Keyboard Dust Cleaner Sticky Gel Cleaning Kit for PC Computer Laptop MacBook

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  • 【PREMIUM MATERIAL】 High-tech portable car cleaning gel comes in non-toxic soft rubber and biodegradable material. It reduces bacteria effectively, safe for your skin and also has a refreshing aroma
  • 【HIGHLY VERSATILE】 Our universal dust cleaner can clean your PC, Macbook, keyboard, phone, remote control, game console, speaker grill, camera, automotive dashboard, air vent, printer, calculator etc
  • 【CLEAN NARROW GAPS】 This cleaning slime safely cleans high-tech equipment in your home and office. It can clean all dust particles in just a few seconds, even between very narrow spaces of keyboard
  • 【EASY TO USE】 Our dust cleaning gel is easy to apply without getting your hands dirty. You can remove dust, hair, crumbs from cracks or crevices without leaving any residue. It can clean 95% of germs
  • 【REPEATABLE CLEANSING GEL】 Car cleaning putty comes in an airtight and cleansing compound that traps dirt in a convenient storage. You can use it again and again until the gel becomes non-transparent


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Features & Compatibility

dust Cleaner
dust Cleaner
dust Cleaner

Strong Viscosity

Strong adsorption ability effectively removes harmful dust particles from your car dashboard surface and air-vent. Pick up dirt from small, tough to reach spaces such as gear shifts, knobs, air-vents, cup holders, CD slots, keyholes.

Dust Cleaning Gel

Non-sticky and Safe

When you are cleaning, your skin can be exposed to the chemicals in cleaning products. That’s why ULTRICS cleansing gel uses skin-friendly materials which will not be harsh on your skin nor stick to your hands and keeps you safe.

Dust Cleaning Gel

Reusable Cleaning Gel

ULTRICS dust cleaner can be used for many times until the cleaning compound becomes non-transparent. Picks up dust and dirt from keyboards, mobile phones and printers. Does not leave residues and keeps your hands clean.

Dirt Remover Kit
dust Cleaner


  • Premium quality high-tech cleaning gel.
  • Non-toxic soft rubber and safe material.
  • It has a refreshing fragrance.
  • Easy to apply or remove without getting your hands dirty.
  • Easy to store and portable.
  • Remove dust, hair, crumbs from cracks or crevices without leaving any residue.
  • Reach narrow places to clean. Kill 95% of germs.
  • Can be used over and over again untill it gets non-transparent.


Remove dust from electronic and mechanical devices and appliances without leaving behind any type of residue. Great for computer keyboard, phone key pad, TV remote, camera, video game console, speaker grill, fan grill, air condition vent, car air vent, automobile dashboard, window sill and more.


Press the cleaning compound onto the surfaces that you would like to clean. Dust and dirt in gaps will be absorbed by the compound. It is made of non-toxic and safe for your skin.


You can use this gel over and over again. After using, put it back into the packing bag and seal the bag. Use it for a long time and stop when the gel becomes opaque.


Is ULTRICS keybord dust cleaner reusable?


Is this cleaning gel washable?


How to clean the dust off?

      Just blow it, then apply the green gel. Its a miracle

Will it be suitable for cleaning dust from my piano keys?


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Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 2 cm

Blue, Green

Customer Reviews

140 reviews for Keyboard Dust Cleaner Sticky Gel Cleaning Kit for PC Computer Laptop MacBook

  1. Francesco

    Fa più danni di quanti dovrebbe sistemarne.Lo utilizzato per pulire la fessura della cerniera del MacBook che era piena di polvere. Questo prodotto ha si levato la polvere ma la ha riempita di mille pezzettini di quella roba verde che non solo sono più di della polvere, ma per giunta non vanno via in nessun modo e si sono inseriti all’interno della cerniera. Adesso rischio che mi si rovini tutto il pc.Veramente disgustoso il fatto che Amazon metta in vendita una roba del genere all’interno del suo store.Vergogna.

  2. doriluna

    Incrédule par rapport à ce produit, je l’ai acheté pour nettoyer un vieux clavier d’ordinateur qui fonctionnait très bien mais avait besoin d’un gros nettoyage. Et ce gel “magique” joue son rôle à merveille pour retirer tout ce qui est coincé sous les touches.

  3. Susan S

    What a clever and genius idea. This keyboard dust cleaner picks up that dust you can never seem to get too and is ideal to use in the car too!

