Digital Multimeter Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Circuit Checker with Back light

About this item

  • 【MULTIPURPOSE USE】 Compact digital multimeter ideal for commercial and home use. Works as a voltmeter, ammeter, ohmmeter testing continuity, AC/ DC voltage, diode, transistor HFE, car battery tester
  • 【RELIABLE PERFORMANCE】 This digital multi tester includes test leads and 9V battery, overcharge protection on all ranges, low battery indicator. Double insulation with a stand for good viewing angle
  • 【LCD BACKLIT DISPLAY】 Professional multimeter tester’s display is visible from different angles, making value easily readable in low light and dark places. Data hold function makes measuring easier
  • 【DIY TESTING TOOL】 This mini multi measurement device or tool is useful in the laboratory, education, workshop, factory. Recommended by professionals/ engineers. The safe device of upgraded 1000V 10A probes
  • 【DURABLE AND SAFE】 Can be handheld or used with a fold-out stand, a thick rubber case protects the multimeter from splashes, minor bumps. Comes with 12 month warranty and world-class customer service


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Features & Compatibility

Digital Multimeter
Digital Multimeter

Accurate Reading

Supports 1999 counting, provides accuracy and perfect data counting. Large backlit LCD display for good visibility in low light areas.

Digital Multimeter


It can be used as a voltmeter, ammeter, AC DC tester, continuity tester as needed.


Fold out Stand

The fold out stand makes it easy to use and record measurements providing a simpler view.



  • Accurate measurements on a digital multimeter.
  • A perfect DIY tool to facilitate electrical work.
  • Compact and portable design.
  • Large blue LCD screen for easy and clear reading in dark places or low light.
  • Automatic Polarity Display, Data retention function probes.
  • Over range battery instruction and battery changing instruction,
  • Measures AC / DC voltage range, diodes, amps, hFE transistor, battery, resistance, continuity
  • Double insulation Integrated folding support for a good viewing angle.
  • Thick removable rubber housing protects the multimeter from small bumps.
  • Low battery indicator and full overload protection.
  • Useful for laboratory, factory, workshop, education, etc.
  • Operating Environment: 0 to 40 °C


  • DC Voltage: 200mV/2V/20V/200V ±(0.5%), 600V ±0.8%
  • DC Current : mA1.5V/200μA/2mA/20mA ±(1.2%),200mA (±1.4%), 10A ±2%
  • AC Voltage: 200mV/2V/20V/200V ±(0.8%), 750V ±(1.0%)
  • Overload Protection: 600VDC or rms
  • Resistance: 200Ω/2kΩ/20kΩ/200kΩ(0.8%+5)2MΩ ±(0.8%)
  • Diode Measurement: Test voltage is approx 2.8v, Current is 1.5mA. Indicates forward voltage drop of diode unit: kΩ.
  • Transistor hFE Test: (PNP/NPN Triode hFE) Test Range: (0-1000), Test Current(1b=10uA)) Test Voltage: Vce=3V
  • Continuity Test: Test voltage is approx 2.8V, Current is 1.5mA
  • Fuse Protection: F-200mA/250V


What type of batteries does ULTRICS digital Multimeter take?

      9v battery

Does this have audible continuity test function ?

      Yes it does.

How many leads with the multimeter?

      One set (one red and one black)

Can I use this to test if my PC power supply is working?

      Yes simple test of power output AC setting.

Additional information

Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 14.6 × 10 × 5 cm

Customer Reviews

182 reviews for Digital Multimeter Voltmeter Ammeter Ohmmeter Circuit Checker with Back light

  1. Oli

    A really good medium sized instrument. Lots of features including an audible continuity sounder that my old one didn’t have. Great range of voltage and current measurements available. I haven’t rated accuracy, but have no reason to suspect it is not 100%. Highly recommended.

  2. Flash

    I generally keep a few multimeters around but I seem to have lost my office one, so this was a quick buy. I use them for all kinds of stuff – mains wiring, batteries, ebike stuff (48v) and car electrics. Voltage, AC and DC, continuity and so on.This is a well built revision of earlier models I’ve bought and been happy with. The new transistor section isn’t immediately useful to me, but nice to have anyway. Everything works as it should and it’s a nice and easy unit to use.Excellent value for money and quick delivery. Can’t go wrong.

  3. spike 701

    I’m not a tradesmen but just a householder and a hobbyist. However, from time to time I need to check continuity etc. and measure voltages and I find this device does as much as I need and more.,

  4. Chris W.

    Simple to use as a battery tester. A decent price for that with the added bonus of other features. It seems to be well built and has an extra screen backlight operated by using a dedicated button. I’ve not needed that so far as the screen is already clear enough in normal daylight. Happy with my purchase.

  5. Fam B

    Great product, simple to use and easy to read. Does exactly what it is supposed to.

  6. Mike Usher-Clark

    Instructions could be much much better. I got the know how from a friend and he confirmed it is a great piece of kit.

  7. Lee Shanahan

    Purchased this multimeter for work. The delivery was exceptionally fast and received within a day and half of order.Initially the first product didn’t appear to working so I contacted the seller. I received a reply in no time at all and was advised that a different one will be sent immediately and it was delivered the next day.The product itself does everything you want it to do, the quality is great and you can’t beat the value for money.Highly recommend both the product and the seller.

  8. Cliente Amazon

    Really good for have it at home and actually really good price for how it works, in really happy, but I have to say is not the one I will use at work !

  9. Mr. R. Davis

    I needed a fairly basic (non-professional) multi-meter for jobs round the house and on the car. This one is neat and easy to use and very good at the price. For my purposes I needed to have crocodile clips on the cables which are not included with the meter but available cheap on Amazon so no problems there. Highly recommended piece oi kit for many uses.

