USB Male A to Micro B Cable 1M, Up to 5Gbps High Speed Hard Drive Cable

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  • 【FASTER DATA TRANSFER RATE】 Our micro B USB cable supports data transfer speed up to 5Gbps, 10X faster than standard USB 2.0. It can transfer large files such as pictures, movies within seconds
  • 【MULTI-SHIELD PROTECTION】 Bare copper conductors with foil and braid shielding of this USB micro B cable provides superior cable performance, error-free data transmission, and fast charging speed
  • 【WIDE COMPATIBILITY】 This USB 3.0 hard drive cable is compatible with Galaxy S5, Note 3/ Pro 12.2, camera and portable USB 3.0 external hard drives including Toshiba Canvio, Seagate Expansion, WD
  • 【STABLE DATA TRANSMISSION】 The anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance connectors of our ultra-fast USB data cable ensure error-free data transmission and fast charging speed for your micro B devices
  • 【PLUG AND PLAY】 Our android charger cable is hassle-free. You don’t have to install any software. Just connect to your device and use. Ideal for USB 3.0 enabled smartphones, tablets and cameras


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Features & Compatibility

Hard Drive Cable
Hard Drive Cable
Hard Drive Cable


Our cable features TPU cable jacket externally for superior durability with strong shielding to ensure superior performance under heavy usage. An indispensable accessory for the micro B devices

Hard Drive Cable


This hard drive cable features multi-layer shielding which ensures stable signal transmission. Foil shielding with buffer cotton fiber covered bare copper conductors ensures maximum conductivity

Hard Drive Cable


Featuring well-constructed USB plugs, this USB Cable fits snugly on both ends and offers a firm connection between the portable external hard drive and your laptop for stable and fast data transmission

Hard Drive Cable

ULTRICS USB 3.0 A-Male to Micro-B Cable

The cable is made of advanced technology, and the metal shell looks simple. 10x the data transfer rate of Hi-Speed USB 2.0 at up to 5 Gbps. Ideal for connecting the latest external hard drives, printers, network hubs and more, to your laptop, computer (Mac/PC) or other USB 3.0-enabled device’s. Backward compatibility with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1.

Superior Construction

  • PVC cable jacket.
  • Braided shielding.
  • Foil shielding.
  • Buffer cotton filler.
  • Bare copper conductors.


  • Connector 1: USB 3.0 Micro-B Male.
  • Connector 2: USB 3.0 Type-A Male.
  • Cable Rating: Up to 5 Gbps data transfer rate.
  • Supports 2.4-Amp fast charging.


  • Ideal for use with smartphones and tablets, including Android and Windows-based devices.
  • Flexible and strong cable.
  • Full Duplex USB 3.0 compliant.
  • USB A Male to USB Micro B Male.
  • Durable and highly flexible outer jacket.


Is this usb data cable reliable for high speed data transmission from WD elements portable hard drive?

      Yes, it works fine between the WD elements portable hard drive and desktop computer.

Can i use this with My Passport Ultra?


Will this micro b cable work with xbox hard drives?

      Yes it will for the Seagate drive.

Is this hard disk cable durable and good for fast data transfer?

      Yes it's fast data, but will also depend on the speed of your computer...

Additional information

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1m, 2m, 30cm, 3m

Customer Reviews

188 reviews for USB Male A to Micro B Cable 1M, Up to 5Gbps High Speed Hard Drive Cable

  1. Flaminpie

    Does the job well.

  2. Quizman99

    The delivery was rapid and the product looks top class. Highly recommended!

  3. Lynda

    Great value for money. Sturdy design works great on my portable hard drive.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Good substantial cable and plug fits well in socket much better than one provided with tablet.

  5. Nc

    Arrived fast and as described

  6. Alex

    Arrived on time. Works well with my Samsung HDD and looks cool in blue. I’m not sure there is more to expect from it seen as it works. Build quality is good.

