Cat 7 Ethernet Cable 30M, High Speed 10Gbps 600MHz/s Flat Network Cable

About this item

  • 【HIGH-PERFORMANCE 】 Cat 7 Ethernet cable offers data transmission rate up to 600MHz compared to Cat 5 (100 MHz) or Cat 6 (250 MHz) and syncing speed up to 10Gbps which is 10 times faster than Cat 5
  • 【GOLD PLATED RJ45 CONNECTOR】 This flat network cable is shielded with Aluminium foil and terminated with two gold-plated 50 micron 8P8C snagless RJ45 connectors. Provides a stable network connection
  • 【UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY】 Ethernet cable is ideal for laptop, printers, router, Modems, Raspberry Pi 4, iMac pro, PS4, PS5, Xbox and patch panel. Backward compatible with Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A
  • 【ULTRA DURABLE】 This internet lead is designed with Multi-protection mechanism for noise resistance, two metal-bent RJ45 connectors with clip protector, thicker shielding offers increased durability
  • 【EASIER TO MANAGE】 Flat ethernet cable not only helps you to avoid tangled cords and saves space, but also makes it easier to manage cable when run under the carpet, doors and drawers or along walls


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Features & Compatibility

Cat 7 Ethernet Cable 30M
Lan cable
Cat 7 Ethernet Cable
Cat 7 Ethernet Cable
Cat 7 Ethernet Cable 30M


  • 4 shielded twisted pair (STP) of copper wires.
  • Each of the four twisted pair sets are shielded by aluminium foil.
  • Data transmission rate up to 600MHz compared to Cat 5 (100 MHz) or Cat 6 (250 MHz).
  • Syncing speed up to 10Gbps which is 10 times faster than Cat 5/6 cables.
  • Increased durability and high transmission speed.
  • Suitable for use in data centers and large enterprise networks.
  • High-performance Computer networking applications with 50 micron gold plated RJ45 connectors.
  • The clip protector keeps the RJ45 connector from unwanted snags while routing the cable.
  • Multi-protection mechanism significantly improves noise resistance and interference elimination.
  • Online gaming experience without interference.
  • Flat design makes it flexible and much easier to manage when run under the carpet, doors, rotating arms and drawers or along walls and helps avoid tangled cords and saves space.


  • PS3, PS4, PS5;
  • Xbox One, Xbox 360;
  • Networks Adapters, Hubs, Switches, Routers;
  • Computer, Laptop, PC, VoIP phones, Raspberry Pi 4, iMac pro;
  • DSL / Cable Modems, ADSL;
  • Network printers, LAN, NAS (Network Attached Storage), Patch Panels;
  • Perfectly backward compatible with existing Fast / Gigabit Ethernet (Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a).


What is the maximum download speed of this cable?

      This cable can transmit up to 10 Gb/s speed.

Is this internet cable suitable for extensive gaming?

      It’s great for any online gaming sessions.

Is it compatible with ethernet supported security camera?

      Yes it is.

Additional information

Weight 0.762 kg
Dimensions 26.2 × 25.3 × 3.5 cm

Black, White

Customer Reviews

184 reviews for Cat 7 Ethernet Cable 30M, High Speed 10Gbps 600MHz/s Flat Network Cable

  1. Paul Overaa

    Perfectly acceptable. I prefer hardwired connections whereever possible so, for me, this was a very good buy.

  2. Dudley

    Flexible cable that works

  3. Gordon Shankland

    Used this product to connect a Sky box to my router. Excellent connections with the cable and being flat it is easy to conceal behind the edge of carpets. Also comes with clips to hold it in place where required. Would recommend.

  4. H

    Needed more cable clips

  5. Russell Southern

    good value top spec

  6. Graham Tranquility


  7. Zach D

    Have this going from the main router into a secondary one which is hooked up to an Xbox One, a 360, and a PC. I went from 30-50mbps download speeds to 130+ on all three devices.

  8. Cliff

    Good quality works well

  9. Steven Moore

    An excellent cable. Very durable and has no problem sending my high speed 800mb internet connection throughout the home. Recommended.

