Wireless Charging Pad Ultra Slim 10W Fast Wireless Charger – Black

About this item

  • 【LATEST QI WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY】 The intelligent circuit design of this wireless charger stops charging your device when the battery is full. Large coil ensures stable charging for better performance
  • 【CASE FRIENDLY】 Our wireless charging pad can charge your device through thin case. So it is not necessary to remove the phone cover every time you want to charge. The non-slip rubber ensures safety
  • 【UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY】 This wireless charger pad works with all Qi enabled devices, such as iPhone 11 Pro Max/ XS/ 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra/ S10e, Note 10/ 9, S6/S7, LG G8 ThinQ, Pixel 4XL
  • 【CHARGES ON CONTACT】 The moment you place a Qi-enabled or Qi-compatible device on its surface centre, ULTRICS universal wireless charger starts charging and the LED light indicates charging status
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE】 Our Qi wireless charger pad is ultra slim and a layer of rubber pad is added to the surface to prevent devices from sliding. Compact size allows you to carry it easily


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Features & Compatibility

Fast Charging Pad
wireless Charging Pad

Easy to Use

Simply place your wireless enabled device on the charging pad and your device will start charging immediately. Just place and charge, no need to remove your phone case.

wireless charger Pad

Sleep Friendly Design

The soft LED light will indicate the charging status of your device and let you know if your device is properly placed or not. Also, it will not disturb your sweet sleep.

wireless Charging Pad

Convenient to Carry

The slim, lightweight and portable design allows you to carry it easily. Perfect companion for travel and business trips. Compatible with all wireless enabled devices.

Fast Charging Pad


  • Advanced technology with the large charging coil.
  • 10W faster charging through high-efficiency chipset.
  • Works flawlessly with any wireless compatible device.
  • LED indicator indicates charging status.
  • The compact design makes it an ideal travel companion.
  • Non-slip surface to prevent a potential accident.
  • An ideal gift for yourself or someone you love.


  • iPhone 12 Pro Max/ 12 Pro/ 12/ 12 mini/ 11 Pro Max/ 11 Pro/ 11/ XS Max/ XS/ XR/ X/ 8/ 8 Plus/ SE (2020), AirPods/ AirPods Pro Case;
  • Galaxy Z Fold/ Fold/ Z Flip/ S20 FE/ S20 ULTRA/ S20 Plus/ S20/ S10e/ S10/ S10 Plus/ S9/ S8 Plus/ S7/ S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 20 ULTRA/ 20/ 10 Plus/ 10/ 9/ 8/ 7/ 5, Galaxy Buds/ Galaxy Buds+ Case;
  • Google Pixel 4 XL/ Pixel 4/ Pixel 3 XL/ Pixel 3/ Pixel Buds 2 Case;
  • OnePlus 8 Pro, Google Nexus 4/ 5/ 6/ 7 (2013);
  • LG Velvet/ G8 ThinQ/ G8X ThinQ/ V60/ V50/ V50S/ V40 ThinQ, V35/ V30S/ V30;
  • Microsoft Lumia 1520/ 950/ 950 XL/ 930/ 929 (Icon)/ 928/ 920/ 830/ 735/ 730;
  • BlackBerry Passport/ PRIV/ Z30;
  • Nokia 9.3 PureView/ 9 PureView/ 8 Sirocco;
  • ZTE Axon 10s Pro 5G/ Axon 10 Pro/ Axon 9 Pro;
  • Asus PadFone S, ZTE Axon 10 Pro/ Axon 9 Pro, Razor Phone 2, Meizu Zero;
  • Motorola Edge+/ Droid Mini/ Droid Turbo/ Droid Turbo 2/ Moto X Force.


  1. 10W fast wireless charging pad
  2. Micro USB cable
  3. Instruction manual


Please use a QC2.0 or 3.0 charger as the power supply for fast wireless charging.

Magnetic, metal objects and credit card should be removed from the phone case before charging.


Does ULTRICS wireless charger support fast charging?

      Yes, It does.

Is this wireless charger comes with a power supply cable?


Is it Compatible with most of the phones ?

      It supporst almost every modern phones.

Additional information

Weight .08 kg
Dimensions 13.4 × 12.6 × 2.4 cm

Black, White

Customer Reviews

206 reviews for Wireless Charging Pad Ultra Slim 10W Fast Wireless Charger – Black

  1. stephen umney

    Very good fast serviceReally good item east to useThank you

  2. Rob Cook

    Works very well, just plonk your phone down and leave it to charge.