  7. David

    Thank you I didn’t thin I would get this so fast as it’s an American brand but thank you so much I can sort my music out now cheers ….Dave

  8. Richard Cousins

    Delivered on time and works as expected

  9. Mark Hughes

    Top quality item that from first touch has a quality feel about it. Snug fit so connection is not loose. Rapid file share and fast charge. Even though this is debatable, I have charged my S5 from dead to 100% in just over an hour. Almost at 1-2% per minute charge. Awesome colour too means it stands out from all other cables. A must buy if you have a phone with a USB 3.0 connection.

  10. Naz Rasheed

    It works fine and good quality, I was hoping though that it would longer

  11. Mrs A L Murphy

    Does as described, heavy duty, fast shipment. Thank you.

  12. maverick

    Ideal for my WD my passport drive. Good fit. Excellent transfer speeds

  13. Mr AJ Penhaligon

    Very high quality cable and just the product I needed to complete an easy reach for my external drives in my studio.

  14. Baedling

    Work absolutely fine on WD Elements and Toshiba Canvio backup drives.

  15. Techy Dave

    I was unable to access a portable Toshiba hard drive, and didn’t want to take the drive apart as suggested on many blogs. Changed the lead to one of these and all works fine. Good quality lead that seems to work well. Good data transfer rates, better than the lead supplied by Toshiba. I’ve only been using it for a few days but would recommend it based on the experience so far.

  16. Raymondieu

    Buying cables can be a hit and miss affair – you don’t always get low quality cables when they’re cheap and you can’t just rely on higher prices to ensure you get a high quality cables with a long life. I know this because over the years I have bought a lot of cables for desktops and laptops and having kids and pets has meant replacing them has become an all too regular activity. This 

    Premium Quality ULTRICS@ USB 3.0 Type A to Micro-B Cable

     is a cross between these two scenarios – in a good way: It’s a premium quality cable at the price you’d expect to pay for a lower quality generic. I bought these cables specifically to complement a Lacie Rugged USB 3 1TB drive I’ve been given by a friend and side by side it’s hard to tell the ULTRICS cable from the LaCie one so from appearances it looks high qualilty, but as anyone who’s owned an Apple cable knows, looks can be deceptive. So I have taken time to look more closely at how the cable is made and how it performs.The connectors are solidly made at both ends and finished to high tolerances. They fit smoothly yet firmly into Macs, PCs, mobiles and disk drives I had around to test them with which in turn ensured a reliable connection. (I only say this because I have some USB 3.0 Type A to Type A cables that came with a good quality disk caddy that will disconnect if they’re looked at in a funny way, so good quality connectors are a must). The USB connectors themselves are easy to get hold of, being a decent size and with four grip lines on either side of the Type B end, but they’re not so wide or tall that they obscure adjacent USB ports when they’re plugged in – often a problem with some cables or devices where the USB ports are very close together. The Type B-Micro end may be a problem if you’re looking to use it with a mobile phone that has a case – the connector’s metal component is only long enough to securely connect when the connector is sitting flush with the device it’s connected to. It works brilliantly with the LaCie Rugged 1TB drive and a friend’s mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S5?) but the USB sockets on both of those are flush to the surface of the device.At the cable end of the USB connector, the cable is firmly attached to the plug and shielded from excessive bending by a short sleeve. The USB3 cable itself is 5mm in diameter so together with the protection provided by the socket you’ll need at least 10cm in front of any USB socket to ensure that the cable isn’t overstressed. That said, the cable itself is flexible and both the 30cm and 1m cables can fit snugly alongside 2.5″ external disk drives in their hard cases. The cable sheath is a pleasant blue colour, making it easy to find this USB 3.0 cable in a tangle of black USB 2.0 cables at the back of my desk.In terms of performance, I’ve tested them with high speed solid state drives and got fast read and write transfer times (the cable connection runs at 5GB/s) when used in conjunction with a good quality internal USB 3.0 card. The cable also works with USB 2.0 ports with no issues whatsoever – the speed is limited to USB 2.0 speeds as you’d expect but they function perfectly. (I only mention this because I had an old USB 3.0 cable that wasn’t backwards compatible).Taken as a whole, this is an easy product to recommend. At £3.29 for a 30cm cable and £3.49 for a 1m cable I think they represent very good value for money when you can pay upwards of £10 for a cable in department stores or big box retailers.I hope you found this review helpful and that it’s assisted you in making a purchasing decision (whether it’s to buy this product or not). This review has been written after two days solid use on a laptop, desktop and mobile phone. Should any problems arise during further use of the cable the review and rating will be updated to reflect these. If you have any question, I’m happy to reply. If you think my review isn’t helpful, please let me know why so I can make future reviews better.TL;DR I think the cable is good quality, great value for money and I didn’t get paid to say that.N.B. This cable was purchased by me at the price advertised. In the spirit of honest Amazon customer reviews I will say that it arrived with an offer from the seller of a free USB 2.0 cable in return for writing a review of this product. I have DECLINED this generous incentive.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Very accurate description quick delivery does what it’s supposed to do