  4. Leon Lorenz

    Entfernt gut Staub und alles was nicht fest klebt.

  5. Lauren

    Bought it for my car, works like a charm, picks up dust and dog hair I can’t reach.


    This is a really effective cleaner. I managed to get an entire 3 course meal out of my keyboard. easy to use and non sticking. Excellent at cleaning the phone at work too.

  7. john

    Have not use it yet but it looks ok.

  8. Karsten K

    besetigt Staub und Fettfingerspuren von der Tastatur und vom Gehäuse. Sehr zu empfehlen,

  9. Amazon Customer

    This is just the product for my keyboard. I have never known a cleaner get the dirt out of it. I thought it was clean well bang and the dirt was gone

  10. Freda in the Shed

    First time purchase so I can’t compare to other brands but it did the job I wanted.Slight niggle was that the item was pictured in a small tub and it came in a resealable plastic pouch. Time will tell if this keeps the slime moist enough for re-use.

  11. thomas henry smith

    Good quality product, however doesn’t pick up everything and doesn’t getting all cracks and crevices, for delicate items like gaming controllers, it can sometimes get stuck in cracks and hard to get out

  12. Margarita Millere

    Great item, very useful and easy to use. No toxic smell. Looks and seems natural.

  13. jess89

    Product was fab for getting the tiny crumbs in my car that the hoover can’t get too. Very quickly cleaned my car and was a cheap product. Great value for money

  14. Sean williams

    Not much to say really, I’ve had it a few weeks now, used it about 5 times and you can see it’s getting worked however still works fine. May need to buy another one soon but it does the job.

  15. Jose Gutiérrez

    La primera vez funciona perfectamente, después de ahí su rendimiento cae en picado. Por supuesto siguiendo los consejos del fabricante a la hora de guardarlo. Si lo dejas fuera, tal como te explican, olvídate de usarlo nuevamente.

  16. Nicky Midds

    Delighted with this product. Easily cleaned my work PC keyboard, laptop at home, mac keyboard and my iPhone. Does a brilliant job of cleaning keyboards and devices with ease

  17. Smarty

    Don’t leave on your keyboard too long otherwise hard to retrieve, has a nice smell. Easy to use and store away. Suppose to be self cleaning. Very therapeutic to use, act like a stress ball too!!

  18. Rupa

    It will get rid off dust on printer, table, keyboard or remotes. You can wash it with water & soap & reuse it.

  19. Stephane G

    Bof bof

  20. Skullreaper

    Handy for those difficult to reach areas

  21. Amanda

    This worked so well on my Razer Ornata and my laptop keyboard keys, it didn’t get stuck or leave a residue. It’s perfect to just refresh your keys!

  22. syed jahid

    Does it job, will clean your keyboard and you’ll have multiple uses from one packet, id recommend buying two so you won’t have to worry about a dusty keyboard in a long time.

  23. Asunción Arzola

    Me lo imaginaba de otra manera. Es como gelatina que se rompe fácilmente, pero luego se pega fácilmente tambien. no sabría como describirlo mejor. Yo esperaba un trozo de gelatina que se amoldase para cubrir todo el teclado para sacar el polvo pero es como muy rompible. y un poco asquerosillo-liquidillo al tacto.Pero bueno, cumple su función bastante bien, que es lo importante.

  24. Andy orvis

    Very good

  25. robr305

    Bought this to clean my work’s keyboard (it needed it) very effective, cleaned the keyboard very well and has a fresh scent to it (mildly therapeutic too lol reminds me of similar stuff I had as a kid). Well worth it, excellent price and fast delivery

  26. Aquila72

    Needed to clean my keyboard after months of neglect by my kids, who had promised to look after it.Being away with HM Forces for 6 months, dealing with some pretty inhospitable people in conditions I’d like to forget, had not prepared me for the devastation which had been wrought on my PC corner desk.The PC itself wasn’t in too bad a state..!?But the screen, keyboard, desk, drawers……The hoover was deployed, but I was loath to strip down my carefully wrapped cables.Slime.This is the first time I’ve actually been proven wrong by my son, who now thinks he should be a chaser…. OMG.Slime, it works a bloody treat, a little wet and drippy straight out the bag, but after rolling it around in your hands for a few minutes it feels a little better…Once I had achieved an impressive sized sausage, I went to work.I rubbed it slowly, over the monitor, the mouse mat and gave the keyboard a thorough going over.It wasn’t long before the slimy sausage had achieved an impressive result, the keyboard was however a little sticky, but a quick wipe down with some moist wipes and good as new(ish).