  3. Chris Bruty

    As the title says this charger doesn’t work through my case, which isn’t particularly thick

  4. Dr. Tim

    I got a cheap one before, if you didn’t put it on precisely you’d wake up to find your phone not charged. This one is so much easier to use, it seems less finicky about how you place the phone, and the light illuminates when it is working, so now I put my phone of, if it lights up that’s it, if it doesn’t just turn it a bit. No more flat phone in the morning, or reaching to find the cable at night! perfect.

  5. Yor

    Es bastante útil, ya que si tienes que cogerlo urgentemente no tiraras de un cable molesto que muchas veces causa problemas en la entrada del móvil.En mi caso con un móvil S20 que solo tiene una entrada para cargar y auriculares, puedo cargarlo mientras estoy con los auriculares.Lo malo que encuentro es que carga lento para mi parecer.

  6. Emanuele

    Per il prezzo che costa è va benissimo,ottimo prodotto

  7. Jack tarling

    Amazing for the money. Works perfectlyPhone doesn’t fall off like other chargers as the base is wide.Great price and doesn’t look ghastly around the home.

  8. Ana Belén García Cuevas

    Lo he comprado para el s20 FE y funciona perfectamente

  9. J. Taylor

    Arrived today very easy to set up, just plug in to your own charger (lead supplied ) put your phone on top or wireless headphones and it does the rest “simples”My phone was an iPhone 11 in a case (spigen tough armour case) it had no problem charging through the case.very pleased with it and a great price, gave it 5 stars as met all my needs.

  10. Bbk

    Bon produit.Seul bémol : il ne se coupe pas lorsque la charge est terminée.Livraison rapide.Je recommande.

  11. gary

    plug in, chuck the phone on and your away.. simple and uncomplicated

  12. LegalDog

    I use it for a samsung s21 ultra. It seems to do what it claims to do. I got it for a tenner and have no complaints. It charges by around 4am so I guess it’s not too slow.My only regret is that for a couple of quid more, I could have bought something with a stand instead. I would have been able to watch movies in bed but more importantly, use it to prop up my mobile as a camera for those video meetings.But that’s my bad and not the fault of the product. So I am not going to return this, but keep it as a night time thing and get a stand charger for waking hours.I have also heard of a combined charger with a time display and a Bluetooth speaker but can’t remember name or how good they are.

  13. PT

    Compact and seems to work well. Not too fussy on positioning and green light which goes off after 20 secs is a reassuring touch that it’s working

  14. nugget00

    Bit slower then I thought recharging .,But lightweight & handy

  15. Lee Clarke

    The unit plugs into any USB port. You place any chargeable device onto the pad and it will glow green once as it starts the process. A small worm hole is torn open and energy from the 4th dimension pours into your device. A 2nd green light glows gently as the portal closes and your phone is powered to 100%. I love this pad as it can charge through a Spigen phone case so you don’t have to remove it. However it doesn’t charge if the case is the cheaper solid plastic cases. It is a fast charger and also does ear buds whilst inside the case. How? Don’t know, don’t care. Mind blowing, I know.

  16. C J Macca

    Bought for son, he says it’s great just put whatever is wireless charging capable and it charges it all no problems.

  17. Andy T

    Great value easy to use charger.

  18. Martin Brierley

    Use this for charging the phone next to the bed. Phone charger cables always seem to perish at an alarming rate with us primarily charging phones overnight by the bedside. This little fella works great. Doesn’t always pick up the phone but thats just a case of ensuring the phone is placed (fairly) centrally on the pad.

  19. Ricardo Canteiro


  20. marco Giove

    Not bad it’s a charger that’s it but if you want fast charging buy a fast charge plug

  21. mohammad arman

    Do the job with the fraction of a price than apple product. happy days.

  22. Dr. S. G. Longden

    I was having problems charging my iPhone SE using the charging point. The wireless charger works very well. I put the phone on it when going to bed and it is fully charged in the morning.

  23. Amazon Customer

    It’s decent but the quality could be better. The plastic feels a bit cheap and light. I bought it for my girlfriend, in the past I bought a different product for myself and the quality was better for a similar price range. You might be able to find a better value for money deal. It works as expected.

  24. JS

    Firstly thank you to everyone who wrote a review on this product it helped me to choose it.I have looked at all different wireless chargers for my S10, the Samsung ones are very expensive, Argos has a good range but the reviews were very mixed.This product is reasonably priced and charges very quickly. I only charge for short period of time, if the phone is left on the charger for a while it does get hot. This product is worth the money and I would recommend it.

  25. Morgz

    This is great at what it’s supposed to do. Only one problem I have is that you have to get the phone is a specific place in order to charge it and it doesn’t warn you if it’s in the wrong place making it highly annoying if you left it thinking it’s on charge to then wake up and it’s still on 7%.