  10. thestrobe

    Such a brilliant multimeter at an amazing price. I love it

  11. James Small

    Good little unit for checking electrical sockets and fixings. Easy to use and read.


    This product was presented in a nice box and an even better bottle with a unique twist off lid.The smell reminded me alot like similar products ive used of triple the value, so that was a positive. The aroma is not overpowering and subsides so the wearer is not significantly aware of it, (thats what I prefer, rather than being overpowered all day).Its something i as a middle aged man am happy to wear, and my 22 year old son also quite likes it. We have both had high end products and do like this product very much.

  13. James

    Does what it says on the tin

  14. Mr. R. Jennings

    Great looking product. Decent range of settings.Useful backlight option for those dark place we all seem to end up trying to make measurements.Quailty leads, with robust handles to keep your fingers away from possible lectric shocks when checking high voltages.Built in stand to aid with viewing the screen,Gerenally appears to be robust and well constructed.Batteries are supplied. Unit is fuse protected against errors on use.The LCD backlit display has clear large numbers to aid in making a quick reading.Able to measure NPN&PNP transistors, also a diode polarity check setting too.The unit has a protective bright yellow rubbery cover, to prevent accidental knocks and damage.Side bonis comes with a decent, well constucted cardboard box, which is ideal for keeping it safe, between uses.

  15. S.L. Jenkins

    Can’t fault the unit at this price. I’ve been using it for home electronics projects including a valve amp and it hasn’t put a foot wrong.

  16. AudioNerd

    A great inexpensive multimeter.I bought this when doing some electrical work for a friend. It’s something useful to have if you want to know if a socket is live or if you have continuity or even if your AA battery is dead.If you want trusted accurate measurements you need to spend a lot more money but this is pretty accurate when measuring a resistor on a circuit board. Just have it in your toolkit anyway, it comes in handy.

  17. Amazon Customer

    An excellent value for money multimeter. Easy to use. Which is all that an amateur like myself needs for home use.

  18. Ralph Ainley

    Checking cicuits when recomissioning classic car makes the job easy and removes any doubt.

  19. Warlord

    Bought this to replace my “Hilka” Multimeter, which upon diagnosing a fault with my Bosch Washer Dryer, gave different readings on identical tests all the time…..This one is much better, with better insulation on the probe handles, and better overall construction.The backlight is very handy when you are in low light conditions, and the switch in the middle is crisp.I have tested a few things and its accurate so i’m happy.Good for entry / Hobbyist uses, but as its made in China, I wouldn’t use it for anything high end.

  20. Grimmy

    Needed a new multimeter after my last cheap one crapped out on me. Looked about on Amazon to see what looked decent enough and within a reasonable price. This one stood out so I bought one. Turned up promptly.Its well made especcially for the price, the backlight is a nice feature I didnt have on previous models, feels more solid then my others too. Very happy with it and i’m sure it’ll last longer then my old ones too…Would deffo recommend for the price.

  21. Ronald Crawford

    Complicated piece of kit but good value for money.

  22. Amazon Customer

    Does the job for a reasonable price.

  23. Philip Reynolds

    It’s not bad for a starter just that it’s not quite what I needed at the time I wanted something to read a starter on my electric washer and unfortunately it doesn’t do that but I’m sure I can find other uses for it

  24. Sam

    Great item. Bought as a Father’s Day present, he loves it. Impressed with the ease of use and the large display.

  25. Kevin Champ

    Seems good value

  26. Kenny P

    needed it for some bits on the camper conversion. worked perfectly. well worth the money

  27. Jools 0710

    Accurate testing of DC power adapters.

  28. steven corbett

    Very pleased with this purchase , i have only just tried it but it feels nice and robust much more than my old one. Very clear display with a back light if you need it for working in poor light. It has an hold feature to save the reading and a stand that pulls out of the back also handy. I can not gauge the accuracy to a fine degree but it give normal readings on both ac and dc.. overall very good value.

  29. thetruthisoutthere

    Perfect simple to use and accurate. If you have never owned one before this is safe buy. Does exactly what you need, no fancy complications, no stupid add on’s. Just watch a YouTube video and you are ready to go.

  30. Emma

    Works well!

  31. carstone

    So, I had an issue with a vacuum cleaner that stopped working. I suspected the power lead where it went into the handle, but couldn’t think how to see if it was this. On a support website they suggested using a multimeter to check the continuity from the plug to the vacuum cleaner end of the lead. Long story short, I found a break in the live feed, cut the cable back by three inches to bypass the break and everything works again. I could have just bought a new power lead for the vacuum cleaner – cost £12.95 plus postage. The cost of the multimeter and the fact I will use it again means it’s already paid for itself. Magic.

  32. David Griffiths

    Recommend for your everyday use good professional feel, nice clear readings.

  33. Mr S Harrison

    It is pocket size, feels substantial and has a clear display. I’ve only used it for testing a few batteries so far. The ability to be able to hold the display and to turn on the back light are good features. It comes with batteries fitted which is good.Accuracy, I have only marked it as a 4, because I broke my old meter, so have nothing to compare against. I’ll have to test some resistors and my car battery. For the price I would say it very much, value for money, especially if it lasts a few years.

  34. Man in a Hat

    This is a well priced ,accurate meter. It is easy to use along as you understand Electrical properties and safety precautions. I found it would have been more beneficial to have a bit clearer explanation as to the actual meaning of the figures on the dial. However after reading the instructions in the manual supplied with the aid of a magnifying glass I was able to put the meter to good use to determine a fault in a standard camp’s circuit from the plug to the bulb.