  27. Michael angelo pineda

    it serves its purpose

  28. carole

    Works great picks up all little dust bits. be careful not to leave on the keyboard as it liquefies and then becomes difficult to pick up.

  29. Amazon Customer


  30. Silviu Anghelache

    is actually very good one and it’s doing the jobany little space you have to clean kust leave it there for a few seconds and is gonna go throught 

  31. Deniz D.


  32. IPW133

    Good product delivered fast.

  33. A.

    Yes, it works.

  34. Sara Murray

    I bought this on the off chance that it might work, and work it really did. When I took it out of the pack, it was like slime but it soon all came together. I was sceptical if it would actually work. I pushed it on to my laptop keyboard and wow what a difference. This product is cheap but definitely worth buying. It made me laugh as well because it feels so weird but this is now my go to laptop cleaning product.

  35. Officer Johnson

    Used on car interior. Good for getting into small gaps. I found using wiping motions can cause it to leave residue, so dabbing and rolling worked better. Picked up dust and small crumbs. Good stuff.

  36. m littlewood

    Brilliant for getting dust and grime from vents

  37. HT

    I’ve been going through a bit of a cleaning frenzy lately and this is the simplest, coolest, weirdest little cleaner I’ve ever used. My keyboard hasn’t been this clean since it was new and I continue to find all sorts of nooks and crannies where this ‘goop’ works a treat. HIghly recommend 🙂 

  38. Manuel

    Ha resultado efectivo para limpiar el teclado. En especial, los laterales de las teclas , donde no se llega con el clásico limpiador y paño.Sin embargo, el resultado final depende mucho del tiempo exacto de aplicación. Al menos en los teclados clásicos en los que los he probado.Si se deja poco tiempo, no profundiza lo suficiente en las ranuras entre las teclas y la parte baja queda sucia.Si se deja demasiado tiempo, profundiza mucho llegando a la superficie de la membrana y se adhiere mucho. La adhesión es mayor que la cohesión del producto y se disgrega , dejando trocitos verdes entre las teclas y/o debajo de ellas.Los trozos disgregados se pueden retirar usando el mismo producto o un pincel. Es más engorroso que difícil.

  39. Helen

    It does what its meant to do, I’m happy. 10/10

  40. Fabien

    La constitution laisse un peu à désirer: cela s’émiette beaucoup. Heureusement, il est facile de tout ressouder ensemble et pour le prix, je ne vois pas trop de quoi on peut se plaindre.D’un point de vu résultat, c’est en revanche pleinement efficace: toutes les miettes, poussières, et autres petits résidus s’accrochent parfaitement. Il ne reste plus qu’à malaxer sous l’eau pour bien nettoyer derrière. Très pratique en somme

  41. banditrob

    très bien pour enlever les miettes entre les touches du clavier.petit bémol le contenant est un sachet , ça aurai été mieuxdans une boite en plastique dure.

  42. Rebecca_figure

    Very clever product . I only got one use out of it but that’s become my car was so dusty . Definitely buy again

  43. AMB

    Simple to use and does a great job

  44. tspdes85

    è molto delicato,appena lo schiacci un pò si frantuma,l’ho passato sul pc e dei pezzi di prodotto si sono infilati nei tasti,non consigliato

  45. Lady Vin

    Be ready to be grossed out.

  46. himaani

    Amazing piece of gel, it really does do what it states on the tin.

  47. Anna C.

    Really handy and useful thing to clean the dust out and keep the laptop in shape, I can recommend it to every dust hater like me =)

  48. David F.

    this goes where a brush can’t it pick’s all the fluff crumbs it goes on and on if you do not let it dry out.

  49. Ametista

    Il prodotto fa il suo dovere, per questo metto tre stelle.Leggendo gli ingredienti mi sono accorta che praticamente sono SOLO parabeni! Sapendo molto bene cosa sono, consiglierei caldamente l’uso con i guanti.Tenere i bambini alla larga da questo prodotto!

  50. A

    It does what it says

  51. David Thomas Limb

    Ok does what it says

  52. Amazon Customer

    Bought this to clean my work keyboard as it was a hand me down with fluff and crumbs etc between the keys. It worked a treat mashing it between all the keys and it was visibly grabbing chunks of rubbish. Put it back in it’s resealable bag ready for next time, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it for cleaning any difficult to clean items such as Lego, Keyboards, Telephones etc.