  26. Mohammed Sadat

    It works well lasted me this far. Issue is it charges so slow compared to a plug. I use this for ease of use and cable management but the charging speed on it is really bad a normal flat apple plug charges faster. Nice design and green light. Though where the light shines it looks blue in bright areas when off. Don’t know why. A bit too light one tug and it is gone.

  27. Phoebe Craighill

    Got into the routine of sitting my phone on the charger within one night, really easy to use and a lot better than having to buy a new charger at least 3 times a year, cheaper than some of the wired chargers I’ve bought as well.

  28. Comprador

    Me gustó que iba bien pero al pasar el tiempo de devolución se acabó no funciona mas

  29. FGuerra

    Venía usada y no cargaba

  30. Ebs Akintade

    This is a great reliable charger that seems to be faster than the standard charger. A must have.

  31. Adiman

    I like it. Works well, the green light only stays on briefly – once when you plug it in and once when you’ve placed your phone on it and then just does the job, albeit slowly, like most wireless chargers, which suits me as I leave them on charge overnight.

  32. Amazon Customer

    I have a gaming setup and recently bought and iPhone 11 Pro Max, so I thought wireless charging would be a good choice for me to use when charging my phone or AirPods pro case when using my pc. This charger is one of the best value out there but it also works incredibly well. The 10w version will limit to 7.5w on new iPhones to protect their battery but with the included usb a and c leads, it’s makes it usable on all my adapters and very handy. It charges the phone relatively quickly and doesn’t get hot etc, only a little warm as expected with electric charge conduction. It also works through my rather thick Mous case. The green light goes off after 10 seconds or so, so you know that it’s working but so it’s not bright at night. Overall would recommend.

  33. Lis@

    Love it! So much better than having to plug in a charger

  34. J. Rutherford

    Does the job. Good that it lights up clearly (and briefly) to let you know charging has started. Other (more expensive) chargers have a tiny light that stays lit. I think I prefer the ‘one burst’ way. Also, it has a good charging zone so you don’t need to be too precise in centring to start it. Overall, worth having especially at this price.

  35. Imran

    It’s a very nice charger at this cheap price. According to the price charging speed is okay. Recommended

  36. Whaley89

    Great slim design, charges my s10. Does the job like you’d expect.

  37. Ian Taylor

    I have had a wireless charger for some years that I’ve always left on the bedside table and used overnight to charge my old Samsung S8. Recently, the phone wasn’t charging, so, before I bought a new phone, I thought I’d try a new charger (the USB connector of the phone is damaged).This works like a dream. It charges the battery fully in a couple of hours. It lights up only for the first 15 seconds, so you know it’s got a connection, and then leaves the room in darkness, which is what you want in a bedroom! Added to this, it’s got a USB-C connection, so that’s one less lead to take on holiday.I’m 2 months in & so far, I’m very happy with it.

  38. Amazon Customer

    So easy to use. I have to take my case off to charge the phone. Everything else is fine though. It’s small and doesn’t take up too much space on the worktop. Slower to charge than a normal wall plug charger.

  39. bone

    Nice little charger, great value for money and really convenient

  40. christopher Elson

    Lightweight, easy to use and fast charging

  41. Emma Jane Bairstow

    You can charge without having to take wallet case off

  42. jamiepay

    This uses USB C so is easy to plug the charger in. Green light comes on for about 10 seconds to show you’ve placed the phone on correctly. Has a really good feel to it and has a bit of grip.Bought a more expensive one for my son but this actually looks and feels better.So far so good only good things to say.

  43. ray duggan

    Hassle free charging

  44. Wilson19

    Phone charger

  45. Jes

    One of the best things I have ever bought. It’s by my bed and that’s where I put my phone every night. It means my phone is always handy if I need it (live alone & am no spring chicken) and charges whilst there resulting in a full charge in the morning. Certainly would recommend.

  46. Simon cooke

    I purchased 3 chargers and they charged my phone a couple of times then stopped working now none of them charge my phone, would definitely spend a bit more to get a more reliable charger

  47. matt tallon

    Loved it.

  48. Zoe McKechnie

    Easy to use. Fab product.

  49. Paul Hallatt

    Excellent charger love it

  50. david smith

    Great product

  51. Ashleigh Bridgewood

    Simply plug in and go. Green light pulses a few times which shows charging has started, but then goes off so can be used in the bedroom without causing disturbance to sleep. We have one each in the bedroom and then a dual one downstairs and all charge great

  52. William N

    Easy to use for my Samsung S21 alot less hassle than using a lead. Can leave my phone on the charging pad when I go to sleep and pick up in the morning without any over heating of the phone battery. Would recommend this product.