  10. Jhary Conel

    I replaced a cable that had been trailling across the hallway and kept getting stepped upon and crushed. Now nicely run under and over doors, out of the way. Would have liked more clips, but that is my only negative.


    Good quality for the price

  12. B

    It appears that CAT7 cables are usually round, but this is flat, suggesting the the shielding may not be present. Bought as future proofing rather than needing CAT7.It works fine and is long enough to route between rooms through loft / walls / floors without any issue.

  13. Richeljar

    Good cable laid under carpet along wall edge as extension from home hub to small switch for tv, BT Freeview box and onward extension to larger switch 40m elsewhere. Cable not specifically tested but getting 100mbs on PC from second switch so cable is working well and not degrading signal.

  14. Mr. R. D. Corbett

    Works a treat.cable is nice & thin.

  15. Popa Bogdan-George

    This take all speed you have on your internet conection! My internet tests it is over 350MB/s on downloads.

  16. Ian M.

    An improvement to the wi-fi connecting my BT Hub to a music streamer. The flat cable was easily fitted beneath the carpet without damage.

  17. 321456987

    I purchased this so that I could run a cable around the outside of my house from the router to my office. The flat design makes it nice and easy to keep it tidy, and they provide some clips which were useful. the sleek design meant i didnt need to drill a very big hole through the wall for it to fit. its also very flexible.

  18. Grant P Davey

    Obviously not as good at cat8 but worked well for my needs. Being a flat cable, it is easy to run under the carpet if needed or hidden. Good quality cable. Using mine to run from my router downstairs to a gigabit switch upstairs. Plenty of cable left over if I move either the router or switch in the future.

  19. Mark

    What can I say it amazing I have bought other leads in the past but this is far the best

  20. Conor McGinley

    Easy to use. Much more flexible than standard ethernet cables.

  21. Dr. M.K. Lloyd

    Received product which unfortunately did not meet sales description:-Advertised as Cat7 and speed of 10Gbps.Could only achieve speed of ~50Mbps when connected to router with 350Mbps inputAfter repeated attempts to find cause of fault contacted Supplier who responded promptly and offered either refund or replacement. The company indicated that they carry out QC testing to ensure products meet specifications.Accepted option of replacement and this was handled efficiently.Replacement once installed worked as expected and delivered matching download speeds as advertised.

  22. The222

    Bought the cable to tackle ping issues with gaming and ever since switching to this Ethernet cable, all my ping issues have been solved. It is a very slim cable which can easily be routed around indoors without being in the way, definitely recommend.

  23. Sandy

    Does exactly what it’s supposed to and does it well, very pleased.

  24. Stephen Murray

    Purchased to go from router to switch in living room. Chose as flat/low profile so I could fit it under the carpet. Works perfectly

  25. Tom

    Maintains the highest speed for your connection from router to device, I use this to connect my PC and had 0 problems, I love how I’m able to pin it to the wall aswell! This is brilliant for that and I advise this over any other

  26. petr bajger

    Works as any cheaper cable

  27. john scott

    Great quality and connection thanks

  28. jeremy

    its just a cable and it works fine

  29. Steve

    Good quality, shielded flat cable. Improved my latency.

  30. Alba

    Had it since my tv and it looks lovely. Bright colours and cozy feel with it. Great for setting the mood for movies/games. We mever use the light in the night only the leds!

  31. Jetmir Bushaj

    Good quality very fast for gaming for ps5

  32. Mike Ommanney

    Not a lot I can say about this as you already know what it does. One thing I can say it’s a high quality cable. Due to the cable being flat, it was easy to fix underneath the carpet & over the door frames. I have it running from the living room where the router is, up to the bedroom. I have this connected to a switch which is then connected to my pc: Set my network adapter to 1Gbs full speed.

  33. Brzezinska


  34. Ben Schuman

    The cable provides no drops in connection speeds.Durable and easy to use.

  35. pcp1234

    it does whats it meant to do

  36. N kirkham

    Got these to help with gaming has its better to be connected they do help

  37. Harmi Uppal

    Really good quality cable, for the length i’ve had no loss of picture or sound quality. Perfect fit for the job, highly recommended.

  38. Sergeant psychotic


  39. dave

    Worked great. Good flat profile.