  53. Shibumi

    Easy to use, although feels weird.

  54. Hannah El-khamlichi

    Got this for a present for my brother, no idea how it’s worked for him

  55. LobOzitO

    Bueno al tacto es frio y semipegajoso, es como el blandyblue o como se escriba. Se pone sobre la superficie a limpiar y se presiona. Penetra po donde se puede y se queda la forma de la superficie. Aunque queda limpia, como en casi todos los productos creo que atraer más mierda que antes de limpiarlo je je je, vermos con el tiempo que tal va.

  56. Cliente Amazon

    Lo utilizo para limpiar el interior del coche y x ahora va genial, quita toda la suciedad de los rincones sin problema

  57. hellen t.

    Does exactly what it saysGreat value for money

  58. MJEG

    Such a simple concept. It works. Makes me want to have a go at making my own slime. But then at this price, why bother? Have had a few months now, still going. It hasn’t dried out and my car looks sparkling. Even my mother was impressed!

  59. Kelly

    Does a great job, effectively it is just a packet of kids toy slime, my kids have loads of that and it never occurred to me to use it for keyboard cleaning! Good resealable foil bag to store it in, great at collecting dust, don’t leave it on your keys too long as it will seep under them, think you would have to leave it on there and forget about it for that to happen but not impossible.

  60. Caelum Ryan

    Very good product

  61. Michelle Patterson

    Does what it says on the tin!!

  62. Kaz

    This was bought as a secret Santa and they loved it. Really does get into those hard to reach areas. Keyboards especially. Great product.

  63. Mr Yeltsin

    I was a bit skeptical of this goo, but having used it I’m now sold. I use it to pick up dust and debris in my workshop all the time, from my keyboard, DSLR camera (not the sensor!), Echo device, and anything else that has difficult to get into ridges or depressions. Just cover it over with the green slime, waiting a few minutes while it sags into every nook and crannie, then peel it off. As long as you’re careful not to let it settle for too long it won’t get stuck under your keycaps or too attached to whatever you’ve put it on. Just avoid porous surfaces, as that’ll just suck the moisture out of it and ruin your slime :(it really does clean things up like new, and lasts pretty well.

  64. A. Reviewer

    I’m very happy with my sticky lump of goo.I thought that at the price this would be worth a punt as my keyboard has quite tall keys and is incredibly difficult to clean.Recently I have been trying compressed air, cotton buds and the hoover to try and remove dust from the hard to reach spaces between the keys, this product took 5 minutes to get the job done.When you first open the package it’s a bit difficult to get it all out and first impressions are that it’s a little watery and you’ll be likely to lose bits of it between the keyboard’s keys. However I found that by rolling it up into a ball in my hand it became firmer and the drippy effect went away.After manipulating it for a bit, it really did do an excellent job of pushing into the hard to reach areas and I’m happy to say my trusty keyboard looks as good as new now.Additionally I found that i could form parts of it into “fingers” to poke at the keys sideways, because of it’s nature the blob can be formed into any cleaning shape possible making it easy to get into the smallest gaps.All in all, quite a long review for a gelatinous lump of matter, but I’m pleased with it and I can think of no reason why you would spend any more than I spent on this.

  65. yigit

    A bit small but it does what it says on tin.

  66. Dario F.

    Ottimo prodotto per la pulizia di tastiere pc, telecomandi e tutti quei dispositivi che hanno scanalature difficili da pulire.La “melma” fa eccellentemente il suo dovere, rimuovendo lo sporco anche in più passate se incrostato.Non sostituisce spugna e sgrassatore, ma toglie molto bene lo sporco in superficieDi gradevole effetto, non sembra mai sporca ed in effetti, da me usata in più occasioni (purché la mettiate sempre nella sua confezione di alluminio). Altrimenti perde l’efficacia.Valutazione: ottimo

  67. Anastasija

    its ok

  68. tom

    cleans up nicely

  69. starbuduk

    Good stuff for getting into intricate parts of the car: bottom of cupholders, inside of air vents and deep inside door pockets. It has a nice balance of not being wet but is very sticky.You do have to renew this stuff every now and again as it gets loaded with grime and dirt but unlike previous versions I bought which ended up turning to liquid when stored, I am hoping this won’t do that when put back in the Ziploc packet. Unlike others that come in a large round pot, this turns up in a flat metal type Ziploc bag. This makes it easier to store discreetly in the door pocket of the car.