  53. David Turner

    Great quality and good value

  54. gordy

    Easy to fit, all good.

  55. Bill White

    Does exactly what it says on the tin. BTW, will not work on iPhone 7 or before. Otherwise, perfect.

  56. Carrie Richards

    Really good product! Brought this to reduce amount of wires around my 8 month old daughter and it works perfectly while giving that bit of added safety! Plus makes charging so much easier on those tired nights without having to remember to put a wire in!!

  57. Olivier

    Le chargeur fait son boulot. Par contre les led bleu (dans téléphone présent) ou rouge (quand le téléphone charge) son trop intense pour un chargement dans la nuit

  58. Kelly

    Arrived quickly, very easy to set up and works. Charges my phone when I place it on it, on the odd occasion it doesn’t work so I just turn it off and then on, and we’re back in business.

  59. Marius

    Good product, great customer service

  60. squeegie11

    I bought this when I upgraded to an iphone 11. It worked so well, I immediately bought a second one.The charger has a lovely green light which shows up when you have placed your phone on it correctly to be charged – the light quickly disappears once this is achieved.The only sticking point I have with it is I find that I have to move my iphone around on it a few times until hitting that “sweet spot”, but this is most likely because I leave my iphone in it’s case.

  61. Happy

    Brilliant product

  62. Emile Forbes

    Easy to use, does what it says on the tin, as long as you place your phone in the correct position.

  63. Snow Girl

    I bought this charger as my children told me it was a much better way to charge my phone. I thought it was another gimmick but went along with it, well I was proved wrong and the children were correct. It sit’s next to the bed and I just place my phone on top and it slowly charges up overnight and is apparently much kinder to my battery. I just love the way it lights up to tell me it’s working when I place the phone on top. Definitely a keeper.

  64. Alex M

    I got one of these to use with my Samsung S10+ and it works well. It is nice and neat and lightweight and doesn’t use too much space on my bedside table. It doesn’t come with a charger but there are two cables and I am using the charger that came with the phone with it. I haven’t had any problems getting the phone in the right spot either, it’s pretty easy as long as you just try and get the phone reasonably central on the pad. The are in which it recognises the phone seems to reach for about a centimetre either side of centre so it’s fairly easy to get it to work. I’m happy with it for the price, especially as I got a few quid off in a promotion.

  65. Heather Epsom

    This product is good overall you just have to move your phone around the pad to get the connection.

  66. Mr. Glenn M. Forsdick

    Not sure what there is to say about my experience with this, And I mean that in a good way! Plugged it in and it worked! Have not tested charging speed but it charges the phone, the green lights come on to reassure you its working then switch off after a few seconds so as to not disturb ones sleep and in the morning the phone is charged! I use an ordinary charger with it not a fast charger and I have not had any overheating issues, or any issues of any type ! (its being used with an I Phone 11 and the charger plug that came with the phone)

  67. michelle

    Light weight easy to use

  68. Nathan

    The product does what it says on the tin. Don’t expect too much from it is what I would say, is it just as fast as cable, no… but I doubt there’s a wireless charger out there that is.I use it whilst I’m in work, if I forget to charge my phone overnight I can place it on that in work and it’ll charge nicely through the day.

  69. armand Sablon

    I purchased this item as was going on holiday to charge my phone , well great item u will not be disappointed

  70. Chris C

    Work’s, charges an I11

  71. mohammed belal ahmed

    This product is excellent value for money its fast charging and works perfectly for my samsung galaxy s10 plus it is also able to charge my galaxy buds. will highly recommend this product.

  72. john gidman

    Great value 👍👍

  73. Amy

    This product only lasted me 3mths if even. Do not may quality is really bad and does not last… very disappointed with it

  74. nicki

    Great charger.

  75. alan lewis

    easy to use don’t have to take the phone out of its case, just put the on top thats it

  76. Ian

    Looks like a coaster so don’t put a mug on it, although it won’t hurt anything if you do. (Got the T shirt.)The green light indicates all is well and turns off after a while. It doesn’t slip and the tactile ring stops the phone slipping.Using USB C, both my iPhone and Airbud Pro charge very quickly.

  77. Bruno T.

    va benissimo unica pecca è che il telefono scivola sulla base

  78. Enceladus

    Does what is says it does, so far very pleased with it.

  79. Phil G

    Exactly what I wanted. Fast charging and good looking. It is perfect for my Samsung S21

  80. james

    Brilliant charger only thing which is annoying is that you cannot charge through a protective case sometimes. But worth the purchase as it’s so easy to use.

