USB Plug Charger, 30W/6A 3 Port Fast Charging Mains Wall Charger Adapter

About this item

  • 【ADAPTIVE MULTIPORT CHARGING】 ULTRICS multi USB charger plug with Smart IC charges 3 devices simultaneously. It’s a stable power adapter for devices that can offer a maximum speed up to 2.4A per port
  • 【ULTRA FAST TECHNOLOGY】 Time-saver QC 3.0 port of our USB fast charger plug can multiply the charging speed up to 4x at its most. It can detect connected devices and provide effective charging output
  • 【MULTIPLE PROTECTIONS】 Our USB wall charger has a protective built-in circuit and internal multi-protection mechanism. Advanced safety measures and premium materials help to preserve your gadgets
  • 【UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY】 USB plug charger is compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max/ 12/ 11/ XS/ XR/ X, iPad Pro/Air, Galaxy S22 Ultra/ S21 Plus, Note 20/ 10, Nexus, Pixel, Android smartphones, tablets
  • 【COMPACT FOR TRAVEL】 Lightweight and portable design of this AC100-240V and 50/60HZ input phone charger plug makes it ideal for anywhere. Made for UK mains to charge all standard USB-powered devices


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Features & Compatibility

Wall Charger Plug


30W charger adapter simultaneously charges 3 devices. It's a proper accessory for you and your family if you use various types of gadgets which you need at a time.

Wall Charger Plug


The external material is a strong safeguard for the inner system to protect if it drops. In the same way, it's internally well-equipped to be stable and durable.

USB Plug Charger


Strong but lightweight material and portable design have made this travel-friendly. Simply store it in your pocket or bag and carry anywhere to fill batteries anytime.


  • Maximum charging speed and efficiency for the Quick Charge supported devices
  • Standard input of AC100-240V and 50/60HZ
  • Total power 30W, 3 port output (5V/2.4A*2 + Quick Charge 3.0 9V-12V/1.5A, 6.5V-9V/2A, 3.6V-6.5V/3A)
  • Lets you charge 3 devices at the same time at high speed
  • Compact and portable design for worldwide travelling
  • Advanced safety mechanisms keep your devices safe – Suitable for standard UK Mains
  • Ready for travel anytime anywhere


  • QC certified charging technology provides up to 4x faster speed than other standard chargers
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max, 12, 11/ X Series/ 8 Plus/ 8/ 7/ 7 Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini;
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra/S21 Plus, Z Flip/ Fold/ S10/ S10E/ S10+/S9/ S9+/ S8/ S8+/ Note 9/ 8/ 5;
  • OnePlus 7, 6T, 6, 5T, 5;
  • Google Pixel 5/ 4/ 4 XL/ 4a/ 3/ 3 XL/ 3a; Nexus 6P/ 5X; Google Nexus 7/ 6/ 5/ One;
  • Motorola Razr 5G, Moto G8/ G7 Power, E6S, One Zoom/ Action, P30;
  • Nokia 8 Sirocco, 9 PureView;
  • LG W41 Pro/ W41+/ W41/ W31+/ W31/ W11/ Wing 5G/ G8 ThinQ/ G7 ThinQ/ V50/ V40 ThinQ, V35/ V30, G6;
  • USB-powered phones, tablets, headphones, portable chargers, external Battery Pack, GPS, PSP, PS4 Controller, Bluetooth Speaker


The socket needs to be supported with the charger and needs to be 3 pin plug socket.

USB Plug Charger


Does ULTRICS USB plug charger support Quick Charger 3.0?

      It is a Qualcomm Quick Charger 3.0 certified charger.

Is this wall charger enough light weight to carry when travelling ?


Will it charge slow if i use all ports at a timetitle


Can I use the three ports at a time?

      Yes, and all ports will supply you a better charging

Will it provide over-heat protection while using 3 ports altogether?