  35. The Very Angry Maker

    I had to buy this multi meter after recently moving house and somehow losing my old one…. I don’t even know how???What attracted me to this meter was it’s cheap price at under a tenner and that it was available on Amazon Prime.For the money spent I am really pleased with this meter and it’s a bit of a upgrade from my old one. It appears to be very well made and comes complete with a fold away stand and a back lit display that once used makes me wonder how I ever lived without a lit display before. I tested the different functions on the meter and everything seems to be good and certainly good enough for my household and fairly serious hobby electronics hobby. It also came with a battery included…. although I hope it’s a alkaline battery and I must remember to check as a lot of included batteries in things tend to be the cheaper type which can easily leak even after only a handful of weeks.The probes have good grips and feel good in the hand and the metal parts come with end caps which I have already lost!Not really much else I can say about a multi meter. It is a decent little machine that for most people’s needs is accurate, well made and should stand up well to a bit of abuse, has all the functions you would expect and has a stand and back lit display for a very good price. Definitely a winner in my book.

  36. Sam

    I needed a simple, cheap multimeter to add to my toolbox for basic DIY work. Checking fuses, batteries, broken wires and power supply can all be achieved with this neat little meter. I’m no electrician and don’t expect to use this for any more than simple checks.The meter arrived quickly and has a good ‘feel’ to it. The instructions give basic info but not enough to teach the user how to operate the meter. To be honest if you don’t know the basics of electricity it’s probably best not to try and use this. (There are a number of youtube tutorials if you do struggle though). The leads and probes appear well made and the dial operates solidly with a good clear LCD screen.The instructions state that the meter can be used to indicate ambient temperature, however this seems to be an error as I cannot find a setting for it – so 1 star taken off for that.All in all I’m happy with this small investment and hope to save time messing around trying to determine if batteries and fuses are good or duff!

  37. Dave

    Arrived in only two days very good service. looks very well and works very well for me. When i was working my firm supplied me the very best multimeter made and that was a Fluke i think it was close to £200 pound and this cheap one does all i need to do with it , it is accurate and easy to use. thanks i am very pleased.

  38. Robin

    Bought this DVM to replace my 40 year old DVM bought from Radio Shack. This is so superior and much more accurate when checking my 12V car battery. The display is great and the complete unit is of high quality including the two probes. Excellent value so I am very pleased with it. As a Chartered Engineer I highly recommend it.

  39. Michael Robinson

    My previous (analogue/needle) multimeter lasted over 30 years and only failed whn the battery corroded badly. This digital meter looks equally well made (if not better) and potentially long lasting. As others have said the print size in the instruction booklet is very small and difficult to read. The booklet page is about 80mm x 120mm, but the box in which the meter comes is about 105mm x 170mm so a much larger booklet could be fitted in!

  40. Stephen Cocker

    Did what I wanted it to do at a price I wanted to pay. Only thing missing is clips to go on end of probes, very useful unless you have 3 hands.

  41. G

    Don’t know about accuracy yet. No other unit to calibrate against, but it seems to read a charged 12v battery OK. Hard plastic and thin wires might be durability issues over time, but if I’m careful with it….

  42. Richard Stanley

    I needed a tester quick this was delivered the next day and considering it was very reasonably priced has many features.Having caps for both ends of the probe leads was not what I expected to get from a lower price range item.Very impressed.

  43. robert murdoch

    good product and great delivery

  44. BigD

    This multimeter is very good value for money. It has a switchable backlight,and an angled stand to prop up. Also,it has a “hold” button to retain last measurement. Also has a good range of measurement values. My only moan is that I would have preferred a separate 0n/Off switch,rather than rotating the dial to “off.” Iwould recommend this product.

  45. Miranda

    Easy to use, accurate and a tool box essential

  46. LGM West

    Perfect size to hold while checking the charge in a battery and easy to read large print

  47. Peter Kristof

    easy to use good quality

  48. Don Craig

    Tool arrived on time and though only purchased for a single job I have now found several more applications that I can use it with as well as the original one. Priced competitively, I shal keep it around for some considerable time.

  49. Amazon Customer

    Seems a good quality piece of kit for a value price.

  50. Abdul Mudhir

    Very good meter I use it everywhere

  51. Gabs

    Easy to use and quality mult-meter for all I will ever need building guitar pedal kits.

  52. Charles

    Nice equipment with measurement hold, backlight and decent length probe leads.

  53. john harris

    I haven’t used it yet but it looks the part.

  54. clive davies

    Looks great for the money

  55. Paul

    Saved a fortune diy

  56. Richard H

    I’m pretty new to electronics and was recently in need of a multimeter and, having never bought one before, was interested in a fully functional and robust one to buy. Looking here I was swayed by the reviews this item had. I was also drawn to the very affordable price because I wanted to limit my risk just in case I bought one that was cheap for a reason. I need not have worried. The Ultrics UT0021YB model I got worked perfectly out of the box ready to go (battery included and installed) and seems to survive some early knocks unscathed. All in all perfect for my needs and arrived on time. A bonus was instructions that had been written by someone whose first language actually was English (aside from one or two spelling issues).

  57. Amazon Customer

    I have used much more expensive meters of the same type and they don’t work any better than this one. i was having a problem with my car and within less than 10 minutes of using it the problem was resolved. It is very easy to use and can stand up on its own which was useful to me. The display is very clear and i found it very accurate.