  81. Claire

    Ignore my review, Phones stop charging after about 10 mins. It turned out the cable was the problem not the device, I have decided to try using a new cable and it’s worked, so far so good, apology for my initial 2 stars.

  82. Jason

    Great product, would recommend

  83. lallemand kevin

    Il ne marche pas

  84. Claire W.

    I bought this charger having read the previous reviews. There are many wireless chargers on the market so I took a risk with a low priced model and to date having used it for 6 weeks I am very pleased with it’s efficency.My Samsung S9 won’t charge due to constant moisture import notification. This product charges fast and you can use it even when charging for listening to music or making hands free voice calls. It also charges my daughters I phone. Great product and highly recommend!

  85. Nur Patel

    Good product. No issues

  86. colin

    I like the fact you can charge the iPhone without plugging it in and now charge place it on top.The down side is that the charge time has increased. Take about 2 hours to fully charge from 5% battery life.If your not in a rush this is a good device.

  87. Paul Wilson

    Quick delivery and easy to use


    Value for money

  89. Mart

    Great item, neat and seems reliable if you position your phone correctly. Comes with a couple of different cables too. Bargain! I’m going to buy a couple more now.

  90. Mosè

    Prodotto che vale il prezzo che sibpaga

  91. HacheDé

    temps de charge désespérément long, je reviens au chargeur Samsung d’ origine

  92. James

    Good fast budget wireless charger. Charges Pixel 4 XL at 13w which is more than the official Google one. Bonus was that it works using a USB C PD charger (like the one that comes with the phone) where as most current fast QI EPP wireless chargers need a QC 3.0 charger to work. Only 4 stars as the design is basic and average quality plastics are used. It could be improved by having better cooling, being heavier (to keep it from moving on a surface), and being made from higher quality materials. But, overall this is a great buy for the price.

  93. B. Garfield

    Having just got a wireless compatible iPhone X, I thought I’d try this as i like new tech and accessories. Having seen these around £20+, I didn’t want to risk incompatibility and at £8 was worth taking a risk. It’s a superb item that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. The only reason I’ve not given 5 stars for ease of use is because you need to find the ‘sweet spot’ or it won’t charge, but this is common on these. No brainer purchase and even better value if you get a pair. 👍

  94. Gordon B.

    Lightweight easy to Cary about great product and arrived when said it would

  95. Loli B

    Charge moins rapide qu’avec le chargeur de base mais fonctionne bien !

  96. Cookie

    Great product, compact non intrusive design, base lights green briefly to let you know your phone is charging and then goes out. Meaning no annoying lights if using on a night stand to charge.If there is an obstruction on the plate it flashes green until removed.I’ve ordered more than one, some have been usb c and others micro usb, this wasn’t obviously clear to me when ordering so not sure if that inconsistency was caused by me of different products shipped, just make sure you order yours with your preferred interface.Not a criticism of the product, but people can mistake this for a coaster, just takes getting used to seeing it on a coffee table or in a living space. I can see why the diy under table option is possibly more appealing.All in all though very happy with the product, just sometimes need to educate visitors 🙂

  97. Tony Kean

    Just plug it into any USB port and charge your phone whenever. Home or car anywhere with a usb port

  98. Alan Richards

    Really like the quality and feel of this with it’s rubberised ridges to stop the phone slipping. Indicator light confirms positioning of the phone and signals that it’s charging, but goes out after 15 seconds so as not to disturb at night. Very nice product.

  99. MRS. L.

    Very happy with this wireless charger, it works perfect for my iPhone and charges fairly quick and is perfect for charging on a night as the green light goes off once it’s recognised the phone, I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a wireless charger at a very reasonable price.

  100. Behrouz Torabi

    Only use it overnight, as during the day my iphones 20w fast charger is much more convenient.Works through thick casesLight isn’t too bright so won’t annoy you when you try to sleep

  101. susan

    Nice round black lightweight design powered by micro USB, sits on table plugged into laptop. Works with laptop off too and gives a nice medium speed charge from usb3 port to conserve your beloved device and its charging port. It will of course charge fast with an adaptor but I’m not in a hurry and don’t want to blast my battery. More smart devices in the home is of course bad news but the wireless charge functionality really has to be used with an expensive phone. EMF a compromise!

  102. raymond

    for ease of charging to works ,long term is unknown .

  103. Georgie

    It works really well. The only downside is that it overheats my phone and AirPods to the point I honestly think it’s going to break them. Other than that, a really good product.