  40. Mr. S. M. Patrick

    All good except you’ll need a few more clips – not enough supplied for my needs.

  41. Amazon Customer

    Excellent product, i like the thin cable and supplied with plenty of cable clips.

  42. Richard Evans

    Works well and looks sturdy. Easy to lay flat at edge of carpets without being visible.

  43. SuroRowson

    This is a top notch cable, top of the range. Very new onto the market.

  44. albert gill

    quite happy with the product arrived early

  45. Keith Long

    Needed long cable from router to Sky Q Box.Works perfectly

  46. Mr R Keightley

    Great cable nice and thin. Used to place router on other side of room to fibre point. Neatly fitted to skirting.

  47. Tim Rogerbecks

    Thought it was time to upgrade my old round Cat6 cables with something a bit more modern and found these. My original cables were running under carpet near the skirting boards yet still ended up with parts of the outer sleeve getting badly damaged. These flat ones seem a lot more practical for either carpet or skirting boards.Given I was putting my cables back under carpet I didn’t need the fifteen cable clips which came with each of my 10m cables, which is just as well given I would have needed far more than fifteen if I wanted to secure it properly to the skirting board.Seeing this product didn’t have any reviewer feedback below 3 stars was a strong buying point for me given other brands didn’t do anywhere as well. Having seen and now used the product, I can see why feedback is so positive. Ok, the package didn’t have enough clips, but that doesn’t have an impact on the quality of the cable.+1 YEARCables still working as good as the day they were installed. Unlike with previous I had, these cables, these don’t cause issues with my bandwidth. A great purchase.POSITIVE THINGS:• Good reviewer feedback• Quality lead• Easy to lay under carpet•NOT SO POSITIVE• Insufficient cable clips  

  48. Joel K.

    Good product with very good value, 10/10

  49. Darren Linard

    Does exactly what it should. Run a cable from one room to another. Speeds have been great and the slim cable made it easy to install.

  50. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for gaming! the Internet speed has improved alot my son is enjoying and happy no more complaints about download speed. Would recommend definitely.

  51. Wali

    good quality cable witch easy to hide design – much better then big round cables

  52. Leonard Woods

    Great quality cables,I’ve fitted two of these inside the walls of my house behind the skirting boards, to link two printers in the kitchen to my internet router in the living room,They work really well.

  53. ADH

    This is a long flat cable that I used to connect a switch to a router at home. I primarily bought a flat cable for going under carpet but luckily found floorboard gaps in right places. Being white and flat, the cable blends in in the areas it is exposed in.

  54. Angelo Fernandes

    I bought the right size and it’s perfect

  55. John’s

    Does what it says on the tin so far. I dont game with it. Cant comment on durability or value cos just installed it. Time will tell on value and durability. So far so good

  56. Enodrahcir

    Easy to push between skirting and carpet and under the threshold strip across the door. Cable clips were handy. No problems with speed on virgin router to gaming pc. Used in a student house as more reliable than WiFi connection.

  57. steve cliff

    Perfect, easy to hide around door frames… Etc.

  58. Sam crosby

    Installing it requires abit of patience and I would recommend getting some more cable clips. Drastically improved internet speed on PStherefore worth the effort

  59. Ibby Karbhari

    The CAT7 cable with its flat design prevents it from getting twisted and kinked, great value for money.

  60. Amazon Customer

    Love the speed 🤩 I started having trouble of watching my smart tv couple of weeks ago. The wi-fi was very slow or unavailable at all. So I decided to go for a wired option. Can’t recommend it enough. No disconnection or poor signal anymore. Thanks

  61. Caroline

    This is so much nicer to have in our kitchen rather than the bright yellow thick cable. Works well and looks good. Quick delivery

  62. Aivi

    A good durable cable. Needed a flat cable to do a run from my camera to the router. Been fixed to the outside wall and is exposed to all elements and is holding strong after couple of months.

  63. Amazon Customer

    Very happy. Bought another one for another device.

  64. Toddy.


  65. Kate

    My son says this is perfect for strong wifi use to his pc!