  70. Keith McKeown


  71. Client d’Amazon

    Attrape bien la saletés, mais parfois des petits bouts de gel reste dans les fentes ( voiture pour ma part ) ce qui est plus difficile à retiré.

  72. alessandro

    Ottimo prodotto, fa quello che deve fare in modo perfetto. Io lo uso in macchina, pulisce bene in tutti gli angoli e spacchetti difficili da raggiungere, non lascia aloni o sporco, raccoglie tutto. Consigliatissimo

  73. Dave

    Strangest stuff ever. Warm it up to room temperature and then stretch it out over the key board and let it use it`s own weight to slide between the keys. Leave it for a few minutes and then peel it back,,,,,,,,,one new looking keyboard. I’ve used sprays before and they`re ok for blowing dust all over the place, this gel picks up all the dust. There might be some gel left in the tight places,,,,not a problem, use the gel to pick it up as it`s sticks to itself. Great stuff.

  74. Mishka


  75. C

    I was worried that some of the cheaper gel cleaners would get stuck behind the keyboards like some of the negative reviews on them say. However, this one seems to be exactly the same as the more expensive one sold via Amazon Prime, giving it great value for money.

  76. Rachel

    Ideal to remove dirt from drink holders in vehicles.

  77. Adam

    Arrived on time. Done the job.

  78. Alberto

    Por el precio que tiene está muy bien. No es nada pegajoso ni suelta grasilla ni nada y hace su trabajo bastante bien, limpia todo lo que pilla.Como nota negativa es que si se esparce mucho, al levantarlo, se puede romper. Lo he usado en mi teclado y tenía que tener cuidado. De todas formas ha sido una buena compra.

  79. saijaz

    Excellent product

  80. Mark

    I bought this to help clean a mechanical keyboard (i.e. very pronounced keys with deep cracks between the keys). It’s essentially like the toy slime I used to get as a kid – it’s a gelatenous goo that sticks to itself slightly better than other stuff.I found it good for picking up dust and other light and loose particles from between the keys but it doesn’t otherwise clean the keys of any built up grease or grime. Not sure if it would be more effective than a light brush and a vacuum.There is a limit to how far you can press it down between the keys before bits begin to tear off as you pull it out. This then gets fiddly so best to avoid. This meant it could clean the sides of the keys but not the cracks between the keys. The net result is that within about 5 minutes, I have a reasonably clean keyboard but I can still see bits if I look.

  81. Amazon Customer

    Good product and delivered quickly.

  82. Amazon Customer

    Its a fun way to clean your keyboard. An easy way to get your kids to help without them realising. I used it on the drinks holder in my car as well. Have recommended the product to family members.

  83. elisa barone

    I’ve used for the car at the moment. But surely it has to be cold to avoid to melt it and leave pieces behind. Let see how it last tho!

  84. Colette.B.

    Is exactly what I was looking for.Delivery was prompt 👍

  85. canny mammy

    very easy to use just remember to switch off your computer before putting the gel onto the keyboardcan be used over and over again will change colour when it’s needing replaced haven’t got that far yet

  86. Twiggy

    Went round clearing everything with it and it’s brilliant 😁

  87. CL

    ce produit est surprenant de par sa consistance et j’ai été étonné de voir que ça fonctionne très bien pour récupérer toutes les poussières qui se trouvent entre les touches.Il correspond donc à son descriptif. par contre, j’ignore la durée de vie du produit.

  88. Fiona

    Does exactly what it says it will do; lifts dust and stuff off my keyboard!Don’t leave it in your numberpad unattended for any length of time though, I ended up taking the keys off to get all the gel back out again!

  89. Conor


  90. GARETH

    cleaned up my keyboard well

  91. Amez

    Easy to use cleans well

  92. Chris Kemp

    Does the job. I use it for cleaning my car dashboard

  93. Ronja.

    Der Schleim ist nicht Gelb wie auf dem Bild zu sehen sondern eher neon-grün-durchsichtig.Er riecht enorm gut, ich mag den Geruch sehr gerne.Ich habe damit nun Tastatur, Maus, Lautsprecher und Telefon gereinigt, sowie die Knöpfe vom Backofen.Der Schleim tut, was ein Schleim tun soll.Kleiner Tipp: Den Schleim am Anfang aufteilen in zwei hälften, so hat man später nochmal komplett frischen und die Schleims dann separieren, da sich die beiden sonst wieder in der Tüte verbinden.

