Adjustable Portable Aluminum Foldable Ventilated Multi-Angle Laptop Stand

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  • 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN】 Laptop stand for desk is designed to improve sitting posture by eliminating the hunching and slouching associated with long-term sitting. Also helps to get ideal eye-level height
  • 【HEAT DISSIPATION】 ULTRICS laptop riser offers greater ventilation by discharging heat effectively during the operation. The adjustable open design ensures airflow to prevent hardware overheating
  • 【BROAD COMPATIBILITY】 Our laptop holder is compatible with all sizes of notebooks and laptops up to 15.3″ including MacBook Air, Pro, Dell, HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Samsung, LG, Microsoft Surface, Acer
  • 【STURDY AND PROTECTIVE】 Made of sturdy aluminum alloy material, the laptop desk stand comes with 6 anti-skid silicone pads on top and bottom to protect devices from sliding and any sort of scratch
  • 【PORTABLE AND FOLDABLE】 This easy-to-install laptop raiser can be conveniently disassembled to carry anywhere. Takes very little space and ideal for vacation, business travels or outdoor workspaces


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Features & Compatibility

adjustable laptop stand
Laptop Stands


The open design comes with a forward-tilt angle to provide enough space stepping out unwanted heat. Your laptop stays cool no matter how long you keep using it.

Laptop Stands


Find your eye-level among any of these 6 adjustment points from 2.5’’ to 6’’. You can also adjust the width according to the dimension of your laptop.

Laptop Stands


Simply fold the laptop riser into a thin size and quickly pack this in your laptop bag, backpack, suitcase, or drawer. The given carry bag simplifies safe storage.

Laptop riser
Laptop holder


  • 6 levels of height adjustment from 2.5’’ to 6’’
  • Helps to reduce back, neck, and wrist pain
  • Ideal for working long hours
  • Also usable for tablets and iPads
  • Keeps your desk organized and tidy
  • Ergonomic design contributes in posture-correcting
  • Easily use on work, home office, school, or hotel
  • Detachable design helps save space when not in use
  • Bag included for easy carrying and storing
  • Provide more heat dissipation than flat on the table


Our laptop stand comes with an open frame beneath to cool down your laptop by providing more airflow. Greater ventilation is offered for easing the strain on the battery and internal components. Promotes worry free use of your favourite devices.


Our laptop stand enables you to make an adjustment of the laptop according to your posture. Adjusting the laptop according to an ideal posture can make it easier for you to work longer. Which will surely result in boosting your productivity.


Is the item portable?

      Yes, very much portable

Is this item easy to use?

      Very easy to install or use

Can I use it as a tablet holder?

      Yes you can.

Is it cleanable using water?

      Yes, it can be washed by water

Additional information

Weight 0.269 kg
Dimensions 25 × 5 × 3 cm

Black, Silver

Customer Reviews

180 reviews for Adjustable Portable Aluminum Foldable Ventilated Multi-Angle Laptop Stand

  1. vzerimar

    Bought to stop my neck aching while working from home and does the job well!

  2. Amazon Customer

    Its not too bad, easy to fold, store and transport. could be more stable.

  3. Emma

    When this arrived I thought Id have to request a refund, I thought it could surely not be a laptop stand but I unpacked it and unfolded it and it is sturdy and perfect for what I need it for. I cant believe how compact it is!


    Well made. Sturdy construction. Easy to setup. Easily folded down and packed away when not in use. Stable and easily adjustable.

  5. Richard Cook

    I have a few of these and use on laptops ranging from 13 to 17inch screens. Perfect to raise the screen to eye level and reclaim desk space. Also helps keep the laptop cool when operating as air can flow around the machine.

  6. David W

    A little fiddly to get in position unless you have 3 hands, but once the laptop is in place and height adjusted it is very good.I have bought a second one for another laptop.

  7. Lee B

    I only go into the office once a week, so it’s not worth getting a more permanent riser. This lightweight and compact solution is perfect for my needs

  8. Hemant M

    Needed this to keep the desk as tidy as possible, with it being small and compact it does the job. Great buy.

  9. CC123

    This is great and holds laptop well and doesn’t slide all over the place.Does the job well, the only thing I noticed was if you try and move it around with the laptop on it, be prepared. The minute you move it and a support leg comes out, it will need securing before you let go of the laptop. Overall does the job well.Thanks

  10. Byron Clarke

    Boughdue to working from home. Lifts the laptop to a better angle for typing and viewing screen. Reduces neck pain and also stop overheating as allows airflow underneath. Easy to pack away as folds flat and comes with handy carry bag (looks like a 70’s recoder case)

  11. Raveena

    I definitely recommend this laptop stand. It does it job.

  12. Kyle Campbell

    High quality, robust, and sturdy. Quick to set up and where it is, there’s no give at all. The pouch is also a nice bonus. Works fantastic for my textbooks and tablet, and has done wonders for my neck.