  66. David Barlow

    Good buy

  67. Briguest84

    I used this cable from my router to my PlayStation I had to manoeuvre around a few door frames to get to get my PS4 in the games room i hooked it all up and it works brilliantly I had 1ms ping u used double sided 9mm tape to stick it to surfaces it’s very bendy but very high spec cable and connectors, highly recommend, thank you guys after months of my WiFi dropping out during games I now have a fast stable connection .

  68. Chris

    Dramatic positive speed impact

  69. Lc_Wills

    Great for hiding underneath door ways or up and around them – really good quality and packaged nicely.Also comes with cable clips which is great to help hide the cable around a doorway.

  70. SMARTS

    Well made product does the job and easily to hide along carpet and skirting runs

  71. Mark Ellis

    Does what I need it to. Hidden under the carpet out of sight and as it’s flat your can’t see it

  72. TVH

    Light, easy to lay and reasonably tangle free

  73. Mikey

    This cable was purchased for connecting my TV to the router in the hallway. Because it is flat I was able to push it down between the edge of the carpet and the skirting board so it was totally out of sight. It works very well.

  74. Andrew palmer

    Works perfect

  75. Mrs Lesley Anne Scott

    Good for stable connection

  76. steve

    There good at doing the job I got them for

  77. Amazon Customer

    I ran this from our understairs cupboard where the router thing is. I drilled a nice hole through the top step than ran it under the carpet all the way up to the top room in the loft. There I plugged it into my computer and guess what?? Some internet came out of it very very very fast. I am very pleased. I am getting great speeds so I can watch 480p youtube videos of adverts I remember from the late 80’s. Well worth my gig fibre and the effort it took.

  78. Filipe Marques

    Good value for money

  79. W. Bonow

    I have now for 2 years running from the upstairs home office, to the ground floor located broadband router.Still absolute flat, no twisting over time. Because it’s flat, it’s easier to get tight around corners.I will never go “round” again for long running cables for sure.

  80. L. Fanning

    I can’t fault this cable in the slightest, it has gold plated connectors, it came with plenty of clips to mount to the skirting board (which I thought I already had but I didn’t so these were a lifesaver). Maintains 1Gbps connection from my modem to my main router. Bought this to replace a CAT 6 cable that was unable to maintain 1Gbps due to damage. Able to Speedtest my 350 Mbps connection at full speed no problem. Amazing 🙂

  81. Mr SG

    Did the trick

  82. S.Starkey

    Great lead, in my opinion could have done with about 8 more clips also clips work but could do with being thinner so cable is held tighter

  83. IainJan

    Flat much easier for me to run into trunking around the skirting board – 2 layers plus additional cables into 12×12 white trunking. Working well. Able to purchase required 7m length.

  84. Baillieboy

    Good quality cable, bought for direct connection to pc / router.Good flat cable, run under carpets, doors etc, well made,good connectors, feels solid, should last a long time.No complaints, recommended.

  85. Jo

    Wanted this flat cable to run it between the striking board and the carpet and it’s perfect! Barely see it!Like I say, great to hide and not have my girlfriend freak out , speeds are great , finally can game without lag!

  86. Aida Sánchez-Bretaño

    I bought it to connect my TV box with the router from corner to corner in the room and it works great. The cable is super thin and the adapters are great to keep it in place

  87. Paulski.

    Cannot fault this product it is what it says it is and the clips that come with it are a great help.

  88. Laura

    What can you say really its ethernet cable. Nice long length and I like the fact its flat as I was able to slip most it behind the carpet at the edge of the floor between the carpet and skirting board to hid it and the areas that I couldn’t I used the clips that come with it to attach and again being flat made that less bulky that the round cable can be. Great value for money and have no complaints.

  89. Tania Silva

    Very happy

  90. Stu

    Overlooked these leads at first as they seem a little cheap and flat. However, based on reviews I thought I’d give them a go. Awesome, the speed being delivered is fantastic as we replaced the Cat5 with this Cat7. Highly recommended

  91. Stephen Porter

    These cables are great! [I fixed them into a home network – with longer ones – about a year ago.] They’re high spec, and I’ve had no technical issues whatsoever. Their profile makes them excellent for fixing around the edge (above the skirting board) of our home office.

  92. Andrew’s Review Corner

    Excellent for getting a wired connection when your router is not right next to your TV/Computer.Good value and top quality product. Have been using for months without any issues.