      No. It will work nicely

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 6 × 8.5 × 5 cm

Customer Reviews

230 reviews for USB Plug Charger, 30W/6A 3 Port Fast Charging Mains Wall Charger Adapter

  1. boblow

    This plugin USB adapter makes it easy to charge up to 3 units at a fast rate I use it to charge my iPhone, My iPad and at the same time, I can also charge my GoPro camera. I think this plug is made of sturdy materials and well constructed. It’s small enough to carry about if you wanted to take it with you when going anywhere that would have a 13 amp ring main socket outlet to plug it into.

  2. James Johnston

    Good product, nice to have the option for fast and normal charging and a couple of high-output plugs. There is a VERY bright blue light that can’t be disabled though, so keep that in mind if you plan to use this somewhere where you sleep.

  3. Lee

    excellent charger as a good price, no issues.

  4. Archie

    This plug has one quick charge 3.0 port, and 2 ‘normal’ USB ports. Obviously, it will only fast charge your device if the device has that facility. Unlike some of the other quick charge 3.0 plugs around, this one fast charges my Huawei Mate Pro perfectly while also charging my (normal charge) tablet on one of the other USB ports. Lots of the others will only ‘slow’ charge if more than one device is connected. Haven’t tried it with 3 devices yet though!

  5. Jeri Law

    works well

  6. kristian

    Would recommend

  7. Santiagostar

    Fantastic customer service! after 6 months mine get faulty but after getting in touch with them they send me a replacement next day. great!

  8. Graham Soanes

    Charging time for phones and ipads quicker than old chargers.

  9. Abdul

    Super fast and arrived on time

  10. Peter Howard

    I like this product very much – the quick charge is very quick and the ability to charge 3 items simultaneously is convenient. I recommend.

  11. Young Paul

    Blue background lights look cool but a little bright when sleeping

  12. Liam Clancy

    does everything you need for a good price. The three charging ports are great but the most important thing to me was enough power to effectively do fast charging and thats what this does

  13. Emmy

    This plug is really great. I’ve tried a few different ones, the apple-standard chargers included, and this is probably my favourite. It’s best feature is definitely how fast it charges (it’s really fast with my iPhone 11), but it also has an LED blue light, and three easy-to-plug USB ports. I’ve had it for going-on four months, and it’s got no issues. 10/10 would buy again.

  14. fitzy

    Handy adapter for charging up to 3 things at once, saving the need for multiple charging plugs. Used this to charge iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy tablet at the same time- no noticeable drop in charging speed to normal.

  15. Dan H

    It can charge 3 appliances at any one time, one on a higher amperage, two on a valuable lower charge setting. This product is very well designed and certainly well made. It is good value for money.

  16. Matthew M M J

    Does what it says on the tin!A very well made, quality product.The Quickcharge 3.0 works perfect for my LG G6.

  17. Unknown

    High quality product, It supports fast charge!! Also very durable.


    The product works very well, is exactly as described; looks good and is all way round QUALITY!

  19. chris cain

    If you use with a fast lightning cable the top usb (highlighted on plug) charges my iPhone from flat to full in 30 mins or less! And I’ve been using for 2 years (I have 6 dotted around the house) and has had no ill effect on battery as some might suggest, I would argue leaving it on charge when full kills the battery not the fast charge

  20. ann wood awood

    Brilliant very fast charging

  21. Paul Crimes

    Typically I have at tablet and two phones charging on an evening, always a struggle to find enough plugs, and chargers that are powerful enough to charge some of the devices in a reasonable amount of time. With this plug I can happily charge all three in no time.

  22. Alex Nocom

    Recommended. Fast charging however, It gets hot when charging 3 devices at the same time.

  23. Mr. P. D. Dewick

    Fast charger which does not get hot, and very well made.

  24. Amit Patel

    Great product, super fast charging, nuff said.