  58. simon b

    A good meter which works well. The leads were disappointing with the wire on my red lead coming off the probe , I did not realise this has happened as in is held in the plastic sleeve!!! so thought I had no current for a while whilst trying to trace a fault. It was only when I tested it across my battery I realised something was wrong. I managed to fix it by soldering the wire back on but clearly poor original soldering.Update 2 Nov. 2015. After reviewing the item I was contacted by the seller who agreed to supply 2 new leads free of charge and apologised for an inconvenience. The new leads arrived promptly and are working well. Great customer service from this seller.

  59. Jamojamo

    A great little meter. A great price. Always useful to have if you know what you are doing. The instruction book could be better but overall I am very pleased. The display is very good and has a backlight for dark areas. Time will be the test that’s why I have only given four stars.

  60. Alessio

    Did not have any issues. Does the job

  61. DAVID H

    I liked this unit as it fitted into my now defunct AVO leather case. I use it for testing circuits on my model railway layout.

  62. Manda

    Let’s get this straight before I start…..this is NOT a professional multimeter, I already have a big Clarke professional multimeter for my big work,I just wanted a budget meter to carry round in my pick up for when I’m doing vehicle examinations. Let’s be honest,£15 or so is not getting you a pro meter,so don’t base it or expect it to be. Most people never use all the functions,they just need the “bleep” to check circuits.Anyway,I digress, good quick next day delivery,unit is quite nicely presented and already has the 9v battery installed. Seems to have all the settings you’d expect of higher end meters,but as I say,most people won’t use a tenth of them. I also have an old analogue Draper,which I use just as a circuit tester,which as I said earlier is all most people need.It doesn’t feel the strongest of units,but then again not the worst either, it does have a wrap round case to take minor bumps. I’ve used it a few times already,does the jobs I want it to do,and is reasonably competent at doing them. Certainly,it does what I bought it for,only time will tell on how long it lasts,but at the cost,it’s worth it.Would have liked some crocodile clips as well as the probes,but hey ho,not the end of the world.Never be a five star unit,but a good 3/4 . Remember to remove battery if you don’t use it for a while,if the battery leaks,the unit will be dead.

  63. Alexandros Tsiagkas

    Easy to use, Basic readings for home users. The manual could have been more detailed.Generally I’m pleased as its value for money, i will recommend this product.

  64. Amazon Customer

    An excellent product, well made and reasonable price.I am using this initially to test switch circuitry on a n aircraft flight instrument panel.

  65. two


  66. Ogbu Chinedu

    So far so good.

  67. M Russell

    Exactly what I needed, use it every day.

  68. Carl Brooks

    Good simple little multimeter. Easy to use easy to read sturdy construction and decent cables. Really happy with this purchase

  69. Amazon Customer

    I haven’t really tried this meter very well but I can say that it works as expected and much better than what I bought earlier from a different store. Lightweight and the make of the terminals seem solid!

  70. Rajan Marwaha

    Great Quality used for testing battery and worked perfectly fine. With batteries.

  71. kurosuke

    At its price it may not be super ultra duper accurate but it works well for the price. A good piece of instrument to have in your tool box. A++++

  72. RD74

    Has all the basic function you require and expect with decent test ranges. However I would probably spend a bit more on a multimeter that was fused and came with crock clips. Only my opinion but for most folk starting to get into circuit testing repair etc this will likely be fine.

  73. Paul Allen


  74. Dusty796

    I wasn’t expecting much for the price but was pleasently suprised by the quality of build. The multimeter is sturdy and feels up to the job in its solid case when outside. Great value for money and would definately recommend.

  75. Stephen Power

    I have never bought or used a multimeter before, so I was a bit wary about whether this one would be good value for money, and easy to use. I needed it to test the resistance of model railway track, having found a faulty set of points in a new layout, and I had another 15 sets to check.I can honestly say that the instructions are very readable, although the grammar is a little ‘odd’ at times, and the multimeter was very easy to set up and use.Within an hour of opening the box, I had tested all of the sets of track points. The one that had caused a short circuit in the layout was, indeed showing up as faulty on the multimeter – and the rest were showing as OK.Will be using this multimeter again in the future and given its low price, compared to some others, I think I got a bargain.

  76. Kirsty leigh

    Was delivered quickly, and came nicely packaged. The battery is already connected and the probes have caps that will protect them. The instructions are a bit lite but it shouldn’t be a problem if you know how to use a multimeter (my actual concern about the instructions is the font size used – you might need a magnifying glass to actually read them). Overall the unit seems robust, and will be suitable for all the things that I will need to use it for around the home.

  77. J.Clark (surrey)

    This is a good multitester with a good range. A solid feel rotating dial, and the leads seem very well made. The only negative comment is that the buzzer has a very weak / poor sound to it. I’m not sure if the model are all like that or I have a defective one !

  78. Jane B

    We bought this Multimeter to diagnose why our chest freezer wasn’t working, tested the thermostat, this was the culprit, new one ordered & fitted, saved us buying a new chest freezer, great result.

  79. simon miller

    Reasonable quality, clear readout – looks/feels a bit flimsy – may not be robust enough to withstand daily working use – although no issues to date (after 3 months)

  80. Paul Dunn

    The unit was exactly as advertise and no problem with delivery

  81. Michael

    Great item, easy and simple to use.

  82. Rocky’s Pal

    Value product. Robust and still working after over 2 years. I’ve seen better but they cost a lot more money. This does what it’s supposed to and is fine for every day DIY use.