  18. Amazon Customer

    Works Great and delivered arrived well before expected even around Xmas

  19. Gill P

    To replace previous external drive cable. Excellent connection and compatability .Good value .

  20. roseanya

    Good quality, and fast download speed from PC to ext disks.

  21. I. Dar

    Excellent Quality Cable.

  22. Vaarky

    Seems well made, works perfectly, recommended.

  23. sparrow

    great cable, good chunky solid cable.

  24. Amazon Customer

    Bought this as a spare for the current wire that I had been using. This is solid cable. Works fine and is a good length.Perfect for its price range.

  25. Ameneh Nobakhtfar

    Very good. Prompt delivery

  26. I.w.

    Brilliant product. The extra length is ideal for use on my Smart TV.

  27. Posh Dreams

    Good value for money! Works well so far!

  28. John Frazer

    As I have an engineering background, I like to organise my workplace, so for my data cables I have black for USB2, blue for USB3 and red for eSATA to make some sense out of my (typical) PC cable spaghetti. Just recently bought a Verbatim “Store n GO” portable HDD and it came with a measly 25cm black USB3A to Micro-B cable. Therefore I needed a longer cable, preferably in blue with the right connectors.This blue cable is just perfect, as it is long enough to reach the back of my PC, transfers data at USB3’s fast speeds, is reasonably flexible but tough and is very cost effective – so that’s sorted.

  29. rwelch

    Just what is says on the ‘tin’. Strong cable that just does what to should. Rapid delivery.

  30. LUKE 1919

    Very happy with this purchase good value for money.

  31. James Harvey

    absolutely fantastic would have no problems buying again if needed ten out of ten thanks

  32. Mike

    Better than my original from Buffalo.

  33. Mr. Steven Blease

    Nice quality cable, does the job that the very short cable that came with my WD drive could not do.

  34. adrian

    Works as should fair price.

  35. Anro 3047

    Prompt delivery – good quality product and perfect for my needs.

  36. Alfredo

    Pedi este cable de 3 metros y no me equivoqué. Me he librado de tener que agachar para conectar el anterior cable que tenía conectado a la parte trasera del pc y que cada dos por tres a conectarlo, a desconectarlo. De esta manera el hub de usb que compré ahora lo tengo encima de la mesa y conectado si perdidas ni desventajas al pc. Y el cable se ve de buena calidad y fuerte. Satisfactoría la compra

  37. Cliente Amazon


  38. Avinash

    Good advertised. Prompt delivery. (would be great if product is offered in other colors.)

  39. Anders Jensen

    Nice and sturdy cable, that gets the job done.

  40. Remi S

    Good sturdy cable. Bought it to replace the one that came with my Western Digital hard drive and I’d say it’s better, and every bit as fast. Doesn’t feel like it’s likely to come apart at the join like the WD one did.

  41. Andreas

    The stuff is already arrived safely and it is not need much time for waiting. i am happy to report that the cable is suitable to all external hardisk. Very recommended seller with the good quality product.