  25. Minch the Inch

    Like the lightning charge and cool wall of the plug, ordered a second one, so I can move about the house. Nice one

  26. COSTD

    It is a fast charger and it works

  27. Zonkax

    This is a clever piece of technology that is highly useful. So far it has charged up mp3 speakers ,a little radio and huawai p20 pro phones as well as an apple iphone s7 phone and mini ipad. It also charged up a small 10,000 ma charger- highly reliable. All these items were charged whilst away in Cyprus (which has the same plugs as the UK). I also use this item in the UK as it easier carrying one charger around.It is quicker charge on the top fast charge port for huawei p20 pro. The other ports will do regular charges to non fast items.

  28. Chegabosam

    Reliable and good price

  29. Rob B

    Bargain at the price. They look good, feel sturdy and charge all our devices at high speed. Being able to use the one plug with two cables is particularly useful when we are away from home to save space.

  30. W. Davies

    Super high power charger. Daughter uses it to power laptop via USB-C as well as charge phones, ipods, etc. etc. Very pleased.

  31. Starlite

    Doesn’t get hot when left plugged in or when charging. Best one ever bought.

  32. O Rimkiene

    Charging is perfect

  33. Gadgeteer

    Most important was that this charger had the high power charging rate for my Moto g6 phone and it all works great!

  34. Wayne

    Nice and compact, greatly improved my 2.1mah cables, via its two 2.4mah USB slotsI cant really say theres anything to dislike.Upon my first use im very impressed!

  35. Jake

    Great product, only complaint is that the ports have LEDs that cannot be turned off, v dim light but could be annoying if visible when sleeping etc.

  36. Debora Romao

    Perfect 👌 the fast charger works great.

  37. josephine campbell

    Very handy

  38. Simone Camioli

    I am satisfied with this charger as the time between quick charge and normal charge is not so much, plus both the charge type is fast.I have to say that I tried to plug 1 mobile quick charge, and 2 smartwatches and 1 of these was merely charging so I suggest to charge 2 devices per time.

  39. Christomer

    I bought this to power my nitecore usb battery charger and it’s been great so far, I’d imagine I’ll be just as good charging phones and other gadgets too. Hard to beat for the money imo!

  40. ABD

    Great product

  41. Kindle Customer

    “Tremendous USB Charger”.👏👏👏👏👏

  42. Syed

    Really great for saving the amount of plugs to take when travelling. However it will not fast charge Samsung devices as they don’t have Qualcomm chips in Europe, and they have a blue light which might be annoying to some. Overall great product that hasn’t let me down yet.

  43. David Pitt

    Brilliant. Charges my iPhone XS in no time

  44. Elvinas

    Charing quality is great but you cannot turn off the LED light so it’s annoying to use near your bed at night.

  45. Crazy-Buyer

    Bought this again as it is working great.

  46. jaz

    Really good quality definitely worth the money

  47. Aiden.

    This is an exelent product. I have had it pluged into my wall for mounths and havent looked at it once because i havent had to. Woupd highly recomend !! Charging speed is very good even though it is outputting 3x the power.

  48. Tom Hayter

    Works perfectly, very handy having 3 ports on one plug. The ports light up when plugged in so you can see what you’re doing.

  49. phil gibson

    Good value for money

  50. paul wheeldon

    I change tables, mobile phones, it works well. It stays cool.

  51. mahendra patel

    Has a contact blue light when plugged in, which is annoying, good apart from that

  52. Darren Carver

    Well this charger is very good and does what it says i now have 3 of them

  53. Mr Daniel Horwell

    Fantastic product. Can charge 3 items at once and the top charging port is a fast charge. Liked this so much I have purchased 3 so far!

  54. Kris C

    Decent product. No real complaints

  55. Amazon Customer

    One of the best, powerful chargers

  56. R. Raj-vithuran

    Will recommend

  57. Paul

    Charges my familys phones very well

  58. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely brilliant!!

  59. Deniz

    Very nice. Does what it says on the tin.