  94. Mario D’Agostino


  95. Paul Savage

    what more can I say it did as described!

  96. Gavin Walker

    It’s good but not quite as good as the ads made out. Still, decent enough for the cash.

  97. JuanE

    No vale para mucho, un cepillito para teclado es más efectivo.Si se deja mucho tiempo en el teclado, pueden quedar residuos del producto dentro. Y ya puestos a desmontar el teclado, pues el cepillito vá perfecto. Eso si, recuerda el blandiblub de los años 80

  98. mohammed ali

    Excellent does exactly as described. Just ordered another 1

  99. Jersey Joe

    Will use it now

  100. Irys

    Premier usage à la réception du colis, la pâte est enveloppée dans un sachet refermable (pratique pour la ranger) et hermétique. La pâte se déchire un peu en sortant du sachet, mais il est très facile de ressouder les morceaux. Son odeur est agréable, et elle nettoie relativement bien les objets (testé sur clavier de pc portable, clavier de bureau et télécommande) : quelques rares résidus, mais surtout un résultat presque impeccable !Je ne pense pas cependant que son usage soit prévu pour le long terme, car impossible à nettoyer sans l’abimer et en supprimer les effets.

  101. Tracy

    This is a great item for keeping the laptop and phone clean

  102. Hermione

    They all seemed the same so I went for this which was the cheapest version. I can’t see why an expensive one would work any better – it’s just a lump of jelly slime. I’m pretty sure we used to play with it in the 90s.Doesn’t smell great but it seemed to get the crumbs out of my keyboard. And the cat hair. It could maybe be slightly stickier but for £5 odd less than the others it’ll do fine.

  103. Amazon Customer

    Does just what I expected – picked up all the dirt in difficult places

  104. Steve

    Perfect for getting into hard to reach places in the car dashboard etc. Not sticky at all but picks everything up.

  105. Miss Diane Sutton

    Works just like it says. My sons laptop looks like new now you can see the keyboard properly 😂

  106. audio listener

    For friend for xmas he love it.

  107. Scouse Ron

    Not only do I think this stuff is great on keyboards, it is very relaxing to use, My keyboard looked like someone had eat their dinner off of it but this cleaned it up really well, a big thumbs up

  108. Lorena

    No sé si dura mucho pero no puedo dejar de tenerlo en la mano

  109. raluca

    The media could not be loaded.

     Muy mal , vino roto esta todo fuera y ahora resulta que no se puede devolver!! No lo recomiendo

  110. David

    Parece que hace más de lo que acaba haciendo. Para algunos huecos está bien (ventiladores por ejemplo) pero para el teclado me esperaba un resultado mejor, la verdad. No lo volvería a comprar.

  111. Facundo Guini

    Limpia bien la superficie, obviamente que la parte por debajo de las teclas no llega, pero superficialmente lo hace bien.

  112. J. Auton

    Was a little disappointed with the quantity received in package. Works well on PC keyboards etc.

  113. John Regan

    I don’t dislike it its a good product 👌 .

  114. Julie B

    This is a gift~ so as soon as I receive feed back I shall fill in this with the views etc. What I can say ~ if it’s as good in use as the description given it shall meet our expectations. So iam giving the stars regarding the information and reviews I read.Thankyou

  115. marco buoli

    Gel pulisci-tutto che in sé fa veramente il suo lavoro. Lo uso in auto durante la pulizia e riesce a pulire tutte le intercapedini più profonde senza incastrarsi né separarsi in diversi pezzi.Ho provato però a lavarlo per eliminare lo spiedo della pulizia e in quel momento oltre a scapparti dalle mani diventa ancora più appiccicoso una volta asciutto e lo sporco dentro rimane. Addio anche al verde fluo che scompare al primo utilizzo.Bel prodotto funzionale ma praticamente utile per 3/4 usi

  116. Dan Johnson

    Cleaning anything with slime is just hysterical but by gum that irony works, what a product, I clean my entire house with it, takes a while but such strong cleaning power. Not dishwasher safe.

  117. stephen james


  118. Blackcountryshaz

    This was perfect for cleaning the car and getting into all the little nooks and crannies. The cup holders and door handle pockets get really dirty with little bits of dust asnd fluff and this was great for just putting it into the space and rolling it around. They ended up looking like new! Also great for cleaning the keyboards around the house, remote controls…anything with buttons where little bits of everyday grime get stuck! Have used it lots of times and it still picks up. Will definitely buy more!