  42. Anni

    Da ich das Kabel meiner externen Festplatte verloren hatte, brauchte ich dringend ein neues. Dieses hier ist zwar wesentlich kürzer als mein vorheriges, aber für meinen Gebrauch mehr als genügend. Angeschlossen hat es das getan, was es sollte und ich konnte ohne Probleme auf meine Dateien zugreifen.

  43. P. Kochan

    Great cable. Well made and charges fast. Quick delivery as well

  44. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this cable for my portable charger. Not all my clothes have pockets so i carry my charger in the same hand as my phone. My cable was quite long and just kept getting in the way and difficult to carry due to small hands. This length is perfect from phone to charger. There isnt a lot of overhanging cable so now i can comfortably hold phone and charger in one hand and not worry about the cable.

  45. Amazon Customer

    Works great thank you

  46. Ajay K.

    Good products as per spec

  47. mantella luca

    Prodotto ben fatto perfetto per quello che si deve fare poteva essere un po piu lungo ma va bene cosi soddisfatto dell’acquisto

  48. T R B

    Good product, fits nicely with the Case mate on my S5. First cable that I’ve got that uses the USB 3 capability. Would recommend.

  49. ray

    Love the cable

  50. Rebecca Fox

    Bought this as I dropped my laptop and bent the plug on the cable that came with my hard drive originally. The cable is short but this suits me as means I do not have loads of long wires to deal with. I have a few hard drives for work and personal and I like the blue cable as it helps to easily identify different hard drives….

  51. James B

    The product arrived very quickly. It works without problems and functions just as described.

  52. Hoop

    I have a 1 T Byte USB3 portable hard drive that works well on my older laptop that only supports USB2 ports. When used on a new notebook that has USB3 only ports, the hard-drive works some of the time. I guessed that the problem was due to the cable not being able to handle USB3 speeds. I changed the cable for the ULTRICS Premium USB 3.0 and the hard-drive now works consistently.

  53. Amanda

    Brilliant lead

  54. Amazon Customer

    Very happy with purchase

  55. Richard Barker

    These cables were exactly what I needed. They are sturdy and work perfectly.I have purchased two different lengths now and the same high quality persists. I have two main applications for the cables 1) connecting a card reader to my tower PC under my desk and 2) charging my Samsung tablet at some distance from the charger. The leads are in the highly dependable category.

  56. ianarchie

    Arrived quickly and is sturdy and lengthy enough for fast tethered image capture between my camera and laptop. The colour is also handy as it stands out against the many black cables I have, helping to ensure I pack the correct cable when shooting/pairing with a particular camera.

  57. Laszlo

    It seems a good quality thick cable. It passes easily 1,7Amp for my phone or 100 MB/sec for my External HDD.

  58. John Evanson

    Excellent value and quick delivery, using cable for WD my passport ultra.

  59. MT

    Very good length allowing to attach drive to my new Android-driven UHD TV.

  60. Smart Mart

    Good value item.

  61. Kevin Edgar

    Excellent item. Perfect for my requirements. Great fast delivery. Highly recommend this seller.

  62. dataylor

    Bought this to replace a lead for a MyPassport Ultra external HD.I only use the external HD a few time a year and therefore it doesn’t need to be that robust. However, it seems well constructed and the data speed is as expected and so I’m pleased with the purchase.

  63. Amazon Customer

    VERY PLEASED! Item arrived well within estimated time period, well wrapped, and as described. Thank you. Would buy from this seller again

  64. Ms. R. Godfrey

    Perfect length so I no longer throw the drive on the floor when I move the laptop

  65. craig

    I recieved my order very quickly and and was very happy with the price and product. Will definitely be purchsing more from ULTRICS in the future 🙂 also will most definitely recommend to friends and family 🖒

  66. Amazon Customer

    It does what it says on tin. Perfect

  67. CH

    good value

  68. Alfa

    Quería un cable un poco largo para dejar en la cpu, y así no tener que andar desconectando todo, a mi me vale para pasar archivos un poco pesados, no he notado una diferencia abismal respecto al original que trae el disco duro. El color no es tan brillante, mide un metro sin contar las conexiones, ahora habrá que ver la duración del mismo

  69. will

    Amazing product, i would highly recomend this good durable cable with great speeds and a vwry small price tag.Will.