  104. Amazon Customer

    Value for money

  105. Przemek

    Fast charging

  106. Andy t.

    Works perfectly on my water proof phone I don’t have to pull out the plastic tab to charge I just lay it on top and away it charges

  107. Mr B

    My phone connection was a little bit temperamental so brought this. It make charging so much easier now and just as quick as using it original connection.

  108. julie mulhern

    Sleek and stylish and works with apple iphone 13 as well as my samsung ear buds. Fab

  109. michael george

    Easy to use sturdy straightforward no problem, recommended.

  110. shanthi Lazarus


  111. vincenzo

    Ricarica veloce anche con custodia. Ottimo acquisto

  112. pete the meat.

    Nice and easy to use

  113. Eric Evans

    Easy to use very pleased

  114. pip


  115. Kevin Duthie

    Great idea for charger

  116. Anon e mouse

    Put it on my bedside cabinet and it’s made charging my phone at night so easy. No more hunting for a cable

  117. KDM

    Straight forward product. It has two downsides: -i. It does not charge as quickly as an in wall charger.ii. In wall charger plug no provided.

  118. b9rno

    Great price and it works really well. Sits on the bedside chest and I just lay the phone on top to begin charging. Dead easy and doesn’t take up loads of room. Also saves having to mess around plugging the lead in the phone.

  119. mrs sharon ann nolan

    I like the fact I haven’t got to keep plugging my I phone in, I just put it on the charger. It is very light and just sits at the back of my bedside table.

  120. Hugo

    Dose want is said

  121. Headitter

    Works OK through a leather case but stops short of a full charge if the phone starts with less than 40%, sometimes. Quite warm on those occasions.

  122. Buyitonline

    Early days yet but charges phone albeit slower than a standard cable. However the convenience of just placing phone down which has worked 9/10 times and knowing you’ll get charge is ideal. That 1/10 times just reposition and it’ll let you know it’s working with a solid green ring of light around the outside. Good enough I wished I bought the dual pack and saved a couple of pounds as I’ve just reordered a second one.

  123. Cliente Amazon

    Todo ok

  124. jmm

    Supposé recharger un smartphone compatible

  125. Einaras

    Does what it says, dont expect quick charge though.

  126. phil warne

    Great value for money did exactly what it said, quick charge very easy to set up and use

  127. Miss S A

    Easy to use and compatible with both my Samsung s9 and partners iPhone 11. The only downside is it can make your phone very warm while it is charging but not so warm its dangerous. I probably wouldn’t leave the phone on it overnight because of this. But a great price and really useful what what I needed.

  128. spg

    Great value but not as easy to use as the mag Safe charger. If the phone is not centered on the pad before going to sleep – you’ll wake to an uncharged phone. I’m more careful than initially and it’s working well.

  129. Lesley Hunt-de-Perez

    Easy to use, value for money & does what it says on the tin.

  130. monica

    Very easy to use, value for money

  131. Whisky

    The charger is excellent and really easy to use

  132. GEsPM

    But when I say hot I don’t mean melting/baking, just very warm to touch, and that is probably when left too long. Other than that this is great, plug it in and away you go. Can’t fault it.

  133. kanemorgan

    Great little charger, simply put my phone on it when I go to bed. Green light comes on to let you know its charging and then goes off which I like, doesn’t disturb my sleep. It’s slightly slower than the samsung charger but not an issue for me.

  134. Gary

    Great product

  135. Miss J Griffiths

    It’s a great charger, does what it’s supposed to do.

  136. Vivi48

    Plug it in and go. No more messy wires getting tangled up. Would recommend.

  137. Beaconsman

    Good that if comes with a cable. USB to USB C. Quite slow but for occasional top up itsfiit’s fine.

  138. Michael

    I purchased this item for my work phone to try and reduce the amount of cables and free up some space. Great item, charges my phone (no issues) and doesn’t take up much room.

  139. Jenny Jervis

    Great product, easy to use. No issues.

  140. Sarah

    It is great lovely it 😊

  141. Dan Weeks

    Does what it ‘says on the tin’

  142. mztellitlikeitis

    Since I purchased this I have had to purchase more for family members that have used mine. It charges the phone really quickly and is great to use! The only reason why I rated 4 stars instead of 5 stars is because it only has a USB connection so I had to buy an extension plug with USB sockets x

  143. John Leslie

    Does the job very well

  144. Scubananny

    Used my friends charger and it was really slow, so decided to invest. Love this one. It’s non slip both top and bottom so doesn’t slip off the surface, and phone doesn’t fall off.