  119. Kelly

    This product is so easy to use and it’s very effective for cleaning keyboards (and it makes cleaning quite fun)

  120. David P

    Works well for hard to reach places

  121. bill garfit

    good works well

  122. Tania Flores

    no sirve para absolutamente nada, para dejar pringoso el teclado del ordenador porque lo que es limpiar no limpia, encima no admiten devolucion del dinero

  123. Euklid04

    Der Tastaturreiniger funktioniert gut, ist aber nicht sehr langlebig und muss dann wieder neu besorgt werdenß

  124. GDM

    Does the job, it’s slime, not scented, what more do you want?

  125. Jackie

    Bought to clear work keyboard after working from home. Keyboard now in dust and crumb free condition to return to the workplace

  126. Rafa V. A.

    Llega a tiempo y es lo que se paga. No podemos esperar que nos limpie completamente el teclado, pero si cumple con la función básica que tenemos.

  127. un_client_exigeant

    J’avais encore jamais nétoyé mon PC avec un morceau de résidue ectoplasmique, mais franchement c’est top! On croirais un truc sortie tout droit d’un livre fantastique ou SF, mais ça marche super bien. Atention à bien y aller en douceur pour pas déchirer et en laisser des morceau dans les ports de votre machine.J’ai nétoyé un raspberrypi avec ça, un must have, on peu englober toute la machine sous se montre gluant et on retir en douceur tout est comme neuf. même pas eu besoin de débrancher le ventilo du couvercle du pi et en deux coup tout était niquel.

  128. Callum Hedges

    I was not expecting a gel/goo…stuff to work as well as it did. Used alongside compressed air my keyboard looked brand new.

  129. Richard Marston

    Good for cleaning really dusty keyboard that had not been used for maybe 24 months, came up like almost new. The green “gunk” does break apart a bit as you use it. Good product and comes in a plastic bag / pouch to store it in.

  130. Amazon Customer

    very good.

  131. Login

    Must admit I was a little unsure about ordering this but having used it I’m very impressed. Gets into all those hard to reach gaps and cracks. Used it on my keyboard, remote controls for tv’s and cd player. Even dusted around the stand for my computer screen. Just keep rolling it around and it keeps on gathering all the dust and dirt.

  132. Wolfgang A.

    Im Grunde macht das Ding was es soll.Manche Verunreinigungen schluckt es besser, manche mag es dann doch nicht so recht.Als Wunderwaffe gegen Staubablagerungen z.B. bei Lüftungsschlitzen im Auto Tasten beim Autoradio,… würde ich es dann doch nicht bezeichnen. (wird auch nicht als Wunderwaffe beworben)Ich hab mir jedenfalls eine bessere Reinigungswirkung erhofft.

  133. YAYA

    Conditionné dans un sachet à zip, donc refermable. Un peu trop petit à mon goût car il est difficile de sortir le gel en entier, des petits morceaux resteent à l’intérieur.Sinon, rien à redire sur l’efficacité. Ca m’a permis de retirer la poussière sur mon clavier et les recoins d’objets divers en un seul geste.Pas d’odeur particulière ( à moins de garder le nez collé sur son clavier…)Ne laisse pas de trace. Il manque juste une indication : le nombre d’utilisation avant de le jeter

  134. Sebastien

    Utilisé pour nettoyer les écrans de ma voiture, ainsi que les grilles d’aération : il ne faut pas trop appuyer au risque d’avoir des résidus difficiles à rattraper.Nettoie les écrans multimédias (tablette centrale, écran tableau de bord digital) sans faire de rayure en faisant rouler ce genre de slime dessus.Attention : produit conducteur électriquement, donc risque d’activer certaines fonctions de la voiture

  135. Fran

    Cleaning the keyboard, haven’t yet cleaned the inside of the car as suggested but so far all seems ok.

  136. Syedul Choudhury

    Works really well and doesn’t leave any kind of residue/marks behind.

  137. CMB

    Cleans up dirty dusty remotes good.

  138. amips

    Cleaned car interior with it. Got in all those awkward spots easily. Excellent on the air vents. If it only worked the once it would be worth it, but it’s re-usable too!

  139. Hads

    Works well no drama 🙂

  140. Simon Dixon

    good work.

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