  70. HoneyKim

    Good quality

  71. sean

    It was described well and matched the description

  72. Ant

    Very good quality cable in a nice blue which makes it stand out from others. Ideal for my backup external hard discs.

  73. Ron Moody

    Strong yet pliable, great value…No problems!

  74. Kindle Customer

    If you want straightforward functionality at a fair price this is it.

  75. PeteP

    It worked OK out of the bag. Only time will tell if its reliable. If you’re the sort to constantly unplug and plug again it might not hold up, as with all moulded connectors the weakness would be the strain relief or lack thereof.

  76. David

    Excellent product. Great colour, solid connectors and thick durable lead. You really can’t get a thicker more durable USB 3 lead for this price online. Don’t hesitate. Buy it now ‘

  77. mr b slattery

    excellent buy! Better than the one supplied by the data storage maker i bought from. Sturdy and robust with fast data transfer. Will buy more.

  78. Daniele

    Ottimo, sia il materiale che gli attacchi, ritirato martedi alla posta

  79. j w d

    I bought this to connect my Seagate hard drive to my television, the lead supplied was far too short for the purpose. This lead at 1metre long was exactly what I needed. The plugs fitted perfectly and it is much thicker than the original, also being blue it is easy to distinguish between all the other leads connected to the television. I would recommend this lead.

  80. Allison Gallacher

    Excellent value and does the job. Much cheaper than other computer stores.

  81. Wolfgang Schreck

    Sehr sehr gute Übertragungsrate

  82. Cbirsan

    Arrived as expected and fits perfectly my Samsung Usb. I recommend!

  83. steve

    Big improvement over the cable supplied with my Samsung 1Tb portable drive. Top quality. Great value.

  84. Mr P

    Excellent delivery, I received my product within 3 days of placing the order. Goods were exactly as described, but actually have a premium look and feel to them. Definately would recommend.

  85. lizobserver

    okay for backup harddrive cable

  86. Thomas B.

    Habe ich an meine externe Festplatte angeschlossen und funktioniert einwandfrei.

  87. G. Pugh

    Use this with my Samsung Galaxy to download onto my PC. Its a robust cable and works perfectly. I like the fact that its blue too as I can pick it out easily from my various other wires. Delivery was swift and the price was good. No more needs to be said really

  88. Darren

    Top notch purchase fits perfectly very durable

  89. Pat Harrison

    I used the cable to connect one piece of electronic equipment to another

  90. silvio

    Il cavo funziona bene, è morbido al punto giusto e la plastica di cui è composto sembra essere di ottima qualità…consigliato!

  91. Amazon Customer

    Good product

  92. pc1630

    I bought a Sony hard drive which has proved to be unreliable, I decided to replace the cable to see if things improved,they didn’t,but the cable is of good quality and I would recommend it. It is still in use with another hard drive.

  93. Danny Chen

    I would say this is a good replacement to the OEM cable. Cable is thicker than even the OEM and the transfer timing is about the same. I use this cable along with the Toshiba 1TB portable and it works fine.

  94. Amazon Customer

    Good part works wellRapid delivery

  95. Michael MacDonald

    Received in excellent time, nice and quick and hassle free, with the quality being much better than original supplied with Hard Drive, not to mention longer!

  96. Garry

    Great great product very nice cable arrived very quickly

  97. Carrera Chris

    Reliable charging and data transfer.

  98. Andrew

    Does the job exactly as expected. Very stable and well put together and the speed seems to be around 280-350Mbps connected to a MacBookPro 2013 so overall very good quality.

  99. fredbat

    Nice colour and quick transfers. I wanted a short cable and this fits the bill. Seems tough too.

  100. DIMITRY

    Estoy muy contento con el producto,por su calidad, duravilidad y precio.