  93. trvlr

    Seem like a better than basic cable; and do what they’re designed to do. Price is acceptable too.No idea about gaming use; don’t play games online…

  94. Reviewer

    Does the job, no issues so far

  95. Scouseman

    This is an excellent value cable for fitting/hiding around the home/office. Very happy with the speeds from an 8 port switch. Seems durable with a decent coating. It’s strong and flexible enough to cope with door shuts and was mostly hid under the beading around the edges of hard floors and under carpeted areas. However, like all under carpet cables, ensure contact with grippers is avoided.  

  96. Darren

    Absolutely amazing for the price. Made my gaming so much better

  97. Nael

    Good wire and connectivity, the connector seemed a bit cheap and tacky, if the connector was more sturdy I would have give 5 stars.

  98. Tony W.

    I got this to move my BT WIFI ROUTER into another room, no drop in Internet, we run 3 ps4, 1 x box, 2 tvs off it along with 5 phones and 2 laptops.

  99. Alexandru Petrea

    It works . But at times the connection Does drop !. So if you’re gaming expect some lagging . At the worst possible times too 🤦. Doesn’t happen often or lasts long but it does happen. But for the price and length of the cable you can’t complain too much. It’s still good value for money .

  100. MarkDodd

    Needed these as my powerline plugins were hopeless (wiring in the house was too blame). This cable routed around the house has improved network speed considerable. Can now watch blu-ray videos no problem in any room.It’s only been installed a few weeks so can’t comment on the durability but if it develops a fault I’ll comment on here.

  101. James Parkes

    Bought this because wifi signals weak in areas in my home, plugged this into the router, rolled it out around my home, connected to console, no more lag or dissconnects 😉

  102. Mr. T. J. Sailes

    did a speed test before using this cable got 16gbs did same test after 56gbs one happy bunnygood resultcable replaced wifi connection

  103. CP yorkshire

    connecting BT hub to BT TV box.

  104. Mr C S Hall

    Great extension for my office

  105. rick

    Great piece of kit. Strong and durable, does a perfect job.

  106. Si

    High quality flat cables. Good length.

  107. Amazon Customer

    Great product

  108. Amazon Customer

    Well made and great value for money. As for durability not had it long enough to tell.

  109. Roger r.

    Average speed I guess due to length of cable. It is 30m

  110. Smart Tips

    I used this ethernet cable to link my Asus AX router nodes. This improved my wifi 6 coverage thoughtout the house.Summary: would recommend this cable for home Internet network projects. Flexible, robust and delivered the Internet speeds I needed.

  111. CAMBROB

    Seems fine and of good quality.Many thanks

  112. Mr Lee

    Bit more costly than competing cables but seeing as it comes with the cable tacks and after bending, running it through holes and carpet around the house yet still performs, its perfect!A bonus of having a flat cable is if you choose to run it under carpet or rugs, it doesnt cause people to trip orfeel it if they step on it!

  113. MacPhisto

    Had to run an ethernet cable from the loft to bedroom, cable was going to be visible so decided on this white, flat ethernet cable.First time using flat ethernet cable and after installing this found it easy to use and nice and flexible. The provided clips are a nice touch, they’re the right width for the cable, although would hold at least two of the same cable, but still suitable.Speed wise made a big difference going from WiFi to wired and lower pings for gaming. Very happy with purchase.If you’re cable is going to be visible, flat is the way to go.

  114. lukasz

    Good product

  115. George Cowley

    Good well made cables which I’m using on my virgin media modem

  116. Mark

    Needed a longer cable and this works fine with cctc cameras , good price.

  117. Paul Noakes

    Great quality, good length, works fine. Used it to connect router that sits one end of bedroom to modem that sits the other.

  118. Batman

    Internet to TV works a treat long enough to run through 2 rooms good item.


    We used to cable to connect our TV directly to our computer, going up through the ceiling, across the loft and back down to the TV. The new link works well and we have no problems downloading films etc.

  120. Amazon Customer

    Definitely good product

  121. Amazon Customer

    Worked well

  122. Chris

    Super handy cable. Allows me to have my modem/router in one place for good WiFi, then run this from the Modem to a switch by the entertainment center, allowing consoles, smart TV and the like to have a wired connection.