  83. a2020

    I’m really impressed with the quality; it’s sturdily built, can survive being dropped, and has a flip-out stand that can also be used to suspend it for easier viewing when working overhead. The leads are a decent length (about 1m cord, plus 6 cm probe length), fit securely, have strain-relief flex points so the cord won’t snap if you store them wound too tightly. The tips come with protective rubber storage caps and are a standard size (1.2 mm) for fitting needle probes (not included) for measuring through wire insulation. Features include a backlight, diode/transistor test points, and an audible continuity mode for finding shorts without having to watch the display. The integration time constant is well chosen; steady signals generate a steady readout (not constantly cycling the last digit like many bargain meters), but the response is quick enough that you can easily detect pulsing signals (e.g. a 12V flasher bus may cycle 0.0V -> 3.8V -> 8.1V -> 0.0V as read on the display). I checked the voltage accuracy against a bench-top power supply adjustable to 0.01V increments, as well as resistance against a pack of assorted resistors, and the values were exact every time.I’ve been using it regularly for eight months for a variety of 12V automotive, 240 VAC home, and 5V digital logic projects, and it’s held up well. My only suggestion for improvement is that it can be a little too easy to bump the “hold” button if you’re not careful (especially when elbows-deep in an automotive project), but that’s a very minor issue and has only happened a couple of times.

  84. YA

    Everything’s excellent for the price. Does what it needs to.

  85. denice hope

    Not clear instructions on how to use … for a novice

  86. Mark

    Does what it says on the tin. Easy to use and good quality for money

  87. john a paine

    A good little multi meter, easy to use, good job I know my way around these things as the manual is a bit confusing! but anyhow more small and compact than my old Avo meter! and for the price you can’t go wrong.Oh accurate too!

  88. B.A.Pearson

    Easy to operate


    This was delivered quickly and was supplied in a good quality cardboard box which protected the meter. Both meter and probed are of very good quality for the price. The fact the meter has a display illumination function and a continuity buzzer where nice bonuses.

  90. Paul Hawkins

    Simple to operate, does everything you should need it to do. Not professional level of device, but should do everything you need domestically. Excellent value for money.

  91. Trefor

    I’m no electronics buff.. decided to check out problems with my immersion heater – watched an extremely good video on youtube by John Ward (worth a look as he covers numerous topics ) – he showed how to assess the problem with the immersion itself and potentially the thermostat using a multimeter – so rather than take a punt as I usually do I invested in the Ultrics – used it as described after playing around with it a bit and got the job sorted. I’m glad i’ve finally bought one as I should have done years ago .. given my levels of knowledge I’m still only ever going to attempt things within my scope and with solid guidance .. and never work on anything without the mains off at the board! .. but this is already proving useful for assessing batteries / continuity – resistance etc

  92. I. L. Jones

    Just what I needed

  93. john j fender54

    Arrived on time, well packaged. Easy to use and does what I need it for.

  94. Tina McArthur

    Very happy with the multi metre.Excellent service very prompt delivery.Highly reccomend.

  95. Chris

    Excellent product, well built and easy to you use straight out of the box, very pleased with the delivery time and well packaged

  96. Phil

    Looks great and easy to use

  97. Alan Maxwell

    God product at a great price. Delivered speedily.

  98. AWD4263

    I used this mostly for diy, even though I’m a builder, not an electrician this meter is ideal for occasional use. Fits nice in the hand and is very accurate for what I used it for it feels well made and robust and should last years. The probes seem well made also.

  99. Telf

    Great little unit, poor instruction book with no explination of how to use. No pictorials of dial, and what does what. Little dissapionting but if you know how to use these then guess its great.

  100. A. Taylor

    The media could not be loaded.

     Accuracy seems pretty good.The probe markings are inconsistent (one is Cat II and one is Cat III). I doubt they are actually tested to either standard, so loses a star for safety ambiguity here.If you keep any current measurements below 5A and voltage below 30V, you should be fine with this cheap, cheerful and surprisingly accurate little meter 🙂

  101. Alan N.

    Really high quality product for a really low price, this multimeter is just as good as some expensive high end models, in fact its brilliant and I found the fault on the circuit board I was testing in no time at all.If you want a really good multimeter then buy this you won’t be disappointed.

  102. Top Banana

    First time I’ve used a multimeter and it appears to work well. At this price it does the basics, but that’s perfectly sufficient for most users.Practical touches include a comfortable, slightly soft-feel casing with a stand plus backlight for display. If only the same thought had gone into the instruction leaflet, whose font was so small as to be illegible with my normal reading specs on. Whatever’s the point of that? Had to look on YouTube for generic instructions instead. It’s cost an otherwise good value piece of kit a 5-star rating.

  103. Amazon Customer

    For years I have been using a very high quality Fluke multimeter but it recently failed/needs to be recalibrated. Having an urgent job to do I decided to purchase the number 1 rated multimeter on Amazon. However, I was concerned that the item listed only cost £10.49. Despite being suspicious that the highest rated product cost so little, I decided to trust the market reviews and bought one.It arrived the next day and I was very impressed. The black plastic case with integral stand was robust and was housed in a bright yellow rubberised protective case. The leads were of good quality not the usual plastic rubbish that one associates with low priced products and they were supplied with protective caps at each end. The device is well designed and comes with 9v battery fitted and a low battery warning symbol on the display. It has two buttons one for backlight on the LCD display and the other a data ‘hold’ button to freeze the display. It has three jack sockets one for Volts, ohms and mAmp, one common and one 10 Amp inputs. The rotary dial has 20 settings which include DC voltage at 200mV, 2V, 20V, 200v and 600V; DC Current at mA for 1.5V battery tester, 2mA, 20mA, 10A, AC voltage at 200V and 600V; Resistance at 200 ohm, 2K ohm 20K ohm, 200K ohm and 2M ohms; a Diode test and a Transistor hFE test setting.I have not tested the accuracy but the stated values are quite acceptable.Don’t be put off by the low price. In this case low prices does not mean low quality. The Ultrics UT0021YB is a very good quality, compact and functional unit.