  101. Steve Zimmermann

    Habe das Kabel für meine Festplatte bestellt weil das alte defekt war. Alles super immer wieder gerne

  102. David Mitchell

    First class delivery, used product right out of the package – great.

  103. Amazon Customer

    Nice Strong Cable I highly recommend it!

  104. Steph

    Quick delivery. Works for my Toshiba hard drive.

  105. hippy

    Bought to replace a lost cable works as it should

  106. Mark Russen

    Ordered this cable to replace one that wasn’t a good one. It arrived in quick time and is far more superior than any other that I have bought or used. It fully charged my phone in just over an hour and half from dead. So in summery this is the best charging cable that I’ve ever bought I would highly recommend this to everyone. As an added bonus the length of the cable (3m) means that im not totally tied down to the plug socket.

  107. Phil Davis

    Excellent service, really please with this product! Great value

  108. M. Toney

    This cable fits well into my Toshiba HDTB410EK3AA 1TB Canvio Basics 2.5-Inch USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive. A generous size cable and overall great value for money.

  109. Honest Hari

    Perfect for its intended purpose


    as a connecting cable

  111. Debra Roberts

    Exactly as expected.spoody delivery. Works fine

  112. jonathan adler


  113. Elizabeth Munro

    this cable works perfect unlike other cables we have ordered before , we will deal with this seller again soon

  114. Garden

    2nd purchase. Fantastic, excellent quality. Will but again if i need another one.

  115. Ross Carpenter

    A very good product – my biggest concern when buying this cable was that it fit snuggly in the port rather than there being some movement in the port. I have not been disappointed – snug fit, and very good data transfer speed (I have no way of knowing what this is, but it seems quicker than the previous times I’ve transferred data with other cables).Very happy with the product, reasonably priced, and I’d happily recommend to others.

  116. Mrs Stads

    After breaking my cable while moving houses I needed s new one. Works perfectly, just like the cable when I bought the hardtive. Would buy again if I broke this one

  117. Graham E.

    Excellent just the job!

  118. David

    Amazing quality!!

  119. khowes

    Works a treat

  120. Artizan

    A cable is a cable until it fails; then it’s a useless length of cord fit only as a washing line! This, however, is a well-made cable that’s unlikely to break or let you down.

  121. Mr. J. Shield

    Very well made lead, worked first time, only gripe is it is very short.I am one well happy customer.

  122. Mad Col

    Does what it says on the tin…5***** product

  123. Konstantinos

    Very satisfied , I am happy with the purchase , it worked right away


    Great cable But took a bit to long to come

  125. AS

    looks like a well built cable. Thanks.

  126. C M Brown

    Excellent product

  127. strikerace

    It is a cable. It works

  128. H Kad

    I needed this to replace my original Toshiba hard drive cable which has gone missing. I am very pleased with the item as it works perfectly , no difference noticeable to the original one. Best price I could find as well

  129. Marco Prova Tutto

    Mi serviva un cavo USB di tipo B, quindi con i connettori simili a quelli per i cellulari samsung, che hanno maggiore disponibilità di corrente e di flusso dati. Ce ne sono altri in vendita ma a me è piaciuta l’idea di un cavo colorato perché così si nota meglio nella borsa, visto che è corto così non a rischio di perderlo. Del nuovo l’inserimento è appena difficoltoso Il che vuol dire che con l’uso dovrebbe restare affidabile e Non diventare troppo. Soddisfatto.

  130. Jens Krautheim

    Ich habe mein Originalkabel verloren, brauchte ein neues …Habe nur ein 1,5m Kabel bekommen, welches natürlich für viele Strom Anschlüsse (Zug uä) viel zu lang war, der Strom ist auf dem Weg ausgegangen …Nun mit diesem Kabel habe ich so wie mit dem Originalkabel keine Sorgen mehr, es ist angenehm kurz, schön dick(schwer kaputt zu verbiegen) und funktioniert einwandfrei …Ich bin begeistert

  131. Amazon Customer

    wer noch so ein Kabel braucht, funktioniert wunderbar, etwas lang wie gesagt, ist aber manchmal von Vorteil, ;), würde es wieder nehmen

  132. MR PETE D

    Very happy with this cable for a tricky socket. Thick cable and good connection. Good price also.