  145. kabaksiz

    Doest what it says

  146. Vanessa goulding

    Not been used not for value for money

  147. Murser

    This product is very good and saves hassle constantly using lightning cables. Your phone cover needs to be thin enough for the charger to work. At the price though, it’s spot on in my opinion.

  148. DEREK

    A lot better than having to plug in every day. Prompt dispatch and nice price.

  149. Birds 1

    Been working fine for a month now no problems with bright LEDS or positioning the phone happy with this product

  150. gmueed

    This is a great charger with antislip rubber on top and at the base, which makes it easy to position anywhere on a workdesk as well as securely holding the phone without the risk of it being knocked off accidentally.When working in an office I really like just putting my phone on the side to charge. Unlike with a proper cable, I don’t have to plug it in and unplug every time.It is rather small so doesn’t take a lot of space.When the Qi charging begins, a green led light flashes and it charges quite rapidly.I also like its simple design.  

  151. George Mccartney

    Unit works a treat and service brilliantly

  152. Avid Reader

    Fine, but charges quite slowly and if phone isn’t placed centrally sometimes does not charge

  153. Chellebelle

    Works well easy to use


    Looks good works well. No information on what happens when you put an incompatable phone on the charger. I think the Green light flashes but could not find it on any of the paperwork

  155. C. Andev

    Really thought this wasn’t going to work. But I was pleasantly surprised. Great charger for overnight and just leaving it in a room. It’s not too slow either. Looks great too. You do have to phone out of any cases for it to work but I didn’t mind.

  156. Genuine Reviewer!

    It’s good but a little slow to charge but I’m guessing all pads are slower then the lightning cables.

  157. G. Huntington

    Easy to use value for money

  158. Dayna neubronner

    Very simple to use and light weight. Takes a little more time to charge my phone but overall very good.

  159. Jane Austin

    Having just bought my first iPhone I thought I’d get myself a wireless charger, I’m really impressed so far! I use it at night beside the bed and in the morning I take it with me and use it to top up when I’m preparing meals in the kitchen or sat watching tv etc I was worried as I knew the iPhone battery wasn’t as good as my android phone but with this gadget it’s no problem

  160. P. W. Hensman

    So easy to use

  161. CJC

    Item dispatched to local post officeHowever Mr Amazon your automated notification told me it had been collected – huhItem its self is tidy was cost effective and delivered quicklyHope it lasts

  162. JANET

    Bought this item as it looked easy to use and it is

  163. Mike Barwick

    This is amazing value for money. Charges my S20 Ultra fairly fast, unfortunately the green light always flashes 🙁 Other than that its spot on!

  164. Luca M.

    Potenza di ricarica sufficiente, ne ho presi due e li ho trovati comodi per ricaricare un redmi note 8 pro (con adattatore) e un iPhone 11pro max…stile da arredo..

  165. MonicaC81

    Arrivato un po in ritardo perchè spedito con le poste, utile ma un po lento nel caricare il cellulare.

  166. David W.

    Bought this a year ago for my mum to charge her Fire tablet wirelessly. Still going a year later.Not sure on fast charging. Tried it with Galaxy S21 Ultra and didn’t show as fast charging.

  167. Anthony Okai

    For a wireless charger, charges fairly fast though not as fast as a plugged in cord. Picks up my phone instantly even through leather case.

  168. Ryon

    I have this plugged by my bedside with a smart plug. Works like a charm, when i go to bed with “Alexa, i’m going to bed2, it turns on this plug for 3 hours to charge my phone and turns off when its done. Still working perfectly 1 year on. Works well in the bedroom as the green light only lit up when the plug is turned on initially and when you place the phone on it at first to tell you it is connected, but dims and go dark overnight when you sleep whilst remain charging the phone. No annoying light in the night. Recommended.

  169. Martin B

    My first Wireless chargers so I dont have anything to compare with. I have an iPhone SE and a iPhone 8 .Both charge OK although I had to buy a new case for the iPhone 8 for it to work.The SE charges in pretty much any position the iPhone 8 you have to rest the bottom of the phone on the charger or it doesn’t detect itThe units are all , I like the charging ring around the edge and look nice on the desk.The only complaint is that the cable is a bit short , I don’t think I will be unique in powering this from a power strip on the floor below the desk. This means the charges can only be about 6 inches from the edge of the desk. It would have been nice to have a bit more cable.

  170. Luke

    I got this because my old charger broke and since I’ve got the iPhone 11 this was perfect to grab a cheap wireless charger since apples prices are very expensive and works amazingly

  171. Shorty_2312

    Really impressed. Arrived very quickly and well packaged. Surprised how light and thin the charging pad is. Perfect for charging over night as it doesn’t light up the entire room and works on pretty much any newer smartphone (as used by my family with different iPhone and Samsung models).