  60. Jcx

    The USB 3.0 port works great on fast charge for my Samsung, just as quick as the original. And the other ports do their job perfectly. Very useful having 3 ports on one charger, especially if you are going travelling. The only issue I have is that the ports have blue lights, and if you use it at night you will definitely notice them.

  61. Amazon Customer

    first class.

  62. Gavin

    Love this charger, it has genuine quickcharge and the ports light up different colours for the Power type. Definitely recommend

  63. Enaira Rian

    One of the ports is a fast charger.. So very nice to use..

  64. Thaha Soyan

    The media could not be loaded.

     It’s perfect and value for money

  65. Mr. P. Mitchell

    A very good piece of kit. A very fast and reliable charger.

  66. SJZC

    Well made, nice to have the options in fast charging for different phone types…

  67. Simon Blizard

    Very good quality

  68. Bob

    Works fine

  69. Amazon Customer

    All good but is not illuminated

  70. C Dickens

    Fabulous charger, definitely the best non-apple one (researched for ages before buying and glad I did because there’s some reasons not to purchase the cheap ones!). 100% recommended.

  71. spizz

    Good build quality Very happy with fast charging.nice to have three USB ports.

  72. Arashione

    It does the job with my S9, fast charge the same as standard charger, what can I say I’m happy.

  73. Chris lavers

    The media could not be loaded.

     I still cannot get over what good value this item is. So far no complaints

  74. Amazon Customer

    Works really well fast charge even when using all 3 ports at the same time

  75. Murat

    Good product

  76. thismum

    still going strong. working as good as 1st day efficient and durable kid proof and reliable

  77. Mark J Churchill

    Works well. 5 stars for travel in the UK, would need multiple adapters for world wide travel.

  78. qJames B.

    Only has one fast charge port. So if you have two smartphones to charge only one can get quickcharge 4 the other will be standard. The only issue is the blue light constantly on when plugged in. Not so good at the bedside.

  79. keithk

    nice design, 3 outputs in one unit and at 2.4 its a fast charger. stays cool as well.

  80. Susi

    Great travel charger, fast charging

  81. Neill

    Great product

  82. Foggy

    This was a little more expensive than some but then it hasn’t overheated or caught fire. In fact it’s well built and reliable and charges as it should

  83. Ian D.

    Nice unit which gives bags of power. Quite chunky for travel … but with 3 ports … saves taking 3 power adaptors and 3 chargers

  84. nnanna

    Standard quick charge plug. Does what it says and charges my quick charge supported devices quickly

  85. Nor


  86. caroline erskine

    Love this lights up , small and compact, easy to put in bag to use at work, was surprised at the quality for the cost.

  87. Amazon Customer


  88. halifax

    Very good thing

  89. Marcus Bowgen

    Fast charge in first port even when using all 3 ports only dislike is led light

  90. Michael Fleming

    As advertised

  91. Mark Howarth

    Ideal for our kitchen charging area. Great power output. Neat and unobtrusive.

  92. sheneka

    This is very powerful. It charges my phone quickly. Its light weight and fits into my handbag well. Perfect for travelling

  93. Whitaker

    Charging phone,watch etc.

  94. Jonathan Lawrence

    It’s excellent, fast charge and the three pin plug means it stays in the wall

  95. NathanFul123

    Brilliant product, was dubious at first as I bought an ultrics multimeter which lasted 3 days, but this is fine and has been great. Charges my phone lightning quick compared to standard charger and has 3 usb out, pity they all were not high output. Very handy if you have multiple devices, saves having 3 chargers!

