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11 Unexpected Uses of Keyboard Dust Cleaner

Keyboard Dust Cleaner

Your keyboard consumes dust continually whenever you stay a little far from it. So, you need a permanent solution for this problem of consuming dust. You have many accessories that consume dust like keyboards. So, you need a cleaner that can clean all your essentials of daily life. A keyboard dust cleaner can make you reach effortlessly where your nails, fingers, or brushes cannot.

What Kind of Dust Cleaner Should You Use?

You have plenty of options to clean dust from your electronic devices; vacuum cleaner, brushes, and cleaning gels. Brushes were the primary the primary option before cleaning gel became so popular because of its pinpoint cleaning benefit and reusability.  

Why Keyboard Cleaning Gel Is the Best Option?

There are many reasons why keyboard cleaning gel is used mostly. First of all, it gives the ultimate cleanliness leaving no dust inside the keyboard. It reaches every corner of the keyboard and works more efficiently than a vacuum dust cleaner.

Secondly, it’s a perfect multifunctional cleaner that cleans many devices. And it generally is designed to be used easily. 

How to Use Magic Gel Keyboard Dust Cleaner?

Step 1 – Knead the gel by your hand for 30 seconds to make it flexible enough. 

Step 2 – Put the gel over the surface to clean and gently push 2/3 times.

Step 3 – Gently pull the gel off the surface. 

Step 4 – Preserve the gel in the packet for next use and wash your hand. 

Is Keyboard Cleaner Gel Non-sticky?

It depends on the material. If the gel is made of skin-friendly premium material, it will surely be non-sticky. Importantly, you are not supposed to choose the dust cleaner gel which gets stuck to narrow spaces and leaves residue. Sticky ones can harm your skin and waste gel for no reason.

Is It Reusable?

It’s the competitive criteria of a premium keyboard cleaner gel to be reusable. It already has taken some bulks to buy. So if it gives only one time usage, it will not be worthy of your attention. So, the dust clean gel for keyboard needs to be stored as it was before using. Anyways, you should stop using it when it becomes totally dark. And it will be like that after too many times of use.

Will It Be More Costly than a Brush?

If you say about the price, it might be pretty much similar. But when you ask about its worth, it saves the cost at least three times. The basic difference is in the cleanliness. It reaches in the hidden corners where a brush cannot. And you don’t have to clean for a long time what you have cleaned once with a dust cleaning gel.

Is It Safe for Keyboard Keys?

First-class keyboard cleaning gels are made of non-toxic biodegradable material which is safe for keyboard as well as the user. Most users worry about losing keys while pushing back the gel from the board. But the standard gels will not let your keyboard keys get sticky with the material. So, you need not worry about the disposition of the keys.

What Are the Unexpected Uses of a Keyboard Dust Cleaner?

While cleaning your computer cleaner, the dust cleaner gel will easily help you clean many accessories and devices that consume dust continually.

Car Vents

Your car vents get easily dusty more when you don’t give an hour long wash. And car these days rarely needs whole inner body cleaning. But you cannot restrict the dust from coming inside through glasses, and also those already reside inside the car. So, the stunning solution will be applying gel cleaner to clean the vents in minutes.


These are used by all of your family members most often. Chances are your hands consume germs and also pass others. So, it will be a good choice to clean the knobs often.

Remote Control

The spaces between a remote control keys are enough residence for germs and dust. You can see those very clearly but it’s hard to reach there without gel.

CD Slots

These are very sensitive spots to clean. CD slots sometimes get damaged only because of rush cleaning. This time the keyboard cleaner will let you clean this very gently.


 These are the extreme hard to reach spots. And these can absorb dust continually. Sometimes it becomes so rigid that doesn’t work only because of long-time dust consumption. So try it and test the usefulness of your dust cleaner.


This is one of the prime dust collector gadgets of your house. Sometimes it bothers you in printing because of dirt. So, before it’s too late, clean your printer within a couple months every time.


This is the place where various types of items are kept. The corners are the main areas where dirt can reside long. Use the keyboard cleaner to see a posh drawer.

Window Sill

No greater options for window sill cleaning found than the cleaner gel. It consumes more materials but is a good solution for quicker dirt removal from your window sill.

Fan Grill Cover

You may not need to clean the fan grills very often but must need to remove the dirt in summer. Select which areas of the fan grill are hard to reach and apply the gel cleaning to work promptly.

Automobile Dashboard

Specially the dashboards of bikes collect more dirt than those of cars. You don’t need to remove dirt regularly because once you reach the subtle parts, they will take time to collect noticeable amount of dirt.


Your camera is either connected to your profession or to your hobby. And it has sensitivity against the cleaners made of hard materials. So you don’t even have any better option than to use the keyboard cleaning gel.

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