  13. Ruhi Shahid

    it’s amazing, it’s compact, it’s durable i put it on the lowest height and i can rest my palms and type comfortably

  14. Mrs Lindsey Wedt Glasson

    Spent a little looking for a stand I could use primarily for writing and drawing with my iPad Pro 12.9”. Also wanted to use it for my surface pro laptop. It’s perfect for both devices !! Sits well, avoiding important elements such as iPad camera etc. Rock solid, able to sit the device at the perfect angle for any activity. Quick and easy to adjust and looks good too. Nice quality materials. What more can I say – perfect device that I’d been happy to pay a lot more for.

  15. Molzeza

    Couldn’t be without my stand, makes such a difference to typing and also to my neck, not been crouched over a laptop all day, highly recommend.

  16. Big Al

    Well made & sturdy laptop stand. Makes it much easier to use the keyboard on my new laptop which I found was very flat.

  17. Miss Jessica Gurd

    Great stand, bit fragile but does the job.

  18. Steve Porter

    Outstanding product, i dismantled it immediately and utilised the main body where the laptop or device would rest as a pair or ski’s for my lame pet rabbit. Now we can take him for a walk around the garden as he rests on the ski assembly. Our next plan is to find something we can use for the poles to give him independence and allow him the freedom of the garden instead of being unable to move of his own accord. Great product thanks again, if you have anything which I could use for rabbit friendly ski poles, please contact me.

  19. Paul Orrock

    I absolutely love this laptop stand. I am a university student who is constantly working in different places and it is perfectly compact to have in my backpack. It is sturdy, great quality, easy to use, great value for money and not visually too obvious. There are loads of height settings and I don’t even need to use a seperate mouse or keyboard. Highly recommend.

  20. Andy D

    I was having problems with my MacBook Pro getting too hot on its previous stand which was a ‘cooler pad’ style stand – with not very good fans. It is still early days, and the ambient temperature is lower than it has been, but this stand seems to let my Mac run a lot cooler. I use the laptop mainly in clam mode and also had a limited space beneath a wall mounted monitor. The back of the Mac is raised just under 8.5cm at the back on the lowest angled setting and thankfully this just slid under the monitor. So overall, no issues and lots of positives.

  21. Digs

    Arrived quickly and so easy to use. Have my laptop set up then connect a keyboard and mouse. Wished I had done this months ago working from home!

  22. Naomi Okukenu

    Currently in my final year and was suffering from chronic back pain due to having to round my pack to crouch over my laptop all day. The idea of a laptop stand was mentioned in a youtube video and I stumbled across this one. This is one of the best things I have bought throughout my whole degree and will also be great for anyone working from home.The elevation it gives makes the display and webcam become eye level – perfect for better quality zoom calls and stabilises the laptop allowing you to type without the laptop shaking like a leaf.Would absolutely recommend – HANDS DOWN!

  23. Eze

    Great buy. Would recommend.

  24. DnlJMrs

    Bought for my home office, so I can have my laptop next to my monitor for dual-screen use.It’s really simple to setup, structurally sound and strong, but there’s a little movement side to side that I have been acutely aware of. Nothing major, and as I’m not using the keyboard on the laptop, it’s fine for me, but if you’re writing using the laptop keyboard, expect some movement.The grips at the bottom are good, and it packs away really neatly for transport elsewhere.

  25. Alan

    Using to bring top of laptop screen in line with second monitor. No hint of any wobble even when typing. Also elevates position of built in camera which puts it at eye level which is better for eye contact on Zoom, Teams, Starleaf etc.I don’t move it, but if you plan to, it folds nicely, comes with a drawstring bag, is light and portable.

  26. Akshay

    The stand is very sturdy with a wide selection of angles to work with. It’s very easy to fold, and it’s small and light enough to take with you. I’ve also noticed a significant reduction in “lift-off” AKA Macbook fans going into overdrive.The colour matches perfectly with my space-grey Macbook, which wasn’t the case with other stands I”ve ordered before.

  27. Doreen

    Love this! Take it out of the box, open up from its compressed size and put the laptop on it …no more video calls showing the ceiling! It has its own bag to pack it into and take away with you if you need to do that.Does the job beautifully!

  28. J R

    Like many people WFH I was getting backache looking at the laptop screen at the dining table.This is really easy to use (and if you don’t touch it sturdy). At the highest point it now has the laptop camera at eye level when sitting straight. Great at this height for video calls or work requiring no typing. Lower settings easier to type with.

  29. R P STEEN

    Brilliant bit of kit. Doesn’t take up much room in the bag. Study and looks good. Protects laptop with pads fitted

  30. Victoria

    The media could not be loaded.