  172. Hershy

    It charges my Phones very fast, Great slim designed! Highly recommend.

  173. Oliver

    Charges very fast

  174. ITa

    No funciona con el iPhone XR

  175. Katy

    Perfect, does the job wonderfully and charges my phone very fast. Recommended!

  176. carlos

    No vale cualquier usb para enchufarlo, si le falta potencia se enciende y se apaga., por lo demás bien

  177. Laura

    I’d been looking for a wireless charger for overnight charging for a while but most appear to have bright LEDs which light up the room if charging in the dark which seems a major flaw to me. This charger is different, the green LED ring comes on for 16 seconds to show it’s starting charging and then goes off to leave you to sleep in total darkness. I’ve been using this for about 2 months now and it has worked perfectly every time.

  178. Emma Reed

    Very happy with item

  179. AFell1033

    This is very easy to fit in your pocket or back it doesn’t take up too much room and it charges your phone at a quick rate.

  180. Anonymous

    Only had this 2 weeks but does what I wanted. So much easier just to put the phone on the top of it and it charges. Lights flash when it’s fully charged the phone. Did try it on a non apple pair of EarPods but they didn’t work but that’s not a criticism.

  181. Amazon Customer

    Simple to use and small and compact, charges I phone efficiently

  182. Sandra Jepson

    I bought one for me and one for my mam. These are great as you just put on top and when it connects the green light around it comes on for a second to tell u it’s charging. It’s a must to get

  183. Sophie

    Very easy to use but does charge quite slowly

  184. Vessela Traykova

    It’s easy to use, it’s light, small and I like it. If you don’t see the short lighting when phone is charged you have no other indication for that but the good thing is that you can sleep without being disturbed by a light .

  185. mercedes

    i am very happy with this product it has a rubber ring on the bottom so it doesn’t slide about or move which is really good it also has a rubber ring on the top too so ure phone doesn’t slide or move its fast charging which is really good i would defo recommend this product

  186. Kindle Customer

    I got this to put my iPhone on in my car (VW Polo) , as I thought Apple CarPlay would deplete the battery quickly (using Google Maps and internet music / Spotify). It slots into the little space below the 2 USB (type C) sockets and my phone sits on it charging. Just the trick.

  187. Amazon Customer

    Stopped working within a few weeks

  188. Horror film fan

    Arrived quickly, easy to use, good quality, thanks!

  189. J Skinner

    Very easy to use, works straight out of the box. No complaints

  190. Deborah

    Very well made, my last one could handle my galaxy s9 but couldn’t handle my s20I must add the old charger pad did charge my s20 but for night charging was no good as it made the old charger continuously flash once fully charged which would wake me.I can also charge my samsung ear pods on it so its a win win

  191. Ian Hellier

    Great product. Looks good. Just make sure you check what phone you have against the specs to see if you’ll get fast charge or not. I have a Google Pixel 3 and I don’t get fast charge with this but already new this before I bought it.

  192. Steve Hazlehurst

    It lights up blue. When the phone is on it, the light changes to red. The Pixel then displays ‘Wireless charging’. So I use it in the house as a ‘drop on’ charger as it’s easy to pick up. Simple.

  193. john holland

    Does what it says we’ll worth the money

  194. marshall dunnion

    Product workered exactly as described.

  195. mrs lisa rafferty

    Good value for money

  196. Roddy

    The only (minor) problem (If it is one?), is that the iPhone does get warm while on the unit For a long time.

  197. Robbie young

    My charger is broken only charges sertain way

  198. Rich

    Great little charger and a great price too excellent value for money

  199. Amazon Customer

    Great product, easy and simple for me

  200. marriessa

    Bought to use with my iPhone but also can use for the other phones in the house..works well..it’s ideal!

  201. Graham Martin

    My Samsung S6+ charging port has become worn and fails to hold in the charging cable and charge the phone so I needed a solution as the phone is in very good condition. I saw this Wi-Fi charging unit and decided to try it.Ive only had it a week and I have to say so far it is very good, it charges through the gel case which is always on the phone and delivers at a “fast” charge rate.

  202. Andrew Howard

    Obviously for charging mobiles

  203. M. Ward

    Does what it says on the tin.

  204. Glen Taylor

    I’ve had this wireless charger for over 2 years and it still charges up my iPhone.

  205. Hans of Furzedown

    Easy to use, works, less faff than having to jam in an increasingly unreliable cable into a dodgy charge port

  206. Terry Maddern

    Put next to ground door as you walk past place phone on and away you go fully charged phone all the time great

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