  123. James

    Nice neat cables

  124. Rich

    Good product that arrived on time. Very discreet as attached to the white skirting with white cable clips. I got ot working straight away and it has kept a fast stable network connection. I would recommend this cable.

  125. Gill

    Plenty to be able to run round the house without showing. Very good delivery.

  126. lee geldard

    Decent cables good connectors

  127. Donald Meadows

    Connect smart tv to the internet

  128. Simon’s Reviews

    Wanted flat cables to help with cable management, and I will be getting more to replace everything else. The build quality blew me a way, everything from the crimp being gold platted to the sturdy boot on it. this ethernet cable is the best.

  129. David

    Very good quality,

  130. pete laws

    Solved the problem of poor tv to internet wifi

  131. Lewis

    I bought this but I can’t see in the description whether it is suitable for external use I guess on time will tell

  132. MF

    Discreet, flexible cable that carries fast speeds. Only grip is could do with more clips.

  133. gavin ree

    Used for home office.

  134. M

    Does the intended job very well and gives me the full 900mbit broadband speed we are subscribed to connects with ease too my network switch and pc and printer so far we have had no issues with these ethernet cables

  135. garrytom40

    Not enough clips I wouldn’t mind paying extra for more then on the same order though never enough

  136. Julie Grundy

    Right length for what I needed. Works well, no problem.

  137. Beverley

    Great quality

  138. Julie McAuliffe

    Does exactly what it was supposed to do

  139. Markiedizz

    I like the quality it’s exactly as described in the picture and is very convenient as it’s a flat cable so easy to tuck away when trying to make a clean install. I currently have this cable running from my tv to my router and speed seems to be quick especially for when watching 4K tv online.Highly recommend.

  140. mr shane kendrick

    My speed went up immediately after installation, so had been using the wrong type of cable for past two years! This did the job and due to the flat cable, fits very neatly around the skirting boards.

  141. Mr. D. Norton

    My son’s gaming has improved massively after running the new cable from our BT Router to his XBox One. Great purchase.

  142. Kerry Cunningham

    As described, no issues. Happy customer.

  143. Joe

    My BT Hub 2/ Dish combination was only delivering around 500Mbps on my Halo 3 full fibre 900 circuit, so I decided to get a cable. I only needed around 20M of cable but might need to adjust the configuration, so chose the 30M option.The connection reports a consistent 850-900Mbps on speed tests so this cable looks good. One small whinge, I think they have been a bit tight on that, need quite a few more.

  144. Alexander

    so far this has been the best ethernet wire i have ever owned. I bought a cat 6 before this one and it didnt work as good as this which i am very confused about and what i mean by this is my cat 6 did 27mb (roughly) and now i have a cat7 and it does more than 47mbs….. This wire is worth every penny so far.

  145. H. Y.

    Up to 90Mb download speed I got on my pc from this Cat7 (after 2 months suffer from 10Mb from my wifi extension)… just ordered another shorter one to replace all my connections…very good value for the speed it delivers…highly recommended

  146. Anne McCarroll

    Linking laptop to the internet

  147. A. Burgess

    Very good item for my needs

  148. Jema

    Delighted with these cables. Not yet able to comment on durability but they are attractive, flexible and work well. Appear to be good quality and price was very reasonable, so what’s not to like?!

  149. Hoss

    Used for 1 year now , works well, no issues

  150. sibsssidor

    Needed a white thin cable to run from the router to a pc and take load off the wifi for video conferences. This one did the trick, it is very discrete on a white wall and hits full Gb speed. Very happy.

  151. Amazon Customer

    Excellent quality

  152. Amazon Customer

    Great well made flat cable, only downside is that it has writing on one side of the cable which i noticed after pinning it to the skirtings ! Should of worn my glasses 😂

  153. Robert Crane

    Very good

  154. Kate

    Got for my teen son who is in the part of the house that the wifi is weakest. Now have a less stressed out gamer so happy days.

  155. TJS

    Excellent Ethernet cable, the flat style really helps with storage, the fittings are nice and tight when plugged in too.