     The item is perfect and makes using a laptop so much better. I would recommend to anyone

  31. Dushan Terzikj

    Does the job but i feel it’s a bit unstable. However it can hold a 16 inch macbook pro if you are not using the laptop itself. I have the laptop on the side and im using a separate keyboard, mouse and monitor

  32. Sandy Wilson

    Have been using this every day for several months, and it works a treat. The stand is adjustable, and fits my laptop perfectly, it’s also useful for propping up cooking books in the kitchen. A nice addition was the little velour pouch it comes with to store it in. Very happy with my purchase.

  33. Richard Keenan

    A big upgrade on a previous, plastic laptop stand.Light weight, fully adjustable and sturdy. Foam cushions seat a MacBook Pro comfortably and keep it in place.

  34. PeteJR

    I wanted to be able to position my laptop in a way that brought the camera to the correct height, nothing worse than people looking up your nose and at the ceiling when you are on a video call.A separate screen was making my home desk too cluttered and so this is the perfect solution.I am using a wireless keyboard and mouse but still have the option to use the laptop keyboard and touchpad if I want to.The laptop screen is at the ideal viewing height and is vertical and the keyboard is at a 45° angle.The design means air circulation is excellent and indeed better than having the laptop flat on a desk.The stand folds down and can be stored in the included pouch.All in all a very neat and well-engineered solution.

  35. Mar

    Sort of tried to see if I’d like it and it really improved my laptop experience.

  36. Marilyn Allan

    Useful for having keyboard at an angle rather than being flat on table. Bought one for myself and then another for my husband.

  37. Rohi

    Good quality, sturdy and simple design.

  38. Chris W

    Highly recommended for portability, light weight and stability in use. Perfect to carry around in your laptop case and robust and easy to use.

  39. Shaz

    Really pleased with this it’s sturdy easy to set up and fold away, comes with it’s own bag worth the money I would recommend

  40. Carol

    Using for first time. Finding it good for positioning the laptop. Makes screen easier to see for me. Great so far.

  41. Pinky

    There are a few highly rated laptop stands on Amazon, but I opted for this one. It does everything claimed very well – Compact when folded, extends or folds easily, adjustable computer angle and very stable (both stand on desk and computer an stand). Ease of laptop use in terms of keyboard angle and screen height improves massively (in my case with a 14′ Thinkpad). Highly recommended.

  42. Paul Robin Tucker

    Product does what it needs to do. My only concern was that to put it into the most upright position (was using to lift a docked laptop online with additional screens) there did not seem to be a large enough peg to slot into the bas but pleasantly surprised this hasn’t been a problem

  43. Amazon Customer

    This is fantastic!! I use it when I’m working from home or out and about. So glad I bought it, folds up well, easy to pack away, and not fiddly! Doesn’t take up much space on a desk or kitchen table either! Would definitely recommend

  44. Avinash

    It’s really a good product. It’s a metal Body. Very easy to adjust. It has also very good flexibility and sturdiness.

  45. Julie D.

    Was a little worried when I read some of the reviews but no issues to date and love this product. Folds down well, practical carry case and perfect for hot desking and great height for teams calls. No issues being used with a 15” laptop. Spot on.

  46. Callum Bates

    It really is almost perfect. The pads have good grip, the bottom metal part doesn’t get in the way and the angles it offers are great for typing. The only problem I found is that my 13 inch MacBook didn’t reach the top pads, so after adding one of my own to each side I have no more complaints. Fair price and I highly recommend.

  47. Patricia Martinez Doss

    It does have weight to it, but folds down and doesn’t take up much room, sits at bottom of a bag.

  48. Mr M. K-S

    What an amazing little stand. Sturdy, well built, thoughtfully designed, quality. Perfect size for my 13.5 laptop, keeps it nice and cool with the underneath being completely exposed but sturdy enough to take the full weight and really stable, no wobbling at all. It feels lightweight when you first hold it and not up to the job but this packs a mightier punch than it looks like it will! Plenty of different positions to angle and elevate the keyboard and the fact it’s foldable and easy to transport , even with a lovely little pouch to put it in , makes it even better. So impressed that my partner bought one too!

  49. Conor Smith

    Love this stand. It’s super sturdy, folds incredibly easy, and packages away nicely. What else is there to say, really? I will be taking this to uni so I can use my laptop anywhere, whilst feeling like I’m working at a desktop – perfect.

  50. Amazon Customer

    Bought this for a new laptop in the office & couldn’t be happier with the stand. Really well made, has great adjustment & is decently priced.

  51. Jorg

    Found I was stopping to view the screen on my laptop, a friend told me about these stands so I ordered one and love it, it is easy to use, portable and makes using the laptop better as it’s now eye level and even typing on it is easy. It may not suit everyone but I Would recommend and buy again.

  52. Bandito Campbell

    Feels a little thin but is sturdy. Looks nice and even comes with a fabric bag to stow.