  96. Yosë

    Unfortunately the top charger is not a super charger, just a fast charger

  97. Mike

    All three ports work well. 3.0a port turbocharges as expected

  98. Louise

    A great little reliable plug that charges my iPhone quickly and hasn’t let me down. Plus, it has two other handy ports so I don’t have to keep unplugging my iPhone cable to charge other things. I can just leave it in and charge a couple of other devices at the same time.The only annoying thing is the blue light. It reassures me the plug is working but it’s so bright! I can’t sleep with any light so have to have it tucked right under my bed!Anyway, apart from that, it does the trick and charges my devices and has been reliable so I would recommend this product. Thank you Ultrics and thanks to Amazon Prime for fast delivery too! 😀👍🏼

  99. Roadrunner.

    Smart design…robust construction…three outlets for simultaneous charging….good price….!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Maciej Sroka

    Good qualityCharges 3 devicesCharges samsung in fast charge mode (even when 2 other devices connected)Unfortunatelly description and photos doesn’t mentioned bright blue LED which is annoying at night – if I knew I would buy other charger just because of this led

  101. Ash

    Works well on fast charge and doesn’t get hot.

  102. Shelly Sands

    Where has this been all my life? I can’t live without mine. Plug everything in at once. Works great and I love the supercharger port

  103. Aurimas

    Good charging power, not very compact for travel

  104. Irishal

    Finally I fought a product that actually does what it says it will do (fast charge) It has taken 3 attempts but I got there in the end.Update; I have now purchased 2 of these as they are so good. I highly recommend them.

  105. dadderz

    Excellent product, fast charging for multiple devices

  106. Ina

    It charges my phone as fast as its authentic Samsung charger does but the extra 2 usb make it even better than the authentic one. Highly recommended

  107. Francis A

    Excellent product, very useful!

  108. Alan H.

    Well built and sturdy

  109. Amazon Customer

    Works a treat

  110. Jasper

    Excellent product, fastest charge I’ve purchased and extremely happy with it

  111. Luke

    Good charger, does exactly what I need it do, however it is slightly bulkier than I had hoped. A very good charger nonetheless though.

  112. Amazon Customer

    Great piece of kit. Robust and appears to be a quality piece. Works very well for me.

  113. N4L

    As Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Owners Who Lose There Charger Know You Cant Get A Replacement From Lenovo + With Them Being A Unusual 12v – 1.8a, They Have Been Nearly Impossible To Get A Charger That Will Work Properly.I Took A Chance On This iQ Charger Even Tho It Was Only 1.5a Max But 12v + Cheap. It Worked 🙂 Im Not Sure If It Quick Charges My Yoga 2 Pro But It Charges My Mobile Fone Quicker Than My Original Charger. I Dont Usually Leave Reviews But This Will Help Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Users + Maybe Others With Replacement Charger Problems 🙂

  114. Daniel Richards

    Loved it fast charge ? Change the life of my mobile

  115. Dejan Miric

    Amazing and reliable product perfect for demanding high capacity Intel processor products.

  116. Chachi

    Fantastic purchase quick charging fully recommend !!!!

  117. Amazon Customer

    Liked it so much, I immediately ordered a 2nd plug.Great company, 24hpur delivery during the day Covid-19 I – amazing customer service. Well done!

  118. Amazon Customer

    Nice product fast charging

  119. RC

    Works well as a rapid charger, bought and use two

  120. Tippon

    Does what it says. The quick charge port works perfectly, and the two standard ports let you charge older devices too, but while only taking up one plug socket.The only possible downside is that with USB cables plugged in, it’s fairly tall, so might not fit in a wall mounted socket behind furniture. Other than that, it’s great

  121. Mark Bozzoni


  122. Susan Ross

    Really pleased with this charger. Charges very fast, that’s what I wanted it for the others are so slow.

  123. Leslie Friend

    Nothing to dislike about it, it does exactly what it says in the description, cannot fault it at all!

  124. Raymond Peter Key

    Brilliant item

  125. James Holden

    I pretty much never write reviews but this charger is so fast I had to share. As an example, my phone was on 25% battery 40 minutes and it’s now on 94% and that’s with me using the device to browse and email.I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks so can’t say about reliability.