  104. John Hayward

    Perfect for diy and home use.

  105. Daz Knight

    Absolutely more than I expected brilliant price and awesome piece of kit

  106. Amazon Customer

    A good multimeter. Crocodile clips would be a good addition

  107. dflatline

    For what I paid for it I really can’t complain. Comes with a battery already inside, standard connections on the leads if you want to use others but the ones it comes with are fine. The backlight is nice and bright and stays on for a good amount of time per press of the button. Has a small flip out stand on the back which is nice. Build quality feels good and the dial has a good solid click to it. The tough rubber outer shell is good if you’re gonna keep it in a tool bag and removable if you want to fit it in a pocket. All in all its a great little hobbyist or spare meter and at that price why not?

  108. SCOTTY

    Only used it once seemed easy to use and did the the job it was intended for.

  109. Jevgenij

    Works great. It does its job. Convenient screen backlighting, making it easier to work in the dark

  110. stuart stoneham

    I lost my Avo9 a few years ago, (had it from 1970, and a one week training course to use it).This meter is an adequate substitute for modern day electrics/electronics.

  111. John

    Paid for itself in one job, had to diagnose if I had a faulty battery or a faulty alternator, watched a You tube video to educate myself and saved myself a garage fee. Definitely going to come in at Christmas time as well, instructions supplied even I can understand them, believe me im no DIY enthusiast.

  112. Emmy

    I don’t know how accurate this meter is. I am using it for DC for the most part. Its a lot easier to read than my analogue meter, the backlight is especially useful. My only gripe is the instruction booklet is poor. No images so working out which switch does what take a little time if you’re an amateur.

  113. Philip L.

    Easy testing of car battery voltage home batteries light bulbs fuses in plugs etc

  114. David Epona

    I bought this to check if there was any useful life left in disposable batteries. It took me less than five minutes to figure out how to do that and it did it very accurately. However, it’s capable of much more than that, though you’d need some familiarity with electronics to use it to it’s full extent. A professional electrician or electronics engineer would probably need something rather more robust, but for the hobbyist, it’s perfect.

  115. Amazon Customer

    Accurate and easy to use. Good value for the money.

  116. Slobrit

    Easy to use, good value for money

  117. Stuart


  118. Smallholder45

    As an occasional user checking battery voltage and charging voltage etc this has been great. It’s great value and seems to be well made.

  119. Mr Peter Firman

    Very pleased with product. Well made and relatively easy to use

  120. Cathy Thompson

    Fantastic for continuity testing, helped me diagnose and fix my son’s PS4. My old tester wouldn’t work right so I ordered this one. I was worried because it was cheap but it’s high quality and we’ll built.Comes with batteries even though it says it doesn’t, backlit with a blue light making it easy to read and results are very accurate. I’ve used it now on a PS4, car alternator and a hairdryer so it’s already paid for itself by saving me money by not replacing these items and fixing them instead.Arrived next day at work which surprised me as normally it takes a day longer to deliver to that address.Great product, great seller. Will definitely be buying from them again although I doubt it will be the same product as it looks like it will last the distance!

  121. Peter Holdsworth

    Goes as expected for the price.Comes with the battery.No idea how accurate as I’ve not got another to compare to – but I tuned some buck converts to 5v for Raspberry Pis and none have exploded yet 🙂

  122. Stephen Loundes

    Instruction manual easy to read and understand, and Multimeter does what it said on the tin.Steve Cannock

  123. Bob

    I purchased this as a replacement for an old and broken multimeter. I needed to do a range of continuity tests, plus check out the voltage in a circuit. This device worked well and was pretty easy to use. There are many more functions available that I did not (and probably will never) use, so for my limited applications I give it 5 stars. Other more technical users may have better and far ranging reviews, but for what I want, it’s excellent.

  124. A J M Ford

    See title. Simple and easy to use.

  125. theoldun

    I bought this to replace one that melted.The meter is sturdy and the plastic feels strong enough to take a few knocks in use.The test leads are thicker than my last one and come with protective covers on both ends.Very easy to use with a reading hold button and a strong bright light for use in darker places.Overall I am impressed, for the price this is very good.

  126. M. Duthie

    The multimeter is compact, small but sturdy, comes with instructions and nice long test leads. The instructions although written in a quite a small booklet clearly explain how to take different readings with each mode of operation, which is useful for a first time user who has no idea how to use a multimeter, or, for someone who needs to refresh their memory if they haven’t used one in a long time.I was having problems with some equipment so I used the multimeter to check continuity in a cable and see if there was a break somewhere along the length of the cable, after connecting the leads to where they were needed to test, the multimeter gave a continous audible beep indicating the cables copper core was intact. I then altered the dial setting to the DC voltage measurment and switched on the power to the device i was testing and took a reading which displayed the voltage i was expecting. There is a button to light up the LCD display, it is quite bright and it’s a shade of light blue which gives great contrast against the black numbers on display so your meaurements can be read easily.I would recommend this multimeter to anyone who requires a good quality basic multimeter that is low cost.

  127. mf

    Brilliant value

  128. Steve

    I have a degree in electronics and only use professional test equipment. This device is incredibly well built and such high quality that I am happy using it in my day to day work. I’m going to buy another to keep in my car.