  53. Fai-zan

    I really like this! I’d bought a smiliar one for my sister but that was plastic and felt very cheap and after that, I bought one for me that was expensive but too high for me. This one is constructed in Aluminum metal and very sturdy indeed. I love just how many adjustable angles it has too. Overall, this probably does a much better job than many of the other much more expensive stands.

  54. Ray V.

    Nicely engineered product. High quality aluminium construction. Feels a bit delicate and fiddly at first, but surprisingly sturdy once the legs are in place. I use it to support a 13″ MacBook Air, with a second screen and separate keyboard connected. Does a great job of raising the laptop screen up to decent eye-level. Should have got this product years ago to save me from eye-strain developed from hunching over a laptop. Such a simple, effective solution. Not sure how well this would work if you don’t have a separate keyboard though.

  55. Ruth

    I bought this on a whim after putting my laptop on a stack of books for two years. Surprisingly sturdy yet lightweight, and very easy to fold for travel or if I just want my desk back.

  56. Francoise

    It is easy to fold and carry around. I have a big heavy laptop (3.8 kg!) and it works perfectly

  57. One glove

    Got the silver one, folds away neatly into a small bag. Stand looks great and feels sturdy. Takes my laptop up to eye level for DSE. Would recommend.

  58. ann durran

    Love how easy to use and how compact…

  59. M Harron

    Seems flimsy when no laptop on it but as soon as the Weight of a laptop is on, it is secure and doesn’t move. After using for a week this has improved my working experience.

  60. Steven

    I’ll be quick – While setting it up it might feel a little flimsy, but once the laptop is in place it feels great, the lightweight portable design is phenomenal and great to and from the office. Sticks to the table like glue and really feels great. Would highly recommend for travel and such.

  61. Johanna K

    lightweight but sturdy, and helps with your posture!

  62. A

    This is so easy to use. Sturdy, easy to fold and perfectly stable!

  63. gergle12

    Macbook Pro 16inch here, not my choice it’s a work machine, still it overheats like a monster if it sits flat on the desk and nodejs or whatever is chewing away at it. This nifty device elevates the back end and allows the fans to perform to their full potential, thus making my day much quieter and cooler. Stable, looks good, easy to put up and down, also light and easy to pack into its little bag quickly.

  64. Julie Daffern

    Great value and very sturdy

  65. redislandboy

    Sturdy portable stand. Lightweight and folds easily.

  66. Customer from Herts

    the stand arrived on time as promised. very happy with the product. thank you

  67. Shirley

    sturdy, easy to fold away laptop stand, priced well too.

  68. Karaj

    The overall product quality is good but when you stretch the stand it is not extending as much as I expected. Slightly small but supports my 15″ laptop just fine.

  69. dylantaylor

    Bought this for an XPS 17. Works well for the job, but it’s a pain to move around due to lack of latches – I have to pick up the laptop, fold the stand, then put it down somewhere else. But overall good quality and hasn’t failed me so far.

  70. Kindle Customer

    Neat bit of kit, does what it says.

  71. Jayson Bagley

    quality and impressive item , everyone that I’ve it to all love the item,,

  72. Lea

    Very happy with this product and comes in a little storage back for when folded away too

  73. Adam

    I needed to have my laptop more upright so could use it next to another screen and plug in another keyboard and mouse, the stand works great and is well worth it.

  74. Miss W Yau

    Recommended by a friend. Since working from home I have hunched over my laptop all this time but this very portable laptop stand puts it at the right height and is adjustable. You can even take it with you on the go because it folds down to a very compact size. How did I live without one all this time. Excellent piece of kit.

  75. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely fantastic piece of kit.

  76. Gary Bradford

    Easy to use, great design and folds away when finished using. Highly recommended

  77. Selene

    At a first glance it doesn’t look great but it actually does its job perfectly! It’s quite sturdy and adjustable. I would have just preferred it to be slightly bigger.

  78. Guy Blokeson

    As per title.

  79. Rajender Singh Chauhan

    It really holds and nice grip and height is really good at all points.

  80. colin pote

    A really nice and well made stand that works really great

  81. mtp570

    My laptop is a heavy Lenovo 15.6″ ThinkPad used for software development so I was concerned that this style of stand wouldn’t be able to hold my laptop in place well enough. I needn’t have been concerned however as this stand holds my laptop securely in place without any problems at all.It comes with a carry bag for transportation and the stand is easily to assemble and collapse.I can’t fault it – it does exactly what it says on the tin.

  82. Pretency

    It’s a bit finicky to set up the supports sometimes but once set up it works well and is quite sturdy.