  126. Ange G

    Good value,nice looking,well made but chunky unit. Might be difficult to plug in if space is limited. The internal blue light comes on when the unit is plugged in and worryingly stays on for a few seconds after it’s been unplugged! Should it do this?

  127. Michael hunter

    Well so far so good. . Its fast and does the job great. Use lt in work to for my phone, wifi unit, tablet and charges them all. Best yet 

  128. Harry

    I’m stupidly invested in Steve Jobs’ legacy despite everyone knowing that iphones are inferior to most other smartphone brands particularly for battery. (And camera, and…) but this plug is a saviour. It IS fast.

  129. Mr K Malhotra

    Very good charger. Very good product.

  130. lee gregory

    Brilliant product

  131. Maria Grazia

    great charger! I love it Soooo much

  132. Steven

    Good charge rate, can get a bit hot when charging multiple devices but I wouldnt expect anything less. Does what its meant to that’ll do.

  133. Chris

    Very good quality. I purchased this product because I didn’t get a faster charging plug with my iPhone XS Max so I just use the Apple supplied charging cable with this plug and it’s does it’s job perfectly. The extra charging ports come in very handy too. Very good value for money in my opinion.

  134. bubble

    Great little product fast track is fast very compact ,just does the job , would be good to with

  135. Magicman

    really like this product has amazing charging powers

  136. Redders

    great charger that does what its supposed to do, charges my iPhone and fire tablet a lot faster than a normal adaptor and doesn’t take up much room when travelling about. Feels well made and doesn’t get too hot

  137. The V Lee

    Fantastic charger with both fast charging Samsungs and Ipads. I use it for both and never struggled with charging time or overheating.

  138. Rafal

    Value for Money

  139. PaulineOs

    It was as described, have one already so hopefully they live up to it.

  140. Tezza Tucker Golding

    Bought 2 of these to go along with my Anker wireless chargers which have 15 Watt fast charge for some Samsung devices. Being as we have 2 Samsung S20 plus +Gs we wanted something substantial. So glad undecided to go with these. They have QC3.0 as well as 2 other USB outlets. Perfect in every sense of the word.

  141. Kleanthous A.

    I have not used the unit to its maximum potential but appears to be very well constructed and very easy to use.

  142. Matthew Hogben

    This is a god product for charging. Excellent charging speeds. Plenty of ports for the purpose. Does what it says on the box.

  143. Stephanie

    Other than the blue light being on all the time i love this little thing. I rarely use all 3 ports at the same time but i don’t notice it getting too much slower when another device is added

  144. WB

    I’ve bought several of these chargers. Best imo at this price point.

  145. Mary

    No bad feedback

  146. Matt Harrington

    Fast port charges really well. Good stuff.

  147. Patrick

    Its handy I can’t say it’s well worth the cash

  148. Kieran McGill

    Works well with my SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9 and is compatible with fast charge, and is great as can charge upto three devices at once.


    Works well and doesn’t get to hot under full load.Excellent

  150. George Ross

    Makes a high pitched noise a couple of times per second but still works

  151. Marion

    Really useful item and neat travel size

  152. mr w g kendall

    tested this on a redmi note 9 pro and it did say quick charging so that part seems to work ok although the charger did get rather warm to touch, time will tell if this is a problem or not but for now im not sure id leave it charging overnight in case it gets even hotter

  153. David S.

    Charges fast, that’s what counts.No issues at all

  154. blackdog

    Good charger, love the fact you can charge three devices simultaneously. I use it every day no problems. It’s small enough to put in my smallest tech case for travelling. It can happily charge without getting hot and it is in constant use here. I use it for phone, tablet, and a power bank which I constantly top up for my main tablet so I can stay mains free.

  155. Lee Holt

    Great charger and powerful, charges my iPhone 11 Pro from 10% to full in just over an hour. Good value and a quality bit of kit. Would recommend this item.