  133. Michael Miller

    Im not a commuter geek but this seems to work better than any lead I’ve had before, It just seems to be faster, I went for the short one so my desk is not filled with leads trailing all over the place, but somehow this has speeded up my work, I didn’t know a lead could do that

  134. Pinko

    I have been using it on a daily basis for about 4 months now and it is still charging and/or transferring files super fast. The coating is quite thick there is no signs of cracks at the extremities. Also having that 3 metres length available is absolutely great too. Go for it. Highly recommend it. For that price you can’t go wrong. Eric

    ULTRICS® Premium USB 3.0 Type A to Micro-B Cable FOR WESTERN DIGITAL WD SEAGATE TOSHIBA SAMSUNG EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES Super Fast High Speed Data Transfer Charging Cable BLUE, USB 3.0 Type A Male to B Micro Sync Data HDD Hard Disk Cable

  135. rowley32256

    I lost the short cable that came with my WD external hard drive and ordered this as a replacement. It seems a better-made product than the original and works perfectly

  136. Thomas Wareing

    You get exactly what you pay for. Good strength to the cable as I’m used to cheap cables feeling as though they’re gunna break as soon as you touch them

  137. Collkitto

    Exactly what was required, good quality at a very fair price.

  138. Mr. F.

    Great product information. Delivery was rapid. Item was just as described and it works perfectly.

  139. Mr Arnold G. Langford


  140. lestraites

    it works

  141. Preston W Mandeya

    Good Products and Cheap

  142. Orsy

    Work fine and do the job perfecly.

  143. Damien

    I Really like the cable it feels better than the original, i believe it is also thinker. so i haven’t done any massive data transfers with it yet but from what i have done the transfer rate is really good too. my only gripe would be the length of the cable because where my pc is and what i use it for i keep getting it tangled in other cables but ya that not a huge issue, but ya like the cable but would have wanted one with a smaller length.

  144. Amazon Kunde

    Habe es dringend für mein Tablet gebraucht, das alte Kabel hat wohl ein Kabelbruch gehabt. War froh für die schnelle Lieferung Danke.

  145. JDT Windsor

    Very happy, good price & does the job, very happy!

  146. Sayantan Das

    This product is very good in this price. This is actually faster than the original cord provided.

  147. Melanie JOWETT

    This is a great little cable. Was in need of a new cable and saw this. The connection is nice and secure (better than my original Belkin cable) and transfers information very well, in fact ” Does exactly what it says on the tin”.

  148. Fred

    Great product fast delivery

  149. patrick croash

    Cheap and cheerful. More than happy with the cable. Will be buying another one!

  150. Amazon Customer

    this is a good item and cam on time

  151. Kenneth Browning

    Well made and strong thought it would be 1 MTR but only 30 cm

  152. Cheeb Ong

    The cable feels good in quality and works well with my hard disk. The bright blue will definitely prevents it from missing. Prompt delivery.

  153. Cliente Amazon

    Ho comprato il cavo da 2metri per ricaricare il mio Samsung S5, e devo dire che è più che perfetto!! Ricarica veloce garantita e con più stabilità, testimoniato anche dai valori di amperaggio dell’app Ampere. Ho la comodità della lunghezza e finalmente posso usarlo comodamente dal mio letto anche quando è sotto carica. L’attacco usb 3.0 è solido così come il cavo davvero molto robusto e ben fatto. Lo ricomprerei sicuramente.

  154. Cliente Amazon

    tutto ok

  155. diego

    Buon prodotto, fa quello che deve. Gli attacchi sono più stabili di altri

  156. Freelancer223

    The item is perfect its exactly what i needed and works perfectly. Both ends of the cable fit snuggly into my laptop and external hardrive. The colour is bright blue so it wont get lost in a sea of black cables i have like the last one.

  157. joshua

    super durable cable for a great price! wouldn’t buy cables from anyone else from now on.