  83. Ryan3103

    Great bit of kit. Brought for my works laptop to keep it from heating up on my desk. Very strong and sturdy and would highly recommend

  84. John Dohe

    Nicely made , easily takes weight of old 15.6 inch laptop and provides firm support once laptop is in place. Pegs on adjustable height legs seem quite shallow but work as expected once laptop in place with no movement or shaking etc . No slipping . Overall I’m very happy with this so far.

  85. ruth clode

    Works really well to adjust posture and limit back pain from stooping. Really good value

  86. Brad anthony

    Great for what I needed It for I used it for my mpc one

  87. Autumn

    I’m very glad that I bought this; it’s made typing at my desk much more enjoyable, and I think it’s improving my posture too.

  88. Les Turner

    Having been working from home since March 2020, it was inevitable that I’d drop the company’s Surface Pro that I used to do my work on. Its replacement was a nice new shiny laptop but my set up at home didn’t really cater for this “latest tech”, so this stand was bought and, to be honest, I haven’t looked back. It opens and collapses easily enough and is sturdy enough to hold a 2kg HP laptop everyday. It has various settings(?) (holes!) that allow you to position the 2 legs and slope the machine to suit your typing needs. Perfect for the price.

  89. Amazon Customer

    Compact laptop stand. Supports the laptop well and comes with a cloth bag to carry it around in

  90. K. Stiete

    This works Well. Easy to assemble and adjust. Doesn’t take up too much space and has made a difference to my home office set up.

  91. Ella

    This stand is obviously super portable but is also really easy to set up and makes me feel like my laptop is fairly secure when using it. This also boosts the height of the webcam which has helped a lot for video calls.

  92. LIZ C

    This laptop riser ticks all the boxes!

  93. Jais

    I use a couple of these for my MPC one and Hydrasynth desktop. Very happy with the item.

  94. fiona

    Sleek and nice design. Comes with a velvet bag to store or travel with, easy to use and fits laptop perfectly. Very happy with this purchase

  95. FK Reviews

    I was worried that the weight of the laptop is what would make it sturdy hwoever thats not true at all, there is rubber at the bottom which secures it.Only tip i would give is ensure that the laptop is right in the centre of the stand, especially if you have a large laptop because if you use the number pad or something it could wobble

  96. Corinne

    Not usually one for Leaving reviews but this little gadget is great! I use multiple screens for work and a key board and this has stopped me being hunched over and left more room for keyboard on my desk

  97. Bee Woodland

    Great little stand which feels sturdy and well made. It’s worth making sure the lugs are firmly seated into the slots when adjusting the height, but once in they seem to stay quite happily and the front padded feet hook up to firmly secure the laptop. I’m using a MacBook Air, so nothing to big & heavy, I’d feel quite happy putting my old HP laptop on this though.Comes with a neat little carry pouch and folds down easily, so perfect for on the go. Everything came packaged in a small cardboard box, not a smidge of plastic in sight, which made by inner eco warrior very happy! In comparison to the mouse mat that arrived at the same time with no less than THREE separate pieces of plastic packaging!!!

  98. Collins

    It’s a well-crafted product that’s made from good material.It’s light and easy to fold and use. Well caved and finished so your laptop doesn’t get scratched.I’ll recommend this to anyone going through this review section.Just go for it!It’s super cool

  99. Ryan

    Fits nicely into laptop bag so easily portable it’s about the same size as a long remote, my laptop (acer nitro 5 17.3) is pretty big and bulky and it holds it nice and sturdy however the wee legs can sometimes pop out if you are trying to adjust the laptop which can be a bit fiddly.

  100. Rhyan

    I’m using this to hold my Akai MPD218 at various different positions. When not in use, the legs and hinges do flop around a lot independently but this was a less than £10 product so I wasn’t expecting perfection. Once you place the stand on a solid base though; it performs really well. The incrementally increasing in hit make it quite versatile and I have also used it for my 12 inch digital drawing tablet. Having the various width options is also really good but you just need to remember not to attempt to move the stand and whatever it’s holding at the same time.It’s definitely a good purchase. You can find better stands (as I have already) but they are usually 3-4 times the prices but aren’t 3-4 times as good.

  101. Stacey walsh

    I was sceptical about this as it was so small and worried it might be flimsy. While it seems flimsy at first, once the laptop is placed on it it is super secure and the laptop never moves. It’s ideal for working from home and can easily bring it into the office too as it folds away so easily. I have issues with my back and it’s the ideal solution to raise my laptop instead of using boxes. I would highly recommend it!!

  102. Graham Blair

    Wanted a lightweight laptop stand so the laptop fans were blowing on table while working from home and overheating my laptop. This little stand has certainly done the job. I’ve dropped one start just becasue it would be even better if you could lift both the back and front up so rather than it being a tilt, it can just lift the entire laptop up by the level you put it on!Really good it can be folded up as it means I can put it in my laptop bag and carry around for when I’m hot desking or working in another room where my main work station isn’t set up.