  156. KD

    No Comment

  157. Gordon Family

    charges adequately fast

  158. AB

    Someone else complained about the blue light that emits from this charger (visible in the dark). I just placed an object in front of the charger to solve this issue. Or you could drape a sock over it. Or whatever. Anyway, it’s an affordable product that charges well, and I’m very happy with my purchase.

  159. Wendy Winter

    Bought as present

  160. Arlyn Miles

    Charges my pixel 6 great , really happy with the multiple usb slots too

  161. Philip Fitzgerald

    I was sceptical about this being a decent fast charger but thankfully was very surprised by the quality and it really does charge up my Xiaomi mi max 3 super fast,great product.

  162. Carlos Silva

    Good charger it charges 3 devices easily, i advice to buy and i will buy it again… I have it for 6months and still charges with the same speed… Very good

  163. Andy Hunt

    I’ve had it about 3.5. months now and its working great, have a wireless charger wired in all the time and the other ports get used to charge iPads/Fire tablet/headphones.

  164. ONE_MRP

    Great charger

  165. Mr. P. Chapman

    Brilliant and compact. Charging speed in the fast port works really well.

  166. Orange Tiger

    Quick delivery (prime). more robust than I anticipated, as described. Charges phone and tablet simultaneously – no problems. Can’t see need for anything more expensive. I paid £9.60

  167. Amazon Customer

    Great charger

  168. SueD

    Good quality charger – exactly what we required. Excellent product.

  169. Amazon Customer

    does what it says it does. made my life much easier instead of having to use clunky extension cables 

  170. Adam

    We use this for the nightly recharge of various phones, tablets, readers, BT headphones, etc by the bed. They’re smart, charge everything and don’t get warm.

  171. jonny

    Bought one like this last year. Piece of rubbish as output was lower than advertised. Completely happy with this one as faster charging on all outputs and well made. Would buy again

  172. abid sharif

    It’s OK but better ones out there

  173. Istvan Izsak

    I’m using the charger daily, I’ve purchased my own USB charging cables of course – it works perfectly well

  174. JD

    Does what it says on the box.

  175. carolann mcnulty

    It’s just like what it says and no more carrying more than one plug

  176. kdsgibg

    Great charger and certainly packs a bit of a punch when using the fast charge outlet. One downside would be its height. The whole plug sticks out a long way so tucking it behind a sofa or under anything may need some advanced planning as it is definitely not a low profile piece of kit.

  177. Amazon Customer

    Charging several electronics at the same ti.e.

  178. Muhammed A.


  179. Mrs A Pearce

    Have had it for a little while before writting this review as needed testing 1st. So far so good as speed has kept consistent.

  180. Amazon Customer

    Value for money

  181. H

    5 *

  182. Malc

    yep good product

  183. Warren Clokey

    Nice and compact, easily charges 3 devices as once and works perfectly in fast charge mode no problem

  184. Gabriel Ivan

    Excellent faster charger

  185. Tanya van Schoor

    Nice to reduce clutter, works well

  186. Joe

    Does what it says on the tin

  187. W. S. G.


  188. Sam G

    Great product

  189. Gillian M

    Very robust wall mains charger with 3 USB ports (one of which is Quick Charge 3.0 and the others are i-smart 2.4A). I can plug my phone into the QC3.0 port for fast charging and use the other 2 for tablet and fitbit. Very happy with purchase

  190. Rob

    Great product, been using dailyRecommended

  191. P. J. Mackenzie

    Looking for a power supply to allow me to add storage via a hub for the google tv platformThis worked fine with a suitable cableHappy with this it dows what i bought it for

  192. Mr. C. D. Steele

    It’s a charger and a good one. What more is there to say?

  193. Lorraine

    Like most people, I have the usual phone etc charged by usb. This little gadget has been a game changer for me. I only need to use one socket to charge three devices. It works perfectly, fully charging my phone on fast charge in roughly 90 minutes. I would recommend this.

  194. Hasmita Martin

    Charges up my partner’s phone quickly using the QC port & two other devices if needed too.