  158. Scott

    Needed longer USB 3 cable at reasonable price. Excellent construction and seem very sturdy. This is a 3 meter cable which is more than long enough for my needs. I would recommend it to anyone who needs one.

  159. Hitm

    Worked just fine

  160. PaulFincken

    Excellent service for delivery – quick and reliable. Product is excellent – provides good quality transfer of data. I would recommend this to anyone.

  161. R. Maitland

    Did exactly what it was supposed to do.

  162. ROBERTA

    Buon prodotto. Il mio vecchio attacco era molto lento e la connessione andava e veniva. Questo invece si inserisce perfettamente

  163. Steve Naylor

    Very good return.

  164. Peter Herault

    Really quick service and the product is everything I expected.

  165. Domenico

    Utile e pratico!!

  166. NICE2523

    Durable. Good value. Fast delivery. ‘ would have been nice to have a black option.

  167. Me

    excellent bit of kit the one supplied was very short and had to have extension lead with it otherwise had to keep hard drive very close to the laptop with this one I can leave my hard drive on the table and sit laptop on my lap without any fear of pulling it off the table due to too short a cable the length of this one is excellent and very fast its was well worth the buy

  168. DR I.

    Heavy duty, powers a Samsung Galaxy Pro 12 tablet perfectly. Better than other alternatives I have tried from amazon.Loses a star because of the blue colour, I would have liked white.

  169. Suliman Saleem

    Works really well its a nice thick cable.

  170. YB

    Produit de bonne qualitéAucune perte de connexion à ce jourAvoir sur le long termeJe ne regrette pas mon achat

  171. John Kerr

    Ordered this cable as a replacement & it is better than expected. Fits better than my old cable & is a snug fit, perfect.

  172. ups

    Sehr stables Kabel, funktioniert einwandfrei. Besonders die Länge finde ich sehr praktisch.

  173. Alix King

    It works!

  174. Kate

    Good quality cables, shipped promptly. Highly recommended

  175. JTT


  176. Dominic Macauley

    The cable is great. It’s robust , yet flexible. You know it’s going to last forever. The blue finishing gives it a premium look. It’s also high speed, as advertised. Very happy with it.

  177. Amazon Customer

    There are some nasty USB cables out there. This definitely isn’t one of them. High quality manufacture and just what I wanted. Works just as it should. Problem solved.

  178. J.l.m.p

    lo uso para simracing, teniendo varios perifericos a la vez y muy buen resultado

  179. Rushie36

    exactly as described at a great price.

  180. Mr. W. Maclean

    Just what we needed to connect hard drive safely to smart TV so that it can be laid flat and not fall out of short cable supplied with hard drive. can now watch videos on hard dive using TV control instead of connecting via laptop and HDMI cable etc and using laptop to play videos so a lot less clutter etc.

  181. Tony B

    Great product at a reasonable price. In the tangle of cables we all have THE blue stands out and at 3m long it’s perfect. Highly recommended. Tony Bruce.

  182. buky

    This USB cable is really the best ivev used.Very strongly made. I would recommend it highly. Thinking of getting another one.

  183. David

    Handy bit of kit for my xtnl drive and just the right length for my set up. Works a treat.

  184. John Marshall

    Excellent product

  185. Cliente Amazon

    Pedí este producto porque el cable que traía de serie el disco duro que compré (wd passport) era demasiado corto y la conexión USB no se sujetaba demasiado bien con lo que se producían desconexiones continuamente del disco duro. Con este cable se han solucionado estos problemas con un precio bastante razonable, ademas lo recibí unos días antes de la fecha prevista.

  186. ARC

    Works at full speed, good quality despite the price.Bit of a stiff cable but if slightly warmed and shaped it stays like that – which is what I needed.

  187. C.H..

    So far so good. Had to replace my original wire. The longer length works best as you dont need to have hard drive so close to laptop when working.

  188. James Griffiths

    Good lead however slightly loose connection on it. It feels strong though and I enjoy using it

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