  103. Jay24

    I bought this purely on the basis that it was lightweight and compact. And for that it is a 5/5.Even at the price paid it does feel a bit cheap and flimsy, so knocking a point off.I would recommend using some blu-tac or similar to hold the adjustment legs in place at the desired height, as they can be knocked free if you move the stand / laptop around a bit

  104. TheMuddyFox999

    Arrived in a neat wee box, easy-ish to open out, a little fiddly when setting the pitch of the stand but providing you don’t touch it, it remains in place I guess. Nice touch with a choice of corresponding colours to choose from. Have added some felt feet to the bottom “ski’s” as it seemed a little scratchy on my desk though.

  105. Dane

    So easy to use, compact, it’s light and just what I needed

  106. Sarah H

    Bought this for working from home on laptop. Helps with neck strain from looking down at laptop screen. Very sturdy and easy to fold and takes up a very small footprint on the desk and almost none when folded up. Only complaint would be that the lowest angle is the only one that’s actually usable. All the others tilt the screen to far towards the desk, but may be usable for an iPad or tablet screen, something which is not reliant on hinges like a laptop screen. I would recommend.

  107. Sondar

    Very pleased with this. Well engineered, stable, lightweight and folds down into handy carry pouch. Easily copes with a 15″ Macbook.

  108. A E Sheil

    Bought to raise the screen height following workplace assessment. The stand does just what says and raises the screen and slopes the keyboard. I thought the sloping keyboard may be a bit of a nuisance but actually it makes typing better and more comfortable so a win/win. The only minor drawback is that the lowest height setting is great and any higher would be uncomfortable for typing so can’t quite see why it is designed that way. A greater number of low height settings would seem to be better. That said the stand is strong and steady for my 14″ and 15″ laptops, light and folds up to be very compact

  109. Nathalie

    This is a great standard for the price it costs, it is very sturdy once the laptop is on it and folds down very nicely and fits well in my bag. Have received a lot of compliments for it.

  110. Becks

    Does exactly what I wanted, easy to use and nice and cheap. Would highly recommend

  111. Ali

    Portable, effective and looks nice

  112. Ricki Dunning

    Great stand that you can adjust, using it for working at home

  113. Dielle Ochotorena

    Great stand but the soft supports on the metal -gray cushions- slips and peeled so easily that before I use it again I have to re-adjust the supports.

  114. Sar_cake

    Pins don’t fit the holes but still seems to work pretty well

  115. KimA

    Really handy for travel with the laptop. Folds up neatly and tucks into my laptop bag. Very quite to set up and pretty sturdy.

  116. Amazon Customer

    Easy to carry around and works well as the height is adjustable

  117. Jo Walker

    Perfect for what I wanted. Doesn’t take up lots of space on the desk and holds laptop really well

  118. Joe Lonergan

    Brilliant value for money, super sturdy and compact!

  119. Molly

    Light and easy to use. Holds my laptop just how I need it.

  120. The Finder

    Love this item!

  121. Amazon Customer

    Looks sturdy and robust.

  122. MSanchez

    It’s light and minimalist but does the job very well and is quite sturdy. I like that you can fold it and it comes with a pouch, so it’s easy to carry around in my laptop bag.

  123. Emile Ogier

    The stops could at the base be made better

  124. Casual Academic

    The stand is incredibly stable and lightweight. I was a little doubtful when I took it out of the packaging as at first it seems a little insubstantial, but it’s happily taking the full weight of my laptop and isn’t moving at all as I type. Thoroughly recommend.This product was out of stock when I wanted it, but the company had great communication and were able to notify me when it was back in…I even got it a week earlier than anticipated.

  125. vicki86

    Small, foldable, lightweight and sturdy. I had quite low expectations of this for the price but it’s better than a much more expensive one I had previously. There’s no bounce when I type, it doesn’t slice, I love that I can adjust the height, it takes up almost no space and I think it’ll last really well. It really is the perfect laptop stand.

  126. Amazon Customer

    Great product would highly recommend

  127. Mr. A. Southall

    I mostly use my laptop as a stationary computer, and wanted a simple stand to maximise airflow. This stand works very well, and the concertina design means there is minimal material blocking the intake fans. It holds steady for the most part, and holds my laptop nicely in place with the rubber pads, but the mechanism for adjusting the angle of elevation could be sturdier, perhaps with a slightly deeper design to hold the risers in place more effectively.Overall, it does exactly what I need it to do as my laptop mostly stays under my desk, but if you tend to adjust your laptop more often, the stability might be an issue.

  128. ahmed

    Does everything I want it to, great stand!

  129. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use, lightweight and sturdy enough to hold my laptop. Handy for when I am going into the office or out to site, I also use it at home. Great wee bit of kit

  130. Deborah Coventry

    This stand makes typing so much easier.

  131. SB

    IT IS PERFECT. But a little flimsy.