  195. Nigel

    The product is a bit bigger that I have no problems.

  196. Sheik O.


  197. Mr S Burton

    Great bit of kit

  198. Carl Garden

    Charger would’ve got better reviews, if not for MY stupidity…Product is absolutely fine.Please buy the quicker/higher spec charging cable upgrade too!

  199. Carol Hanley

    Excellent item instead of trailing cables to trip over

  200. kinok

    Seems to work fine


    Very powerful. Purchased to run a raspberry pi 3b+ and phones. Only two issues are the powerful 3 Amp slot makes a very faint hum while charging. Blue light emitted is also quite bright so try to keep the charger out of sight at night

  202. Amazon Customer

    Charged simultaneously in 1 hour fully iphone and samsung. Good for any other accessory: headphones, smart meter monitor, etc

  203. Judithc

    Nice and compact charging power good

  204. Raymond Bowen

    Neat adapter with quick charge.Does what it says on the box.

  205. Steve Chainey

    Compact size and easy to use. The fast charge section doesn’t work as quick as I’d like despite the product boast.


    So good I bought a second one for work

  207. Deborah Fiyinfoluwa Olasupo

    Great, could be cheaper thought

  208. George Jones

    I used this all of the time to charge everything I have that uses USB, its great quality. I highly recommend

  209. suneil white

    Fast charging, illuminated, 👍

  210. Fingerpost

    Seems to work well. The tablet shows the message ‘turbo power connected’ which is good.

  211. Clare Morris

    Fits my iPad,one plus7t and an older android perfect and fast charging

  212. Tono

    This wall charger appears to be well built and easy to handle. I did not have a chance to time the charge rate but it seems to be charging my USB-C Tablet and Phone much faster than with their standardsuplid charger. So far I ampretty happy with my purchase.

  213. uplifter

    Exactly what I needed quick charge for phone and ability to charge 2 other USB items at same time, great for holidays and at home.

  214. S.Christian

    Great product. II’s charging very fast, but only one of the ports is for super-fast charging. However 5 star product

  215. ShopReview

    Superb quality. Charges every cable I have thrown at it. Friends coming to house use it a lot. Never skipped a beat. Really handy having both fast charge types integretead into unit. Really nice product well worth the money. Not your usual poorly made cheap tat. Well made all round. I strongly recommend

  216. Robert Evans

    Excellent little item.

  217. Ryan

    The top slot quick charges my galaxy s9+ which is exactly what i wanted. Everything seems to be a USB into a plug now so its very handy being able to replace 3 plugs with this one. Great purchase highly recommended

  218. Boffmeister

    Excellent charger. Quick and easy. Gets the job done.

  219. mark

    A very nice little charger which fast charges really well, I got a euro charger with my phone and this just makes life easy as you can charge multiple items at once. I will recommend this to anyone who needs a fast charger

  220. heatcool

    amazing adapter, charges very fast simultaniously !!!

  221. Humphrey

    I tested the Quick Charge socket – all as expected there. The two “normal” sockets seem to work as well. It’s light and compact enough to be invaluable for travel.

  222. Dale Logan

    Fully charges phone & tablet

  223. Mr t

    Excellent value well worth it


    Love the product

  225. Mrs T

    Bought this to use with a stand to charge an iPhone 11 and Apple Watch. It certainly works really quickly and is easy to plug the cables into. Saves on sockets as it will charge multiple items at one time. Not used for travelling yet but it should reduce the number of plugs you need to take!

  226. cosmin

    Perfect for me

  227. CBC

    Does what it says on the tin. Solid construction and the green socket fast charges my phone nicely.

  228. ET

    It feel flimsy and definitely not good for travelling unless you’re travelling within the UK since it does not have interchangeable plugs. However it does perform well and charges my iphone 7 very very quickly.

  229. DAB

    Simple and easy charger that delivers

  230. mike norris

    Motorola g7 power

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