  129. Cu3B4ll

    Well built, quality bit of kit for a stupidly small price. Recommended if you find yourself in need of a decent meter

  130. David C Twigg

    I liked the delivery service, it was fast and the driver was pleasant and courteous.. The instrument was well packaged and exactly as described, the accompanying information was clear, easy to follow. I would recommend it to anyone who needs an electronic test instrument that is easy to use and small enough to fit in your tool bag, also drop protected.

  131. Justin Davison

    decent little piece of kit for what it is, little confusing as to which settings you need to put it on but overall it gives accurate enough readings to make the job you are doing safer. would buy again

  132. Simon

    Great product, at a good price. Smaller than I expected, but definitely handheld/palm sized. As I am principally only using this occasionally (hobby electronics/DIY) it seems ideal. The reviews are all favourable, it was a choice between this and the more expensive Proster Auto ranging PST99, which I decided was a little overkill for my uses . The Ultrics is more than capable, for the light use I’ll give it. The large clear LED screen is excellent, a 9v battery was included (and in place) no negative reviews on this, apparently some other Multimeters drain the battery quickly. The dial clicks cleanly into each setting, and has a matt non slip finish. Definitely robust, and the voiced concerns about the yellow protective casing coming away or not fitting snuggly does not seem to be a problem with the multimeter I received. The protective plastic covers for the probes are a useful touch. I have nothing but praise for the product, recommended.

  133. Mikekite

    Brilliant for a novice like me, wanted to check a thermostat that I was told had been disconnected was live or not before I started to take it off the wall so I originally bought a contactless detector and after reading on the web that these are not accurate and give false reading which mine did I returned it to screwfix and bought this instead and it works perfectly for testing. So far I have used it to test the wire mentioned above and more recently to test the continuity on installing satellite cable connector and to check for loss of continuity also. great bit of kit really like it. Ive tested plug sockets to check voltage and the readings were accurate.

  134. James

    95% of people looking to purchase a multimeter have no way to check the accuracyElectronics are now so advanced one needs to look at desk mounted units like FlukeThis will perform the vast amount of checks requiredIs protected by a strong exterior case which should help in the event of being accidentally droppedHas a nice hold display function for situations where the screen is not easy to readAlso has a blue back light function which is switchable so conserving battery lifeWould recommend this to anyone looking for a competitive priced multimeter

  135. David Croft

    Really happy with product. I’m a novice however I found it straightforward to use.

  136. Bogdan Stefan

    Very nice and easy to use product,i reccomend,

  137. stephen k

    Bought to test wiring in a campervan conversion works well

  138. SMT

    Protective rubbery case and covers for terminals when not in use. Comprehensive range of settings and readings. I use a multimetre to test batteries, I am no electrician, my limit is changing a plug. The instruction manual was not easy but when my son gave me a lesson – he found the multimetre almost instinctive to use and didnt need the manual – I very soon understood the various readings and what the settings were all about. I am delighted with it, I fear I wont be using it too full potential as its range of information is far beyond my needs. Really good value for money.

  139. Heather

    great product, well packed, easy to use and ideal for school use.

  140. Brams

    Good product but you really need to know how to use such a meter only suitable for experienced DIY er or professional in my opinion

  141. David Mullin

    Great service, delivered on time and at a good price. Easy to operate, backlight and buzzer tested fine and various batteries checked out on DC voltage. Nice large digits on LCD display. Looks quite well made and the protective casing is solid. Rotary switch has positive detents. Manual is in small type but legible and coherent. Probes are good quality and fitted with protective caps. Very happy with this purchase!

  142. P Jackson

    Does what a meter is supposed to do

  143. Cuba Steve

    Very Good

  144. JPS

    I bought this to replace a much more expensive tester which was ruined by a leaking battery. (Change the cheap Chinese battery for a good one.) I’m not an electrician and use this for odd jobs around the house and car such as testing circuits, fuses, etc. Readings seem fairly accurate.

  145. Arron lammin

    Really happy with it it does everything I need it to do HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  146. Jeremy

    For the amateur electrician and home DIY’r this is perfectly adequate

  147. T. Sharkey

    I’m a moderate Diy-er and find this device very useful for occasional usage.

  148. Mr Ian Shanley

    This is very well made Digital Multimeter. Great display and functions. It has a protective cover, making the unit very robust. Product arrived before the planned delivery date, so very pleased with the product and service from the supplier.

  149. Raimundo

    Does what I want it to do.

  150. annoyed grandad

    works as expected

  151. Peter

    Product bought to test home appliances – very useful to have and good value, but for someone with limited knowledge of electronics, the instructions were very hard to follow, as if they had been translated several times before being translated into English. Meant a little longer spent on YouTube to find some basic tutorials, so not quite as easy had the instructions walked you through the basics of how to use. However, other than that, seems sturdy, easy to read and accurate – for what I’ll be using it for, sure it will do the job very well.

  152. Charles Settle

    I bought this for tracing out my home socket circuit after buying a new house. Great for basic continuity and DIY work. I wouldn’t trust it for highly accurate tasks but that’s why it costs £10 instead of the £300+ you would pay for a professional multimeter.Does what it says on the tin, and the battery is included.

  153. Mr P.

    Excellent value multimeter for home use.

  154. John D

    A good product but not for the raw amateur – the instructions are not particularly clear.

  155. David Humphreys

    Ready to use out of box big display well made

  156. Mr Philip Hemingway

    Just one small problem for us getting on in years the instruction manual is really tiny writing but I scanned it increased by 100% then fine. So besides that when I’d read the manual found easy to use. I bought this to check out my Blue Ray players which wasn’t working found problem faulty internal fuse works fine and saved me lots of money just one job payed for itself. Metre extremely good value and build robust and sturdy .One thing that could make it better would be case as if put in tool box wires get tangled with things. Luckily l have soldering iron that came in case and enough room for multi metre. Delivery quick as always from Amazon hope suggestion may help company in improving a product that is already good.