  132. Aby

    Does its job of keeping my laptop elevated for better airflow as an external monitor. While the material does feel flimsy, it does its job especially if the laptop is going to be stationary.

  133. cookie

    This is really well made, well engineered. Easy to fold and transport but stable once up. Would definitely recommend

  134. Rebecca Lilley

    It’s fine when up and good height, packs away easy in it’s little pouch. Doesn’t feel all that sturdy when putting it up and down.

  135. Mark Cooke

    I was dubious that this would be sturdy enough for my luggable laptop but once setup it is more than sturdy enough, raising the laptop screen alongside a second external monitor and preventing the camera from broadcasting my nostrils! My best bargain buy for ages.Note I do use a separate keyboard and mouse with this stand – they are still useable, just probably not for any length of time.

  136. Richard Williams

    Decent for the money does the job

  137. Mark Mc

    Forget the expensive stands, this is all you need. Easy, simple and effective…plus folds into hardly anything complete with a storage bag. Easily to keep in your laptop bag. Love it.

  138. Helen Wright

    For the cost, this is a good purchase. Does the job and it’s easy to fold and store away in a laptop bag. I’d recommend this product.

  139. Cjs

    absolute brilliant bit of kit that really makes working with a laptop on a table much easier on the wrist, also helps bring it up to a 2nd monitor level should you be using one. Well worth the money, id pay twice the price for it actually

  140. Szymon Knap


  141. J. Brown

    Work has removed all our desk computers & given us all laptops. I think this is great, except the laptop screen is much lower & while okay for short periods, it makes my neck ache when I use it all day.This nifty gadget lifts the screen up to a more comfortable height. I thought typing on the sloping keyboard would be uncomfortable, but it isn’t. In fact, everything is much better. Two others on the office hands bought their own Street seeing mine.It’s very lightweight, folds easily into it’s own little bag, and is very strong.

  142. AadithyaR

    Super portable! And insane value for money. Go for it!

  143. Amazon Customer

    Light but sturdy.Takes minimum space. Perfect to take in your bag

  144. Luke Walker

    I bought these when I went back into an office, and they are perfect. Laptop screen is high enough so I’m not looking down. The laptop is near vertical, so plenty of desk space left for keyboard and mouse. Looks the business, works perfectly.

  145. Sue Gallienne

    The item is compact and does just what you need it to very good buy, Laptop sits lovely on it and gives the height required.

  146. Beatriz

    Good quality product

  147. Tharindi Attalapitiya

    Brought this for uni and it’s perfect!!! Also bought the grey coloured one and it matches the same colour of my macbook!

  148. Nataly

    I bought it for my burgers,but ended up using it myself xddd just because he didn’t like that he couldn’t write on a higher keyboard, but for me is perfect 👌I can finally look straight at the screen during my lessons and always, perfect for ventilation. So worth it, I recommend it

  149. Keith

    Does what it says on the box. Mac 16″ sits perfectly, and easy to type, very happy with purchase.

  150. DJ Marshall

    Love nearly everything about this stand, it’s compact so doesn’t take up much room on the desk and easy to transport if you’re working from several different places. Only downside is that the legs you have to put in place to keep the angle you want can be a bit fiddly. You put one on and the other one moves. Apart from that it’s great and the colour is brilliant too.

  151. Mr D P Jackson

    Really sturdy laptop stand, and very portable

  152. Oliver

    Brought this product as I have to use my laptop for long periods of time for work. The product is great, but I have only had it a couple of weeks so far. It feels relatively sturdy but I wouldn’t want to test it out. Very much fit for purpose and the colour it very smart.

  153. Adam K

    Does the job almost perfectly, build is nice and quality materials are used but the easy of how it folds it the issue and you ant just pick it up and move with our a little faffing around little more friction all around would make this a perfect product and would make it a 5 star but I would place it 4.5 if I could

  154. Matty Cross

    I have been using my iPad Pro for taking notes in meetings and also using it for painting in pro create. I got this stand to put my iPad in a much more natural position. It works really and is comfortable to use. Less stress on my wrist etc.

  155. Mike Pitt

    Bought two of these for two very different laptops, a small 14 inch machine and a bigger 17 inch machine. The stands are strong and have a good range of adjustment and are great for both machines.Great stands, great price.

  156. Gerald S.

    Sturdy, and strong, easy to use and easy to move around and take on journeys outside the home,

  157. JRM

    Bought for a 14″ laptop and it copes admirably. Strong and sturdy.

  158. Andrea

    Folds nicely, careful when balancing your laptop on top of it as the legs fold Independently on one another as so they can collapse easily.

  159. S. Brudenell

    This works perfectly for me. It’s light, so can carry with me when I go to the office. It positions my laptop where I want it, so avoids me straining my neck. Excellent value for money and wish I’d done it sooner!