  156. Pete

    Nice quality

  157. Ross

    Works just as it should without any issues, but it has not changed my life for it is a cable.

  158. Valkirth

    amazing cable that has plenty of length and its flat! making it much easier to run along the wall,gave plenty of cable clips,fantastic price and very high quality,highly recommended if you want a ethernet cable that is easy to fit (also great if it has to pass under a door due to how flat it is.

  159. silverfox

    Ok for the money

  160. Andrew J. Downie

    With poor wireless I decided to use network cables to connect kids’ laptops to our router. This product is essential, and being slim it fit beneath the doors. No hesitation to recommend the product.

  161. Amazon Customer

    quick delivery and appears a good product.

  162. Chris

    Worked perfectly fine with my gaming pc.

  163. PJ

    Strong durable cable, great for hard wiring console direct to the router.

  164. shanel salih

    Lovely quality item and good price

  165. Gary Cooper

    These Cat7 cables are great for where space is tight or you simply want to tuck them away out of sight. Great product and no issues with connection speeds.

  166. Lee Sharrock

    Exactly the right length for my needs.

  167. Amazon Customer

    This Ethernet cable works perfectly and is long enough to reach anywhere in the your house.I was getting roughly 165 mb/s downloading a game from Xbox live using virgin media V3 modem hub.Download speed is not affected by the length of cable.This cable is a really good choice.It also comes with a bag fasteners to attach it to the wall when running the cable through your home. 🏠

  168. Billy Brandão

    I have just got it and it was pretty straight forward to instal and set up

  169. KathyL

    Looks durable. Nice to have flat surface to run around skirting.

  170. Amazon Customer

    Great cable, used to hardwire my wife’s laptop for home working as Wi-Fi kept dropping out, no problems since using cable.

  171. Andrew A

    It’s a bit much to be asked to rate the product for durability after a few days use but so far it has done exactly what I wanted of it which is to stop the buffering or complete loss of connection that I was experiencing with my Virgin Tivo box when it was reliant on a wifi connection. Reliable access to catch up TV is what I bought it for and what it does, thus far at least.

  172. RoyP

    The cables arrived very nicely packed. Each one was tested before unravelling for use and they are very pliant for a long run with few clips to hold it straight. I orderd three of this size and all of them were good.

  173. DaveP

    It’s white so fits in with the white painted door frame. It’s flat so fits snugly. Staples to fix it to the doorframe are provided. It also works.

  174. Hidayat Mansuri

    I am using this product for fast Internet and it does deliver.Fast delivery too

  175. Nunu

    Works fine. Cant test the 10gb limit, but 1gb works fine, cheaper than some cat6

  176. Rob

    Good quality cable delivering fast speeds to my son’s bedroom for gaming. Flat profile means it can go under Capet and tucks neatly between carpet and skirting so you don’t notice it’s even there.

  177. Jenn

    I found this product to be well made and the great plus is the cable is flat and is easy to hide especially if it has to be run across a room.

  178. Richard Brooks

    Sky Q box kept losing connection over night. A real ball ache to reconnect or ring Sky to re coonect.Made it a speedy wired connection. Problem solved

  179. Beau

    I used this cable to replace the standard rounded Ethernet cable, I like the fact it’s flat and white, I ran it along the skirting board going up the stairs and at the top under the carpet and it to a bedroom, it’s flat enough to not be detected under the carpet and also looks very neat along the skirting board too. The speed seems to be as good as before but our internet it’s fast anyway, would highly recommend.

  180. Yet Another Alias

    Pros:- it does what it’s supposed to doCons:- None that I can see.

  181. Roderick

    Didn’t want to go drilling holes into walls so rang this cable from sitting room up to bedroom. The clips that come with it were useful for a tidy organised finish.

  182. Peter

    It is excellent, fast, no interference and a very clean error free download and upload. They attach easier too with them being so pliable.A very decent product which is much easier to hide. Mine I managed to slide under the skirting board with the help of a pallet knife. I don’t use carpets so that wasn’t an option.

  183. Robyn Cain

    Bought this as a gift. I’ve received no complaints.

  184. Emmable

    He helps to connect to my Internet box to my Tv

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