  157. B. I. Lord


  158. C. N. Cracknell

    After a long time meter broke I needed one on the quick Amazon came up trumps with this perfect for my needs meter.

  159. N Alexander

    Excellent piece of kit, just the job for car and other battery voltage checking as well as Resistance and continuity and polarity check. Nice illuminated screen and stand.Neill. Alexander

  160. Joe in the shed!!!

    My old meter had given up the ghost so I was looking for a good replacement and found one as recommended by Amazon. Next day delivery with Prime. The price was right so I took the plunge and bought it. The product is robustly made and of good construction. It came complete with battery and easy to read instructions.The meter readings are clear and easy to read with the assistance of a back light.The leads are of good quality and should last a long time with normal use.This product is suitable for both the DIYer or tradesman.Well worth the buy.

  161. Lopster

    Essential household kit. Check AA and AAA and 9v batteries. Car batteries. It’s actually fun.

  162. T. H. Marriott

    It’s basic, but does the job. It’s physically well made and robust,and the leads are of good quality.I can’t vouch for the accuracy (and I wouldn’t expect that tobe particularly good at this price), but that’s not the point withsuch a cheap device. It’s great for a quick check and it’s cheapenough to just buy one to keep in a car or wherever one mightthink to have such a facility *immediately* to hand

  163. Kieran L.

    Works perfectly. You can also test for parasitic draw on a car!

  164. Mark Ward

    Very easy to use and great value

  165. Mr C

    As stated, excellent so far.

  166. Nick A

    I was after a cheap multimeter for some continuity testing at really short notice.This fits the bill in every way and more. Super good value for money, and works quite well.I haven’t tested the accuracy of any of the voltage/current reading functionality, but simply for continuity testing it can’t be beaten.As others have said, the probes are also of good quality.

  167. Nik

    I purchased this to replace one I had for many years. It finally packed up after about 20 years of use. The previous model was a really expensive Fluke. This product does just a good a job as the old one and for a fraction of the price. The display is large and clear and there is illumination too if needed. It has all the functions, and more, that most will need. I’ve used it a fair bit already for various fault finding tasks and it’s proved to be great. I’m not sure of the percentage accuracy, but it’s probably better than my older more expensive one and accurate enough for 99.99% of users I should think. The longevity of the product is yet to be determined, but a that price, it’s not really a concern.

  168. gordian barry

    Easy to use . Good quality. Saves a lot of guessing as to whether your batteries are still viable or ready for recycling.

  169. David Torbett

    Bought to test batteries on a ride along scooter, but found the difference between the old ones and new ones to be minimal. There was definitely a problem with the old ones because as soon as they were replaced the scooter was like new again. I’m sure the meter is perfectly acceptable for multiple other uses, it just didn’t do exactly what I needed it to. It was well priced though so will just keep a hold of it for future uses.

  170. Avid Shopper

    I needed this multimter to measure battery drain on my car and this was a relatively cheap option for something that I was only going to use a couple of times.The instructions were awful, however with a little guessing and Googling it was simplicity itself in use.Perfect tool for the job – though it’s back in it’s box , probanly never to get used again !!

  171. Karl

    Brilliant item and very speedy deliveryJust what I needed to read my battery voltage. Perfect! The backlight wasn’t a feature I’d noticed either but was a great touch for a cheap little unit. Feels sturdy and pricier than it is. Would recommend.

  172. Paul W.

    Accurate, feature packed and easy to read. Good quality.

  173. Jason williams

    Does as it says on the tin

  174. harry

    Always wanted a compatible size DMM for my toolbox collection, great value for it.

  175. Salford John Catterall

    After looking round for a second meter l had a lot to choose from …some cheaper , some dearer , all had a similar mode of operation …Eventually l decided the ULTRICS 0021-YB seem to tick all the boxes ,,,After unpacking it and doing a quick test l was impressed with the quality of the construction , the manual is simple to read , and in plain english ,,,,l havent done a full test but l have a feeling that it will SOON be in my main toolbox The ULTRICS 0021-YBL is rugged with its protected ( removable ) sleeve…a big thumbs up all round to all for the quality …

  176. Zadok

    A good quality meter with a large digital display. I was very pleased with its features and because it came with batteries could be used straight out of the box. The only extra I would have liked would have been a case

  177. Mike Henwood

    Very impressed by quality and packaging it arrived it. Comes with batteries and good quality leads.Would buy again and recommend to others too.

  178. lloyd reid

    The item arrived within 16 hours of the order being placed well packaged and as described in the posting. It’s well made looks durable and works fine but came with minimal instructions. I had to use YouTube to find out how to operate it properly. But it’s cheap so for the money it’s a very good purchase.

  179. Gerry

    Dear Seller i have found that your product has more functions than the one i already had which was far more expensive and yours was a lot cheaper and also has the 10v jack where as i was able to test for a parasitic battery draw on my car. Unfortunately i was unable to perform this test with the existing multimeter that i had as it wouldn,t perform the same operation Yours G C Donnarumma

  180. Patrick

    Got this to perform some maintenance/repairs around the home and did exactly what I needed.

  181. Joskin Musokeri

    The item was delivered on time,portable of quality and ease to use and durable.Am happy with the product is of good value for money.

  182. David R Worrall

    Well made leads and easy to use meter

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