  160. Cameron

    The stand feels a little flimsy, but is sturdy with the laptop resting on it.

  161. Tristan Goddard

    Really sturdy and easy to fold and unfold, I 100% recommend this for anyone in a situation like me where you work sometimes in the office and sometimes at home, so easy to use.

  162. mike casey

    This is a well built laptop stand, exactly what I wanted.The materials and quality of manufacture is really great.I highly recommend this product.

  163. Amazon Customer

    Bought this to tidy up my office desk as it was all a mess. Great little stand, nice and tidy, can barely see it once set up with a laptop on it. Very lightweight and even comes with a small bag to make transporting it to and from locations even easier. Very easy to fold away and set up I seconds. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

  164. Kismet

    Very handy item slips into my bag in its pocket. Great for a day in the office where I no longer have a riser

  165. Niamh.

    I needed a stand small enough I could carry between the office and the house so this was perfect. Has 3 heights and so is adjustable, I only used it on the highest and it was ideal. Still using it a year later.

  166. Julie Harrold

    Great product

  167. Peter Davidson

    New laptop seems to get a bit hot. Perfect for watching YouTube etc from the comfort of your bed highly recommend

  168. Sefra E.

    It’s good for its price

  169. Mr. Craig Powell

    Good all round perfect for plonking your laptop anywhere

  170. Amazon Customer

    I purchased for a ReMarkable e-paper tablet so I can raise it up a little and make hand-written notes on my desk.I searched a long time for anything simple and low angle. There are lots of others that are too steep or designed for laptops. This works well on its lowest setting for this tablet.I don’t plan to be portable, it will stay on my desk next to my keyboard.There is a small wobble when I go right to the bottom of the page and press to write, due to the slight curve of the bottom support but I can live with that.Overall, not a bad solution but only works in portrait mode. I tried my iPad Air 2 in landscape mode and that is okay but only rests on 2 out of the 4 rubber pads. I could add some pads of my own and improve it.

  171. ambz-

    Good value for money and does the job. I’m a student so would need to access online resources alot so using this really helped my posture and my doesn’t strain my eyes too much from having to constantly look downThe adjustable stand is good but slightly flimsy so thats the only bad thing I have to is a decent price for what you get and folds to be quite compact so you can easily take it anywhere

  172. Adam

    Perfect. Does exactly what it is supposed to!

  173. Zoe

    I wasn’t expecting much from this laptop stand because it’s pretty cheap in comparison to others. I’d been looking at ones 3 times the price before deciding to take a chance on this one. My main concern was sturdiness – I don’t have a separate keyboard so it was vital that the stand wouldn’t wobble too much while typing and I was pleasantly surprised! It’s very sturdy, seems to be well made and have had no issues with it at all so far. It remains in place completely and doesn’t wobble at all when typing and is very comfortable to use. It’s easy to set up and change the settings, not stiff at all. The rubber holds the laptop in place securely. Easy to fold away for travel and comes with a handy little bag for storage. I feel it’s made a big difference to my posture as I’m not hunched over the laptop anymore, which was causing me to have back pain. It also provides a much more flattering webcam angle for online classes so I’m looking forward to using it for that when I go back to uni after the summer. Really happy I got this one!

  174. DeniseC

    Love this laptop stand. Bought it to use when working from home so it lifts my screen up and makes the camera at the right level for when I’m on Teams / Zoom. Folds away quickly and easily all some me to pack it away at the weekend very easily. Would highly recommend.

  175. NJ

    Great value & sturdy enough

  176. ALi Habbache

    Very easy to use and fold.

  177. E. Conran

    This arrived early and didn’t disappoint. It’s easy to assemble and makes my laptop much easier to work on. Instead of hunching over I now sit up straight so it does more than it advertises.

  178. Druttercup

    This stand comes with padding to protect both your device and the surface, which is a must because its stamped from aluminium and the edges are square not rounded.I was initially unsure how solid this would be because the nodules that sit in the adjustment slots are fairly small, but once there’s any weight on there everything fits and holds.I’ve used this for extensive typing sessions on a 15″ laptop with absolutely no issues. The angle is highly customisable and the folding action is nice and smooth. Comes with a carry case that slips unobtrusively into my bag and will be coming with me anywhere I take my laptop because life is too short for bad tables!

  179. Stephen O’Connell

    This is an excellent laptop stand that elevates your laptop to your desired height. I use this for work and for home. What’s nice about this stand is it’s easy to fold and throw in your laptop bag. All my work colleagues were so impressed that they went and bought the same stand themselves.Well done!

  180. JonP

    The device folds us easily to fit into a bag. On a lower setting it makes typing much nicer as it elevates your wrists and at a higher setting (if using separate mouse and keyboard) it raises the screen height for better posture.It has made working on the laptop when not docked a much nicer experience

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