little advanced for me. Feels good quality though I’m not sure how it would stand up in commercial use.

  140. DSK17

    Meter has worked perfectly so far, no complaints

  141. Shabba DIY car repairs (YouTube)

    This is better than you average cheap unit, comes with a couple of different leads. Build quality is good for price point.

  142. Amazon Customer

    Great meter seems to do everything correctly

  143. Amazon Customer

    I bought this to measure voltage and resistance on various sensors on my car. It was really easy to use and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. The product comes with a battery which is always a nice touch. The moment you open the box, the product is good to go.

  144. Rick Bowyer

    Well made

  145. Mr. J. Murray

    I have been looking for a Multimeter for awhile and this caught my eye. Very easy to use and accurate, the thermocouple is a great addition.

  146. Peter wilson

    Isnt a fluke but does the job

  147. Brian Ricketts

    It has been years since I upgraded my test meter – and this one is a delight. I like especially that using it as an ohmmeter it auto ranges – no more fiddling with dials to get the appropriate range. Same applies to voltage measurement. I have only two issues – 1: It would help if it were supplied with slide-on croc clips. It is a nuisance not to anchor one lead while probing with the other. 2: The price dropped considerably in the week after I bought the device – that is very annoying.

  148. Douglas S.

    Prompt delivery

  149. Dan F

    Bought this to replace a very old basic meter. Nice to have the auto ranging and seems to read quickly and gives a stable reading. I will be mostly using it on a car restoration so the magnetic strap may come in useful, time will tell. Would have been nice to include crocodile clips, but these can be added cheaply enough.

  150. DaveB

    Seems a good purchase. Nice and large, clear display that updates fairly rapidly. The only down side is the blue backlight, doesn’t make the display easy to read, green would have been easier and kinder to the eye. A minor point overall though.

  151. Gary D

    Great multimeter, im a complete amateur and am already using it efficiently. not sure how i got by without one!

  152. Amazon Customer

    Does what is says on the tin. Great vfm.

  153. M C LOCKE

    Fantastic piece of kit with solid build quality. Easy to read display and good button layout. The built in magnet and strap are very useful, particularly if working in tight spots. Item was well packaged. Highly recommended brand.

  154. Bibury Books

    It does all you normally want and more in such an instrument. Only gripe is that i wish it came with a protective case.

  155. Charlie Drake

    This unit feels solidly built, with a large digital display and backlight when required. It offers all the functions a keen DIY’er or hobbyist could want.The instructions are well written and clear, but those included are offered in small leaflet form which could be difficult to read for some. However the instructions can be downloaded from as a .pdf file.Whilst not mentioned in the instructions, I believe the Auto Off feature can be disabled by holding the “Select” button when turning on.

  156. machinehead

    Fantastic price for such a high spec multimeter. Highly recommended.

  157. Amazon Customer

    Brilliant product top class service

  158. Mark Richards

    Does the job

  159. Andrew v Wheeler

    Bright and clear screen, good magnetic strap

  160. Michael Hemming

    Good display, good sounding buzzer for continuity and resistance. Temperature mode is really handy as I am a plant engineer I sometimes need to take temp readings of fluids & oils. Magnetic base & strap is good too because of some of the areas & positions I have to work in. Very accurate display especially when testing for milliamps on can bus wiring looms. Does everything it says on the tin👍😁

  161. Joanna

    Happy with the product

  162. Bozz

    While there are many such digital multimeters available here however this particular one by AstroAI is well built, precise and user friendly. In my usage over many months I have found that this product operates satisfactorily and seems to be durable.

  163. Mr R

    Good value for the price.

  164. Amazon Customer

    My existing Fluke DMM was not working properly on a number of ranges so I purchased this meter as a temporary back-up as it appeared to be good value and I never need to go over 400V. In fact I managed I managed to repair the Fluke using it. Comparing the two it would appear to be as good. The calibration is very accurate and almost exactly matches the Fluke In my opinion this instrument is excellent value and a good addition to my workbench.

  165. Paul

    Excellent product, arrived on time, tested out and all working. To register with the manufacturer, signing up for an account is needed, which I do not wish to have.

  166. BiggYinn

    Great Meter….if you add a decent set of probes it will give more longevity, the ones supplied are OK …easy to use and for me read as very decent display with back-light which my previous meter didn’t have bought on prime say so was a bargain… you don’t need to pay hundreds for a brand name…I have and since where rubbish

  167. Reviewer Anonymous

    The AstroAI digital multimeter makes it easy for me to measure the voltage of batteries before and after charging. I have only used it to measure voltage. I use it with removable Lithium ion, and NiMh cells.

  168. No1Granddad

    I bought this meter as I had two problems to solve. My knowledge of electronics is very basic so I wanted something that was straightforward to use with some auto settings. The first problem was a portable air conditioner that had stopped working which turned out to be a failed capacitor (after watching youtube clips on how to test for this). The second was to try to identify why the battery on my Ford Transit was draining when not being used. Again I had to use the internet to find out how to test the battery. I was very pleased how easy the meter was to use and read the various measurements. Can’t wait for something else to go wrong to use this to diagnose the problem.

  169. Mr. M. Booth

    Relatively new at electronics but I was told I needed a multimeter. This one had good reviews so orderedA friend, who has worked in electronics for many years, took a look at the product for me and did some testing – came through with flying colours on all accounts and he advised it was a good purchase and well worth the moneyThe only negative, and it’s so minor that it doesn’t affect the rating, is that the temperature feature doesn’t seem to workVery robust construction- it’s for home use so more than adequateGood buy, well worth the money

  170. Teesside Tom

    Worked straight from the box. Simple easy to use range selector and clear LCD display. In an ideal world I should have liked a few more test probe options (croc clips, hooks) and a case for the multimeter and the leads. Overall for the price I am happy with this instrument.

  171. Anthony Barnett

    I like the range of functions on this multimeter though I would prefer one that also measures inductance.The test leads have pointed tips which is ok some of the time/ I needed to purchase the leads kit as a costly extra. I had to pay for the complete set of leads but only needed the mini hooks or alligator clips. It would be far better if these were sold separately.

  172. NoIsYtWiT

    I am an amateur and far from professional electrician however this has helped diagnose issues with a boiler thermostat power supply, troubleshoot car electrical short, check batteries/bulbs etc for continuity and fault find on children’s toys.As a result its been well worth the cost of the item just in diagnosis alone! I can’t comment on accuracy as I don’t havr anything else to compare against but when checking mains electricity supplies its already given me a reading I was expecting.

  173. Nifton

    What a surprise! I was expecting a nice functional and solid but basic meter.This tool surpasses all my expectations, I’ve spent twice as much on a half as good meter many times before.Intact, this is the most accurate meter I’ve used without going into into 3 figure spending and that usually means a bench scope.My only little tiny nitpick is the lack of crocodile leads. You’ll need to supply your own. However the supplied probes are tactile and of good quality.

  174. Amazon Customer

    Checked against other test equipment and found to be the stated accuracy on all ranges. The display is a good size and easy to read, particularly with the backlight on. The range of measurements that is available is very impressive for a meter at this price. The only slight niggle is that the magnets need to be more powerful to hold the meter securely. All in all very good value for the price.

  175. Alex

    is ok

  176. Matt SCB

    I love the back light and the readability of this. I wasn’t expecting much for this price but was impressed. Had a problem with the bleeper on continuity testing (you need to function select it, then it’ll bleep as you expect), their help was prompt and solved my RTFM issue. I think others have had issues with them out-of-the-box but mine was fine from unboxing so I can recommend.

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